Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year

Tom's Journal.


Wir wuenschen euch ein(We wish you a)glueckliches Neues Jahr,(Happy New Year)ein langes Leben,(a long life)Gesundheit,(good health)Friede und Einigkeit,(peace and goodwill)und nach dem Tod,(and after death)die ewige Glueckseligkeit.(eternal happiness

Friday, December 30, 2011

Gone Fishing.

Tom's Journal.

Hi Friends, Readers, Brothers/ Sisters in Christ., etc.,
I have decided to put my Blog on hold for a while or what ever, for a number of personal reasons.  I guess that perhaps the slow down of comments reflects a lack of interest these days, and maybe I just lost my touch, became too bitter with the way things have been going,  suffered too great a loss of loved, dear ones this past year,  but most of all, I believe that I have hurt and injured too many others, no matter if I meant to or not.  Yes, the Truth hurts, but perhaps my personal opinions were too 'intense' and people pretty much would rather have their 'ears tickled'... according to Paul --writing Timothy.

I have also spoiled my chances to see and meet new people, prospective ladies, dates, etc.,  and my brand of truth is just not palatable now days with the vast majority of new people who read my posts.  I guess I have been writing for about 5 years or more, and need to give it a break, a rest, and pursue other fields of endeavor-- although I am my VA doctors felt writing was great 'therapy' for my COMBAT PTSD.  Maybe I will go back to finish my book that I started in 1995, but got side tracked and "Writer's block." 

So... you will have to search for another 'whipping boy' ... LOL, and  direct your hate mail else where [some of you], those of you who only know how to pull down and destroy-- but don't have the where with all to build and heal.   Most of the stuff I've used or built around was pure Scripture, and other well known Christian authors, and I am not afraid to suffer for God and Christ, but I seldom hear or ever know if I am doing any good--  not that I am  looking or fishing for praise.  However, I must say that anyone who has read me for any length of time has no leg to stand on concerning the Gospel and Salvation, and I feel that I have done my job well in that regard.  Too, most people really don't want to hear what the Bible says about our future-- Ha! -- it will be getting MUCH worse!!  But the millions of people in my camp are not worried -- because the only way we learn the real truth of our future comes from the Holy Spirit, and we already KNOW where WE are going!  PTL.

Now that my knees are healing better, I hope to walk up to people more and share Bible Tracts, KJV Bibles, and share the fruits of my lips in praising and sharing the Bible with people I meet in everyday life.  And I can and will still write personal emails to my friends, etc.


Warm Regards,

New Web Site.

Tom's Journal.

Please let me introduce a Christian web site that a new friend suggested to me-- from Pastor John Kitchen,  who hails from  the great State of  Ohio.

What Child is this?

