Friday, November 25, 2011

Beard or No Beard?

Tom's Journal.

Subject:  New CPR Method
If you haven't seen this, you should. It may save a life. If you have seen it, it won't hurt to see it again.
This is a new CPR technique which is much simpler.

This is a very important video regarding the latest CPR procedure.  Please watch and forward to your friends and family if you haven't already done so.  You never know, a life may be saved utilizing this new procedure.

 I am sure that most of you have seen this recent picture of me and the dog in the back yard.  
   I would very much like to take a survey of how you all prefer me-- with, or without a full beard.  I like myself both ways, but I  can NEVER win with fickle females!  If I have a beard they don't like it-- but if I shave the beard they say, "Oh no, I like you WITH the beard!!"  We men just can't win, can we??  

I had a super good, hard workout today at the Gym, and felt so good and strong-- but I wonder how I will feel in the morning.. lol.  It takes a while to get back "in the pink" and everything is working again and you can feel the blood coursing  thru your heart and veins, as a few muscles start to grow again!!  You then burn calories even when you sleep!!  With the arthritic knees, I just went down hill the past 7 years and got too heavy-- even sold my expensive Goldwing motorcycle!  If I work hard, maybe I can get back to where I want in about 3 months or so.  Those 2 knee replacement operations sure took the 'wind out of my sails' this past year-- one last Dec. 6th and another on June 14th, 2011..Wow!!  We might as well say that I was ALL ON MY OWN WITH NO ONE TO HELP ME-- home alone.  That was so cruel and heartless to heal [and even the local pastor turned against me-- so I had to suck it all up and just tough it out] on my own, and Sharon was in the nursing home, going down hill until her passing, poor girl, pretty lover of mine, and dearest wife.  I finally found a good woman that would put up with my junk and then she dies on me.  I beat myself for months and still weep at the thought of her suffering.  I hear about all the other folks who have lots of family members who come over and nurse them, but I got the abusive Kenosha Country Nurses' Association...  grrrr, people who abused me and treated me roughly, until I fired !  That felt so good to give them some of their own punishment.  Hey,  I know I sound somewhat vindictive, but we combat Vets like to let some fresh air in and TELL THE TRUTH.  Having been lied to and abused so many times by the "doctors" and staff at the Milwaukee VA, I chose the Kenosha Memorial Hospital -KMH, and the good Dr. James Shapiro to do my Left knee, and he was very good, although a bit condescending-- but I don't mind his arrogant manner if he is that good, so I give him high marks-- but I heard many of the older guys at the Gym talk about him in 'other ways' I care not to mention tonight.  The only trouble at KMH is that they gave me a nasty life threatening infection -MRSA, that could have snuffed me..Ha!  And another good, close friend of mine {SB} almost got croaked by them too!   But I was 'too mean'  to die after all the poisons they pumped into my veins.  PTL, now I feel that I finally have a great doctor at the North Chicago VAMC, a fine Greek gentleman, and smart!   I plan to follow all his orders because he really wants to help me-- I can feel it! {Dr. J.A.}

Sorry, but these goofy ideas sneak into my head and heart that make me feel like watching other people who used to be so proud, suffer like I did, but of course, there is nothing I can do to help them anyway. We read about these folks in the book of Psalms, and I will show you where later.   Actually, I am running low on money now FROM helping 'other people' in need, and I will make it next month by the skin of my teeth, and the Lord will see me through, sinner that I am.  In the meantime, I am trying to find a compatible future soul- mate and LTR woman, but I have so much to work on with losing weight and healing so I can look and walk normal.  Hey- I am always pushing the envelope with a 'superman' mindset.. LOL!!  I should really be studying my Bible more than looking for a date/ mate-- as we are so far down the pike-- with Rapture waiting in the wings..., but I just can't see myself living alone this Winter...lonely,  and I am thinking that God is in control of my future and safety.  

The gasoline is also eating me alive, lately, with all my running around to North Chicago and back, etc.  Ha!  Wait until the gas goes up to $4 and $5/gal.  Yes, I have enough on my plate now, so maybe I should just hunker down and cool things-- even though I KNOW that the economy WILL SURELY GET WORSE in the next 6 months!  When did ANYONE do something for me lately?  Except my mom and very few friends from church.   she was so glad I called her today to know how I was, and I told her I had a very fine, warm, cozy time with the family yesterday, and the food was great, of course, thanks to my sister, Linda.  
    Well, don't forget to weigh  in on my beard issue, please.  People like  me need to know!  My cleaning lady came over to rub, pummel and work the big knots out of my back and I pay her what she wants, and I feel better.  She is a good, kind, smart Christian married lady, and I like her very much, as a sister and friend.  She is helping me sell some valuable stuff that my wife collected, so I am grateful for her kind and gentle mercies.  I would never lay my hands on a married woman, but I wish she was mine, and hope to find a precious gem like her somewhere soon.   I love to help those who treat me so well and put silver in their pockets.  As for our economy--obama has just about destroyed it....along with Harry Ried and Nancy Pelosi and the stinking Liberals/ Socialists!  And I will not be dating a Liberal female, period!  When there is rioting in the streets of America, I hope you Liberals are happy when you have to wait in long bread lines!!  50% of Americans work their buns off to support the other 50% that REFUSE TO WORK, the lazy bums!  And that goes for 4th generation welfare queens, etc. too.

And here is a recent picture of Old Soldier Tom with a nice full beard !!  Time to vote.
Time for bed already ??

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Heli gunner Tom said...

I like the beard, sorry but I have to say it makes you look like Kris Kringle for Miracle on 34th St. (the movie)

Annemarie Alwin