Sunday, November 20, 2011

Good Sunday, but I'm using too much gas.

Tom's Journal.

I had to take the band aid off my finger because I am making too many "typos" and all I do is regress and correct... lol.   My finger tips get dry and crack open more so in the Winter time.
    It was a so-so day and at least I made it to church for the main worship service, and it's nice to see and greet the friends and brotherhood to see how everyone is doing-- and several people came up to tell me that I look like I am losing a  lot of weight...Woo Woo!!  Well, that feels good, but I really need to start the '2nd phase' of my big push to lose another 60 pounds. It sure would be nice if I had a 'partner'/ spouse to help and coach me and keep me on a proper diet and on track... and maybe work out at the Gym with me...Ha!  Fat chance.  Not complaining but-- looking for the right person [not the 'perfect' person]  is hard work because most ladies really DON'T KNOW WHAT THEY ARE LOOKING FOR these days-- and they even say so!!  They want to keep their "Independence", but they can't live on their own, for a multitude of reasons...  and I have heard many sad stories, but also goofy ones.  

Having TAUGHT Finance, Term Life Insurance and Securities [marketing/ selling quality Mutual Funds/ Investments, etc], you quickly find out that, given a real chance to learn how to save money and invest in the good stuff-- and even offering a part time JOB to people who qualify -- many folks are too darn lazy [in the mind, and/ or cowards] to even TRY!!   I mean, if I can learn it- with an average intelligence and IQ-- who can't ??  Well, I do have certain gifts and talents and a fine education, IMHO,  but that is not what gives me the 'drive.'  It's an aggressive, well motivation heart of a Champion and being raised by a mom and dad that instilled a good, hard work ethic in me and my siblings!   Got it?!   It's like that old Investment Ad years ago by Smith-Barney, "We make money the old fashioned way -- we earn it!"  You get a bunch of Socialist Liberals in power and they want to change the system into a Welfare, Nanny  State!  So...  half the USA works to support the other half that WILL NOT WORK!  People drop out of school or get pregnant sometimes in their early teens,  and refuse to study when they are forced to be there in school-- wonder why they can't get meaningful employment now.  It sure wasn't EZ for me either all my working life, and I had to re-train several times just to survive.  The folks that just lay back and quit/ give up, will say that their old trade or skill is no longer in demand--- well have the guts to  "RE-TRAIN" and learn something else even if you take a cut in pay, you are still earning your money!  There is no more honor or morals and those on welfare eat better than the 'working poor!'  Let them eat rice and beans like the "working poor" have to!! 

But what do you think is behind this whole melt down??  Socialist/ Liberal baloney scum bags-- and Satan the Devil!  The devil and his demons-- and their agents on earth want to cause pain, hunger, chaos and ruin, and break up the basic family unit of ONE man and ONE woman-- married!  Yes, the Bible holds all these answers and how to survive by helping yourself, hard work, and trusting GOD.  We learned a new Hebrew term at church today:  Elyon... which means: the "Most High God."  Or we could also use His personal name of Jehovah.  Actually, the JW-cult- 'church of the poisoned mind' DOES have that part right, but they mess up the other most important parts of the New Testament, concerning Jesus, and love to take away His deity by calling him JUST an angel named - Michael.  Shame... that false religious cult is sending a few million people to hell, and they will pay dearly for that lie and more.. for perverting the Bible and spreading un-truths.  So, in this instance, what you DON'T know WILL hurt  you and send you to hell, or if you are too lazy to learn it for yourself!   Sorry, folks, I am just mirroring what the Bible says, and this part is NOT my opinion.    But we give the one true God His correct 'name and title' to distinguish Him for all the other FALSE gods... with a lower case, small "g" in our old country church where I attend, and many other churches teach that truth too.   But I don't want to go into the Trinity right now... lack of space/ time.   However, there are some great real Christian web sites on FaceBook and various other Blogs that go into much more  depth to explain that subject that I could refer you to.   If you need help and proof, just ask me.