“And there was a prophetess, Anna, the daughter of Phanuel, of the tribe of Asher. She was advanced in years, having lived with her husband seven years from when she was a virgin, and then as a widow until she was eighty-four. She did not depart from the temple, worshiping with fasting and prayer night and day. And coming up at that very hour she began to give thanks to God and to speak of him to all who were waiting for the redemption of Jerusalem.” (Luke 2:36-38)
“He came to His own, and those who were His own did not receive Him”—that is the Apostle John’s commentary on the coming of Jesus Christ to earth. Do you think you would have recognized Jesus for who He was? What if He showed up (physically) this Sunday at church, would you recognize Him? The aged Anna looked upon the 40 day old Jesus and recognized Him as the promised Messiah. What does it take to live a life that recognizes Jesus?
Anna shows us that the one that recognizes Jesus is someone who is keeping life in perspective (vv.36-37a). Whether she was 84 years old (as most of our modern translations take it) or lived for 84 years after she was widowed (which would really qualify her for an AARP discount!), Anna was elderly. In the span of those years her nation and the land of Israel has seen many tumultuous changes. She had obviously survived some personal tragedies, not the least of which was the death of her husband. Yet in the midst of all that chaos and personal pain God enabled her to maintain a personal perspective on what really matters—a perspective that readied her eyes to see Christ when He came.
Anna also show us that the one who recognizes Jesus is someone who has put God in preeminence. “She never left the temple, serving night and day with fastings and prayers” (v.37b). Is your heart consumed with the things that are upon God’s heart? Do you hurt over what hurts Him and rejoice over what brings Him joy? Anna determined to be in constant communication with God. “Pray without ceasing” (I Thess. 5:17). That doesn’t mean you need to constantly be in church, but you do need to be in constant, conscious communion with Him.
Anna also shows us that the one who recognizes Jesus is someone through whom Christ is proclaimed. She “began giving thanks to God, and continued to speak of Him to all those who were looking for the redemption of Jerusalem” (v.38b). After all she had survived as a citizen, after all she had experienced as a wife and widow, after all she had endured as a worshiper of God—meeting Jesus was enough to produce gratitude in her heart. Not a momentary “thanks,” but a continual bubbling fountain of gratitude that compelled her to tell others of Jesus.
“What Child Is This?”
So bring Him incense, gold and myrrh, Come, peasant, king, to own Him;
The King of kings salvation brings, Let loving hearts enthrone Him.
Raise, raise the song on high, The Virgin sings her lullaby:
Joy, joy, for Christ is born, The Babe, the Son of Mary!

It’s Time

“Break up your fallow ground, for it is time to seek the Lord, till He comes and rains down righteousness upon you.” —Hosea 10:12
It’s time. It’s about time. It’s high time. It’s past time. “… it is time to seek the Lord.”
That is what Hosea told the people of Israel in His day.
Its not that they weren’t religious. Oh, they were. It’s not that they weren’t in attendance at religious services. They had that down pat. They prayed, offered sacrifices, observed the festivals and kept the commandments. They had this religion-thing down.
But, said the prophet, “… it is time to seek the Lord.”
“What do you mean?,” we might ask, as I’m sure they did as well. “I thought we were seeking the Lord!  We’re doing everything we’ve been told to do!”
How? The command was simple: “Break up your fallow ground.”
Fallow ground is unplowed ground. It is ground that has been made hard by a long winter of neglect. It is ground hardened by cold, dark days of inattentiveness, packed solid by ice, snow and wind. It has been beat into a pavement-hard path by much traffic. The patter of feet, simply by traveling this way repeatedly, have rendered it incapable of producing or sustaining life. Fallow ground is hard, impenetrable, firm and confirmed in its ways.
What makes for fallow ground in my heart or in the heart of a church? Many things, but among them would be pride, presumption, past, preferences, prejudice, tradition, and opinion.
These must be turned over. The ground must be exposed. We must do more than scratch the surface, the spade must be plunged into the heart of the earth. The blade of the plow has to cut deep. It is frightening. It is painful. Most avoid it for those very reasons.
But it is full of hope! The sun is beginning to rise higher in the sky as winter passes and spring hastens. The ground having been turned and the soil having been exposed is embraced by the warmth of the sun and its life-giving rays. This is hope. There may yet be life! Life again. Life renewed. Revival.
How does one “turn over” this fallow ground? Again, the forms may be numerous. But surely it would include the sharp edge of tools such as repentance, confession of sin (to God and one another), brokenness, tears, remorse, contrition, restitution, and specific acts of humbling self before God and others.
When these things happen it might seem to be such a fresh move of God that we will want to just stay there. But we do well to remember that this would only be the beginning. This breaking up of the fallow ground only readies the soil for the seed of the Word to be planted (“He comes”). It only prepares the soil for the waters to come (“till righteousness rains down on you”). All this is so that the soil of our

Thursday, December 29, 2011

What a Hound.

Tom's Journal.

