Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Getting the Fire Back.

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"Submit yourselves therefore to God. resist the devil, and he will flee from you.  Draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you.  Cleanse your hands, ye sinners;  and purify your hearts, ye double minded."  ~James 4: 7-8.

As I have said before, sometimes just hearing  other people confess that they have the same problems and challenges as we do, helps immensely!  Sometimes we feel sort of like freaks, thinking that we are the only ones that have a supreme struggle with someone, something, and we could label ourselves as odd, strange, a freak, 'spoiled goods', unforgivable, etc, even not worthy to continue to live!  That kind of clinical depression is down right dangerous!!   The Father wants us to be happy and joyful on earth.   And when another person hears our cries and concerns and takes pity on us so as to tell that he/ she has or had the same problem-- it relieves a big pressure from us so that we know that our problems are also shared by others and there is a right/ correct way to deal with them.  Suicide is the Coward's way out of a situation.  "It's a long term solution to a short time problem", and we ought not even think about it or entertain it !!  It's that dirty old devil whispering something EVIL in our ear after we've hit a low spot in our lives.  Suicide is a dirty shame, and life is precious in God's eyes!  God loves us so much that He gave up His only begotten Son to suffer and die on the cross for all of our sins.  Ought we then to spit on that grand sacrifice???  Shake your heads, "NO!"

The devil is doing a smashing job stampeding mankind, especially in these "End Times" before the 'Tribulation' having had more than 6000 years of practice, and knows that his time is near.  When a nation goes only one generation without handing down the knowledge of the one true God of the Bible-- everything can fall apart and hit critical mass, just like an atomic reactor.  Without the proper knowledge of shutting down the machinery many can get injured and killed.  Our only reliable guide/ FM [Field Manual] is God's Word.  But many so-called 'Christian churches' have dumbed- down the Gospel, quit talking about sin and salvation only through Jesus Christ, our Savior,  so that whole societies are running around amok like the "3 blind mice!"  I believe that we have to remind each other and also teach the younger ones about the cited scripture mentioned at James 4: 7-8.  You don't fix something that isn't broke!  You don't switch canoes going up stream!  You don't stop teaching God's Word or alter it in any way-- see the last chapter of Revelation and the curses included for doing just that.  

I know something about depression because I have studied much about my own COMBAT PTSD, and how my own past mistakes and blunders have cost me dearly, in relationships, and inner pain, depression, emotional distress, but I hide it pretty good so that the majority of people think I am invincible, or so it seemed for most of my adult life. That's because I know how to compartmentalize things and 'suck them up' the way most combat soldiers HAVE TO -- TO SURVIVE!  But enough high pressure will blow a gasket, and then we have to deal with it.  I have found that IF we have a good 'damage control' system and 'reactionary force' in place-- that things can be remedied.  The Bible is fool proof and has the right answers to ALL of our problems.  It is our TM [Technical Manual] for life, given to us by a kind, loving, all knowing Creator, our Father in heaven.  Read it!  

I know that I would be dead in the water without it and it has helped me remain stable and afloat all this time.  I still have problems, but I can sit down and figure it all out when I crack open that grand BOOK-- the Bible, with the help of the Holy Spirit.   Would YOU like some of that Holy Spirit???  All you have to do is ASK FOR IT!  It's free.

I feel that my main 'mission in life' is to first:  magnify, glorify and worship God Almighty.  2nd is to love my neighbor as myself, and that means:  Share the best I have with him/ her-- the promise of Salvation that is written in the Bible.  We will continue with this another time.  But if I can be of some help and service to any of my friends and readers, especially other combat Veterans who suffer from the same challenges-- please feel free to contact me:  tschuckman@aol.com
    And I plan to grow back my full beard to keep warm in the Winter time...

Warm Regards,

Q.  I got saved at 28 in the midst of deep depression.  I was on fire for many years, and most recently I have shut down.  I know it has to do with disappointments in my life, and also living alone forever and not wanting to.  I feel stuck and can’t seem to get back [...]

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