Sunday, September 18, 2011

We are SAVED only throught Jesus.

Tom's Journal.

Good Sunday!
I think I am coming out of my 'funk' --depression, feeling blue a bit, and I really thank the Lord for the progress in my knee replacement mending-- finally.. lol. It's been 3 whole months now since my left knee was replaced at Kenosha-- MH hosp, in WI., and I walking into church with my canes instead of my power scooter.  My old Marine buddy, Dan Totts, repaired my scooter the other day and that saved my bacon.  Lots of friends called me recently to see how I am doing too. My new VA doc messed up on the amount of meds I should take and I will have to straighten that out tomorrow.

Two close friends of mine are having surgery tomorrow, and I ask you all to pray for their safety and survival.  Joe vander Mullen-- eye surgery, and Bill Tippett, has an abdominal aneurysm that sounds very serious.  Please pray for them both.   Both men have been there to help me big time in the past when I needed them.  And yes, most of my friends are age 50 and over, and we start to break down about that time after we worked hard all our lives to support those who WILL NOT WORK, and we paid taxes all our ever loving lives!   The few times I was laid off or didn't work was when I was going back to school to learn more skills and trades, or was injured from work or looking for work.  Mom and Dad didn't raise a bunch of lazy, junk heads on the farm in Wisconsin!  

I envy the gentlemen who have good strong, Christian wives who help and support their husbands when they lose a job or fail at something.  Those women are the salt of the earth!  Every time my first wife saw me trip or fall she laughed at me, and made me feel small, but then, we were in that stinking JW-cult for most of the duration of our 22 year marriage... sorry to complain.  I learned that 'winners win-- and losers lose' and a good team of horses pull together, not one against the other.  And when God is not part of the marriage-- you really can't expect a couple to succeed either.  I see God acting in my life now, even though my body may not make all the chemicals to make me happy all the time-- I believe that the Holy Spirit is the real "Helper" in my life.  In the past, without God on my side, I depended on my OWN strength all the time, and even though I had a lot of talents and skills, we all fall and stumble.  I believe God allowed me to stumble many times to teach me humility, patience and self control, and I am still not there, but I know I am Saved and going to heaven--only because I have confessed Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, and He alone can SAVE me.  

For that reason, my death or rapture doesn't bother or scare me-- I just want to fight for my Lord and Master, Jesus Christ and try to do His will.  Can you believe that I hear too many other "Christian" tell me that they are 'not ready for the rapture ???' Why not??  All the pain, suffering and stress of life on earth will be gone forever when we are in heaven-- and only God knows when the 'RIGHT TIME' will be to launch that great happening!!  Friends,  If we know and believe without a doubt that worse times are ahead of us-- near future, and ISRAEL WILL have to go to war soon to protect herself from certain annihilation by her hateful Islamic neighbors-- why worry???  Hello?!

I am a lonely man who is still grieving his wife's passing away in April of this year, and it would be so much easier if I had a loving Christian mate to help me and be my soul mate! I could pick up  a slut, gutter rat, unbeliever any where, even at age 62 and disabled, but that wouldn't be so smart and God would never give me His blessing.  "Do not be unequally yoked with unbelievers."  And I cannot FORCE someone I care for to love ME, so I must rely on God... and right now, it's hard for me.  

Well,  I've been in the cold Winter of Milwaukee in 94-95, very poor and scared-- but now I have an old home, truck and money/ income/ pension to pay my bills, so I ought to give thanks for what I have.

I have some new great small pamphlets called:  LOVE THE JEWISH PEOPLE.  ..from Chick publications.  www,  909-987-0771.  Please check them out NOW!  I would hate to be cursed by God because I failed to support and love His chosen, race whom He has surely promised:  Genesis 12:3.


Hey Tom- here is the link for my open letter to the UN and all Nations who will be voting for or against Israel next Friday, September 23

I sure would appreciate it if you would kindly pass it along to whomever you wish- the more people see, they may understand. God Bless and thank you!

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