This is one of my favorite web sites and it pretty much sums up most of my Biblical mindset and beliefs about the time we are in RIGHT NOW!   Please take the time to read what I have posted, if you want to get to know me, because I eat, drink and sleep on this stuff and share it with all I know, all the time!  
Does it seem ironic that in spite of all this bad news-- that millions of REAL Christians are still very happy, with love, joy, peace and sublime happiness???   I am happy and optimistic too right now-- even though I am working through some loneliness and recovery from the past year's losses, etc., of loved ones and deprivations.  PRAISE THE LORD!!  
     The post I wrote last night was especially profitable and encouraging to/ for me with God's promises to save all those to bend knee and confess their sins-- accepting Jesus as Savior.  And since I've been writing/ blogging these past 5-6 years, I have noticed that Christians are really in the minority, being pushed and squeezed into a small camp, harassed and harried at every corner and turn!!  But this MUST happen to fulfill Bible prophecy!   We know the time is very short and the "lynch pin" Israel could go to war in a heart beat-- and thus set in motion the Rapture, IMHO, and millions of other's
   Have a great day!

Tom Schuckman

By Jan Markell
December 28, 2011

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As we exit 2011, some things are certain in this age of uncertainty. Most readers will acknowledge that the end-time clock is racing. The year started with violence as a deranged gunman shot and killed or wounded many in Arizona. One of the victims was a U.S. Congresswoman. As 2011 winds down, chaos and violence rage around the world. The 1960s are being relived as angry young people demand that world governments bow to their anti-capitalist ideas.  Violence and instability are everywhere, however, and particularly in the volatile Middle East. 

So what else do we see? The world is riddled with war and rumors of war. Our churches are no longer sound. True Christianity is under attack from all sides, and Christians are being marginalized as intolerant bigots. In far-away places, Christians are being slaughtered in the name of Allah. Nature seems out of control as we observe record-setting disasters everywhere. Greed and corruption are the engines that run just about everything. Israel and Jerusalem are blamed for most of the world's problems. Allow me to expand on some of these.

War is on the way in the Middle East. Muslim nations are determined to force a showdown over the future of Israel, observes Ronald Reagan's Assistant Defense Secretary Frank Gafney. He warns of a "cataclysmic regional war and it will be over the future existence of the state of Israel. It may involve all of her neighbors, as they want to drive the Jews into the sea. It may include the use of nuclear weapons."

So much for the benign purposes of the "Arab spring." Consider Egypt. Under Hosni Mubarek, Egypt was the anchor of regional stability. Now, thanks to the Muslim Brotherhood, instability emanates to all other Mideast nations from that hub. A united effort to annihilate Israel is underway.

America is assisting in that endeavor as the Obama assault on Israel continues. Secretary of State Clinton is warning that any American action towards recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel must be avoided. It might jeopardize the peace process even though that process is a joke.

Add to this litany an emboldened and ascendant China, Russia once again under the absolute control of Vladimir Putin, a Mexico free-falling into civil war with narcotic traffickers and their Hezbollah allies on our southern border, and you get a world that is fraught with peril for the United States. Isn't it obvious that we are in the midst of the Bible's predicted "perilous times"? (II Timothy 3:1) Sure, times have always been rough, but it's the convergence of events that is so intriguing at this time.

"Occupy Wall Street" is nothing to ignore. Suffice it to say  that it represents the lawlessness and debauchery that characterizes our times. Don't dismiss it as a silly circus of unwashed graduate students or fossilized 1960s nostalgists who can't even formulate a coherent platform. If they could govern, we would have the ideal Leftist agenda of Marxism, Socialism, and one-worldism. It would take a super-human person to blend those elements and make it work. His name is Antichrist and he is waiting in the wings.

In late October, the Vatican called for radical reform of the world's financial systems, including the creation of a global political authority to manage the economy. Read that again. The Vatican has called for a one-world economic and political system. Untold millions of Catholics have now been told that their leadership is ok with global government. Six billion more inhabitants of Earth must be persuaded but with record-setting global and individual debt,  this process will likely be easy!  

