Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Reality of Love and Life.

Tom's Journal.

Hi Friends,
Somehow I just lost the urge and desire to continue writing in my Blog... and it seems like I also had a belly full of fractured relationships, the last one telling me I was just about worthless and going to hell for so many of my indiscretions and poor choices. Indeed, I have made many mistakes, goof-ups, sinner that I am.   I am just too lonely now and having a hard time grieving over my 2 most dear loved ones, Sharon and Andy.  I go to bed so early these days because I am depressed-- [but men can not,  and must never show any emotion or weep over anything, or we will lose the respect of all the hard hearted women-- who are privy to listen in]. We have to suck it up again, just like we did in battle-- in 'Nam. I also believe is was very stupid of me to ever confide in any females [or males, for that matter] NON-veterans, because they just can't understand something they've never experienced.  Matthew 7:6 says, "Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you."  Rend, means:  Rip you open with their sharp teeth and tusks.  I am NOT calling anyone dogs or swine!  I am just stating that unbelievers think it's OK to find out certain weaknesses of others and use those tender things to cut them up and hurt them very badly.  MOST Veterans will not ever attempt to explain what they know of war or what went down in battle-- and now, what actually goes on inside the VA hospitals, and how the staff treats us!!!  Civilians wouldn't understand anyway, and the same goes for unbelievers knowing and using things that we Christians hold sacred to cut us up-- and bloody us.   Don't worry, folks, things will get much worse in the near future... but do you have the 'eyes of discernment?'  

Well, the women out there say that there are not any good, real Christian men left, and the guys complain about the same thing.  So many gold diggers, hungry, mean, no hands bared, corrupt people out in the world-- AND IN MOST OF THE CHURCHES, who prey upon the good, honest, people who are truly looking for a LTR [long term relationship]  sinners and imperfect as we all are... and I've heard pastors tell me that there is a 'floozy in every flock'...LOL.  One of the deacons pointed out a widow in church today that I might contact for a date or coffee, but she ran out the back door faster than I could hobble to say hey..Ha!  I still walk with a cane, so that puts me at a disadvantage, yuk yuk. 

I am growing the mind set that God just might want to keep me single because  LTR might complicate my life too much when the whole world is in melt down mode, and the Rapture may be very close now.  And if immature, false or weak Christian mates have trouble now-- JUST WHAT WILL THEY DO WHEN THINGS GET UNBEARABLE IN THE NEAR FUTURE???    I just happen to thrive on married life, and '2 have always been better than one' [according to wise, old King Solomon], -- better in a poor economy too.  The problem:  most women love their independence so much-- but they usually can't afford more than the house mortgage... and so they want their 'cake and eat it too.'  Satan is responsible for that 'independent spirit'  and materialism run wild, etc.   

No, I am NOT down on women.  And I know of too many married people locked in a violent hell wishing they could get out!    I have had my share of meeting ladies who appear as so polite, well mannered and innocent-- only to see and hear them turn into hungry lions when things didn't go right for them, or they didn't get their way!  So I guess I'd better 'chill out,' take another cold shower, and relax-- count my blessings, and thank God for what I have.  Salvation and a PROMISE of heaven... no matter who many times I goof up, and that is pure scripture!
    And I just may not use 'spell check' anymore too. 

This post does not apply to anyone I know in particular-- and I would not use my post to hurt someone anyway.  My wish is that we ALL try to apply what the Bible says to ourselves and to others.  Thank you, dear friends and readers.  I love and welcome your comments.


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