Monday, September 26, 2011

Out of Felloship.

Tom's Journal.

This subject:  'Out of fellowship' is another very important subject for me, and after learning it about 12 years ago from another Vietnam Vet who was working just ahead of me on the Chrysler assembly line [bolting on the intake manifold- at that time] in Kenosha, WI., Robby Bohnen, Captain- SF [Green Beret- 3 tours in RVN-- compared to my 2 tours in helicopter aviation- door gunner].  Robb handed me an audio tape of Charles F. Stanley-- about being 'Born Again' - the Holy Spirit, etc., that really opened my eyes for the first time in greater understanding of God's purpose concerning His love of those who confess His Son, Jesus...  God has put 'key people' in my life at 'key points' --to turn me around and bring me to an accurate,  specific knowledge of Biblical Truth and understanding... PTL!  These good Christian soldiers are dear and special to me.  I will never let them down, abandon them, allow hurt or disaster to befall them, as far as I humanly can-- and laying down my life for them anytime, anywhere would be a fine thing for me.  Death is NOTHING more than a gateway to everlasting life with God--heaven [or hell if we are unbelievers, too proud or arrogant to bend knee to Jesus and follow Him- obey], and surprisingly too many Christians cannot understand this concept... and perhaps they are CHINO's [Christians in name only], but certainly, unread, un-learned and ignorant....  sorry.  May the Lord bring them to the truth and enlighten them, I pray.

So many folks worry [as I did] until their guts bleed and hurt about "what if, this, that, or the other thing" about the Love of God, heaven, hell, salvation and damnation, etc., and ME INCLUDED, until I finally learned the absolute TRUTH of God's Word, the Bible-- forgiveness and salvation!  The servants of the Lord sleep so well at night with the peace of mind and understanding-- that they ARE doing what God commands-- namely sharing the blessed Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  They study hard and fill their heads daily with God's Word, so that the Holy Spirit can tap that accurate knowledge and use it to REACH, PREACH, TEACH, SHARE, and lead others to the Lord, and get SAVED!  This is our most important, sacred command from Christ, right behind giving glory to God and magnifying His name!  Go for it!  Just Do it!  I just gave you the formula-- the equation:  "STUDY THE BIBLE DAILY", get with a Bible teaching church, listen, learn, apply, take ACTION,  and then help share the Gospel!!  Is that simple enough, or what?  It's all about the Holy Spirit 'empowering you' with the right words to say, at the right time, and trusting in Him!

Anyone who knows Tom Schuckman, understands that he is not a saint, but a sinner man, but zealous for God and the Bible, FORGIVEN [PTL] and repentant.  And I do NOT cherry pick all the so-called "negative things" of the Bible, 'end of the world' stuff, although we are living in the last days of this satanic, wicked system of things before the Rapture and Great Tribulation-- and people need to know this and be warned so they an prepare and take action NOW.  "Why polish the brass on a sinking ship" -- you have all heard me say, multiple times.  If all we do is sit like a bump on a log Sunday mornings at church and then never crack the Bible, what good are we?  And if you don't have a strong love for the Bible-- why in the heck are you wasting your time reading this Blog???  Why don't you just party on, and live for self, the world and all it's earthly pleasures and self gratification, riches, drugs and immorality???  

I visited a different church yesterday [Grace Church, in Racine, WI... used to be called:  "Grace German Baptist church"--back in the mid-1800's] and really enjoyed myself. Many nice, friendly people shook my hand, I loved the great music and all the fine, kind people who made me feel at home and even prayed over/ with me-- for my problems, pains, and challenges!  But my home church is in my own one-horse town of U.G., 4400 population, and they care for me there, need me, and desire my presence  too.   

Well, I just found out that I will NOT have that colonostrophy-- G.I. track thingy [sp? -- sorry, my spell check isn't working... lol] procedure tomorrow, so I'm off the hook-- just a doctor consultation.   Woo Woo!  I am always on my best behavior, on guard when I go to the hospital-- from years of experience, but also have panic attacks that I keep inside secretly, and hate hospitals, where a man can go in healthy and come out with a death dealing infection --[like the death dealing virus/ infection that I "caught" when I had my recent knee replacement surgery-- Left knee, 3 months ago-- and they wondered why I had an attitude!!]  I fired one short little abusive, belligerent "doctor" who was from Romania...Ha!   I have a few phobias but I choose to deal with them on my own, suck 'em up, and just do what I have to.  I just explained to a dear friend, one of the reasons why I have phobias, fears, dislike, hatred of hospitals because of something that happened to one of my buddies in Vietnam, at Long Binh hospital in 3rd Corps, RVN, 40 years ago, but forever stuck in my brain, along with a very healthy dose of PTSD [combat Post Traumatic Stress disorder].  It's kind of like cancer or diabetes...  you cannot cure it, but you can learn to live with it.  And that is my goal-- this side of heaven. And I have also learned tons from direct experience that so-called 'medical people, docs and nurses lie all the time!!  Many don't wash their hands and their long finger nails carry deadly disease and spread sickness!  I don't expect things to get better either in this bummed out, starving economy... Thanks, Mr. O, for all the broken promises and Socialist lies.

I feel that I am better 'adjusted', settled down, at peace with myself after much prayer last night before bed, and so thankful for the mercy, kindness and Salvation of the Lord, who heals, forgives and loves us so much.  PTL.  I am a sinner, not bragging, and need to constantly draw closer to the Lord Jesus.  He makes us strong where we are broken [in spirit too].  But this sacred principle only works IF we are willing to move our own anatomy, get with His program and mean it!  You have to work at it every day, be humble enough to read, study and follow His Word!  

I am so happy and glad that I have the resources to help some others, physically, but more important spiritually... and if God wills that I never have another true relationship-- at least I can have many friends who love and respect me-- a humble farm boy, Soldier, life long worker, able to be kind, generous and helpful, cheering people up, encouraging, and loving.  The trouble is: Many people take and accept the free, easy to understand, DEFINED KJV Bibles I give them, but they never READ/ STUDY them, because they don't love and appreciate what is holy, what is commanded, requested.. they are just plain LAZY and don't give a hang!!  They remain CARNAL, irresponsible, indifferent, as in 1st Timothy Chapter 4, etc., only looking to feel their flesh with what THEY want-- not respecting the fine things that God has given them for free.  In other words, they profess a love for God, but prove false to the power of the Bible and God.  Yes, words are cheap....duh, 'Yeah, I believe in God..'  Well, devils and demons do also, and also shiver at the thought of judgment.  --Book of James 4:4, etc. 
Bless all true servants of the Lord and protect them from harm and evil.

Warm Regards,
Tommy Schuckman

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