Many scenarios are yet to play out. The policies of the man we elected by a wide majority just three years ago seem to be designed to confiscate the wealth of most Americans and put an end to America's super power status by eliminating what little value our currency still has. More and more experts are warning us to be prepared for the hyperinflation that's sure to come when the rest of the world decides to stop lending us the money we need to fund our deficits. Already 70% of it is coming out of thin air, courtesy of the Federal Reserve.

America is not going away but a weakened America is necessary before someone can carry the globalist football into the end zone. The one-worlders know this and the world's rabble-rousers denouncing capitalism know this. As we often say in this office, "It's all coming together." On Monday, December 26, a prominent talk show host, with an animated voice said, "We need a world leader now!" He probably had no idea what he said or what the implications are. I noticed he didn't say that we need an American leader. We need a global Mr. Fix-it. Another host calls such a man a "spooky dude." He has no clue either.  Only the Bible helps us understand these mysteries and a lot of churches today consider the Bible an inconvenience. The Antichrist will be both: A 'man-with-a-plan' and a real 'spooky dude.'   

Perhaps one of the most profound prophecy-related stories in 2011 is global debt. We're another year older and deeper in debt! The whole world is in debt -- not just America! I could give you the stats but your eyes would glaze over. Worry not. The 'spooky dude' will solve it!  

The early church longed for Jesus' return and thus greeted each other with "Maranatha!" Imagine how simple their lifestyle was. They knew nothing of the clanging noise of concrete canyons around the world -- big cities throbbing with violence and turmoil. Still, that simple word comforted them because it promised a better world someday.

As we see 2011 leaving us, know that a better world awaits you, too! But it is not of this world. It is another dimension, another location, another time. Yet it could be here in the twinkling of an eye! The heart-cry of millions in 2011, and even more in 2012, is this wonderful word: Maranatha. Come, Lord Jesus! I'll say it over and over again. Some will get sick of it but I won't quit. It's the one word that offers hope as the world comes unglued!   

Maranatha, maranatha! Keep looking up. With an eternal perspective, the headlines won't disturb you quite so much and you can focus on spreading the gospel while there is still time.  And find a church that believes same!   


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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Tongue.

Tom's Journal.

Here is a quick post before bed... and I must say that the Book of James has much to say about the "tongue" and how destructive in can be... James 3:6 says,  "And the tongue is a fire, a world of iniquity:  so is the tongue  among our members, that it defileth the whole body, and setteth on fire the course of nature;  and it is set on fire of hell." ~KJV.   --But there is so much more in that 3rd chapter about the tongue!  I am sharing this because I know that I am  gifted in tongue, words, verbal aptitude, and consider myself a sort of 'word-smith' and always loved  looking up new and old words I didn't/  don't understand yet-- and used to read the dictionary for fun!  BUT, I have also hurt and beat myself so many times for using the wrong word at the wrong time!!  And as my words can surely heal many-- they can also tear down and murder.... and how sad.   In fact, knowledge of how and when to use the RIGHT word at the RIGHT time is so important.  And perhaps there are times when we need to hold our tongues even when telling the truth-- if we don't NEED to hurt some one's feelings, at times.  This is my personal opinion in the last sentence here.    Because there are times when we MUST tell the truth even though it will hurt some body, like in a court of law-- but that is really a topic for another day.   It takes wisdom to know the difference.  

I found that lately I put my foot in my mouth at the WRONG time, and now I am trying hard to make amends... and I PROMISED myself and prayed that I gain more wisdom in this area-- but sure as shoot-- I am not there yet-- so please forgive me dear brothers and sisters, and already wounded and prob spoiled a new relationship, but will not name anyone-- except that they don't live in WI, and it's prob not the one YOU think-- lol, because I will not email this post to her.  I feel bad enough about my many sins and transgressions and they have cost me some important, valuable relationships in the past, and I guess either the parties, men and women just could not forgive me-- or they used it as a means to dump me.  But...[hint] most combat Vet's don't take me wrong because we speak a shared fool proof brand of military English that can only be taken one way... lol, and there are few mistakes because mistakes cost lives in the field of honor-- war and combat.