What I was trying to say in a round about way, is that for those who think the economy is terrible now-- 'you ain't seen nothin' yet !!'  Things in the world and in the USA will get MUCH WORSE, and many experts believe it could come or collapse any time!!  And at the same time, most REAL, studied Christians who know their Bible still have much joy, love, peace, in their lives!   They know that these things/ "signs" fore tell that our SALVATION is near!  Yes!  And not all rich and prosperous people are selfish, greedy wicked people-- they just learned how to make their money grow and then they can and do help the less fortunate who have honestly, unfortunately fallen upon  hard times, and I have been there myself.  I worked my butt off ALL OF MY LIFE to have enough now to pay my bills!  It was NOT 'luck' or gambling or 'a break' that helped me, ever!   And I have been so poor that I was actually homeless for a short time in the Winter of '94-95 in Milwaukee, and that is when I found the Lord [or He found me].  I had too much pride and Father God 'broke me' in many pieces, to humble me.. and then He broke me a few more times... lol.  It was very painful and I shed many tears, and still do sometimes, so like the apostle Paul, I have know good times and lean times, and I don't blame God for my bad times.  Some of God's true servants will just have a poor, hard life-- but rest assured that they will receive their due reward in heaven-- FOR EVER! 

So, the coming 'harder times' will cause great changes in the world and U.S., and I believe riots, looting, more crime, killings, robbery, and don't count on the police or Gov't to protect you too  "Trust in the Lord" [Proverbs 3: 5], is a very smart and correct idea/ action, but using your head sure helps too!  Store up for a hard, rainy or cold day, and learn how to cook, sew, clean, do things for yourself to save money, help your poor neighbors, the old and infirm/ disabled, and God will  bless you-- IF you give all praise and glory to Him, and Him alone. and follow His Son, Jesus, dear friends and readers.  Actually, the only things we are guaranteed is  everlasting life in heaven.  Our lives on earth may be good or bad, rich or poor, sick, disabled, lonely, or what ever,  but those 70-90 years on earth are nothing compared to all eternity... in one place or another.  In the mean time, Satan has the vast majority on earth running in circles-- chasing their tails....Ha!  I have found, heard, seen and experienced that true, learned Christians who know and apply the Bible in their lives live a joyful, more peaceful life, and I love to be near those kind of people, because it sort of rubs off on me.  PTL!  And the little things I do or give to my friends in Christ, the missions, and godly orgs, like WVCY-107.7 FM- Christian Radio, etc.,  make me feel really good inside as I know that I am doing God's will, and also 'storing up treasures in heaven where moth and rust will not consume.'  And guess what?  God always treats me right with enough to cover my own bills and a few creature comforts in my advanced age of 62!  I would like to share some or all of my good things, including my health insurance, etc.,  with some kind, loving,  Christian lady someday, but it seems like I have not found her yet.... too bad, but I leave that in God's hands, and to that end I always request YOUR prayers, dear friends.  People just don't want to commit or surrender a small part of their selfish independence or pride to join up, hook up with a Christian gentleman, imperfect, sinner that I be. struggling to lose weight for MY health sake.   I just bought a new pair of warm sweat pants 4 sizes smaller than I used to wear-- and they are still falling off my butt!  So something is working-- but I doubt that I will ever be "skinny" and don't want to look like a emaciated  scare crow...Ha!  Oh well, God has His reasons.  I don't look for folks that smoke, although a few of my good Christian friends still have that habit-- as I once did too.  I used to love that bad habit --and still I quit for personal reasons, and never looked back.  And the trouble is:  Those who can least afford it, the poor, are those who insist on smoking, and expect the tax payers to pick up their tabs!  Isn't that cute??  I guess those folks are not so poor after all.  And if someone cares for them enough to give them some money for food-- you've got to know that part of THAT money WILL be used indirectly for smokes [or if they have a drug or alcohol problem-- for that junk].  I had a lot of growing up to do even after I got back from the war in South East Asia-- Vietnam, and had a lot to learn... and  still do-- so don't think I am 'casting stones.'

Well, I still contact many people and witness to them, lately, about the Gospel and Salvation, and GIVE free bibles away that I usually pay for out of my own pocket-- you  see, and somehow I can afford it because my 'Master' always sees me through each and every month with enough substance to cover myself-- and I don't smoke anymore [I quit in 1972].  I took someone out for lunch today and left a small Bible tract behind, with the tip... and that is part of my 'ministry' of sorts too... along with pocket bibles, etc.  Like I say, it gives me a good feeling inside.
    I have a gut feeling that the price of gasoline will go up soon for the 'holidays...'.  and it costs over $80 to fill up my gas tank in my truck now!  I might have to give up soda pop!
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Warm Regards, and Christian Bear Hugs,
Tommy Schuckman 
...My two lovely daughters, Sarah and Barbara >>> below. 

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