Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Melt Down... or Israel's War.

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No matter what song and dance I perform-- few people, even most of my own Christian brothers won't see the real light to it's proper proportion or magnitude!  An economic $$$$ implosion of the current financial system [the USA, and beyond] is REQUIRED by Bible Prophecy!!  Our knowledge of the precarious state of the world financial debt/ failure should help keep us focused on the Eternal  realm.  
   All who  REALLY, HONESTLY trust in Jesus Christ, in word and deed, have the greatest wealth [already].  Read:  1st Cor. 2:9....  'eye has not seen...'  Gold is now past $1700/ troy ounce!   I don't consider myself to be a 'financial Saint' either, even though I ought to know better.  'The flesh is weak.'  

But, the other great ailments and Prophecies of the Bible concerning the Last Days might just over take us BEFORE the financial IMPLOSION does... I just can't know all those factors yet, however, all the "signs" are here now showing that we are 'ripe' for some huge happenings soon.  I am thinking that war in the Middle East between the nasty, blood thirsty,  Muslim- Palistinian  neighbor of Israel [and all the others who will join with them] might start their push for "State-hood"  in a month or 2, that might well precipitate the big war mentioned in the Bible that could kick off the Trib., and then all real Christians would be out of the picture-- if you know what I mean.  If you truly are a well read/ studied Bible loving Christian-- YOU WILL KNOW WHAT I MEAN ! 

I usually have and keep a good regimen, but sometimes I get side tracked by some mis-adventure/ circumstance/ distraction... and then I have to get up and back in the saddle.  That's is why I have to write things down or carve them into wood so I never forget... LOL. And yes, it's that important to me!  I will not miss that "Freedom Bird" flight back to safe haven, like I did in 1970.  Somethings just stick in your mind, forever.
   So some of us might also be putting too much stress on this money/ cash/ debt situation when it's really the spiritual/ heavenly stuff we ought to be concentrating on instead.  Time will tell.  If you think I am talking in riddles-- email me, please, with your question--- IF you are not chasing your tail, or trying to jump ship with the rest of the rats... lol. 

‪NWO: Secret Societies and Biblical Prophecy Vol. 1‬‏ - YouTube

Tom Schuckman   

Posted: 08 Aug 2011 03:51 PM PDT
By Todd Strandberg Rapture Ready It is difficult to recall a time when the legislative process in Congress has reached such a level of absurdity. After months of high drama and debate over the debt ceiling, our elected leaders finally produced a bill that would have little impact on the river of deficit spending flowing from Washington . The nearly $1 trillion in cuts are spread over a

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Dirk said...

I understand perfectly what you are saying. Those who place their trust in this Babylonian economic system are in for a big fall & many already have. Christians are to trust only in Him, no one or nothing else.

I also understand your term "real Christians". Since about the first of the year, we have been hearing sermons on Christian TV and in church with calls to holiness every week so far. My wife & I believe this indicates something big is about to happen, & Christians are going to have to have their "house in order" to make it through. When everyone seems to be preaching the same thing, it pays to pay attention. The Rapture is imminent, but we will taste of hard times like we have never seen before Jesus returns. He described the endtimes, but added, "the end is not yet." The only hope is in Jesus, & I hope those who read here accept Him before it's too late. He IS the ONLY way.

Your Brother in Christ,