But now, if we don't know when to speak at the proper time, because of fear of men, or whatever, we also sin and fall short, and the Lord doesn't like cowards either, if  you look at Rev. 21:8.  And I know that the devil is using this time of my loss and misery running me around like a silly, wild ass [duh-- that's an animal, folks]  and acting like a jerk [duh... that IS a man.. lol], but scripture tells me that He will NOT forsake me, and you will read below in the posted fine articles I borrowed for today.  And if you read that other article about 'Is the Catholic church a Cult.'  -- just my having enough courage to publish/ post this will make me a very hated man by those who don't want to learn what the Scriptures actually say!!  I had a short talk with a woman from OH this evening who showed me her complete ignorance by saying that she didn't even own a Bible --didn't ever read it to any extent, but needed the money "so bad" that she sold the last and only one she had in a yard sale! [Folks-- you NEVER sell your last and only SWORD, or your best, sharpest knife!!]   But what really tripped my trigger was that her ex-hubby,  a Vietnam Vet, was a jerk, abuser, and a drug user-- so she automatically assumed that we ALL  were, me included!!  Wow!  She didn't sound very bright and I had to slow down my speech to 'baby talk'... so I cut that female loose.. sorry, I wouldn't take her to a dog show, because the Judges might not know the difference...  I just don't have the will or patience to teach 2nd grade English to those types... sorry again.  I also learned, again, that it's also stupid to judge a woman by her looks!!  Many times the most sexy, and attractive women are the worst ,most selfish, greedy, egocentric,  destructive dogs who will make the rest of your life miserable!  And I think there is something to that song... about 'marrying an ugly woman'... and being happy the rest of your life... lol.  

I just might write a banner to be taped onto my Bible,saying:  "Read the Directions First!"   And that just might aid and save me from some future goof ups.  

Bless my new friends, Terry Lynn, in KY, and Lisa, the good Italian cook, in IL, and many others who read my humble Blog and FC page.  Please continue to pray for me, friends.

Warm Regards,
Tommy  -- and here is me at age 19, at my first duty station, Cu Chi, Vietnam, in early 1968!!


Enticed Into A Cult

Q.  What would become of people who were brought up in a Bible believing church but were enticed to join some cultist organizations who only pick few chapters and back up their beliefs by brainwashing methods? Can the poor people be blamed for being led wrongly?

A.  If the people were saved in the Bible believing Church, the Lord will go after them and bring them back as a shepherd goes after his sheep when they wander off (Luke 15:3-7).  Sometime before they die or before the rapture all believers who have gone astray will come back because the Lord promised His father He would lose none of those He’s been given (John 6:39-40).
If they rejected the way to salvation in the Bible believing Church and left without being saved, then they’re not part of the Lord’s flock and are fair game for the cults. This doesn’t mean they’re automatically condemned to hell.  It only means they’re not under the Lord’s protection.  They can still can ask for and receive salvation at any time in their life. All they have to do is believe they’re a sinner and that Jesus died for their sins.  Then as soon as they ask Him to save them, He will (Matt. 7:7-8). Once they do that they’ll be His forever, just like the rest of us.

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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Love the One you're with.

Tom's Journal.

James 5:12, "But above all things my breathren, swear not, neither by heaven, neither by the earth, neither by any other other oath:    but let your yea be yea; and your nay, nay, lest ye fall into condemnation."  Simple, very simple!  And this is why I love the simplicity of the Bible-- there is no mistaking it, concerning the basic, most important things!!  Sure, some side points or grey areas may not seem crystal clear-- but no one is going to lose any skin, life or limb over it!  

I don't know exactly why, but now, after the continuous bombardment of the COMMERCIAL Holiday 'season', I feel a gentle PEACE and tranquility and I want to celebrate within the safe, guarded confines of my small, old, frame, home -- castle, in our one-horse town in WI... between Chicago and Milwaukee.  I was thinking about taking a short vacation down South, but it just didn't work out, so I will just turn my full attentions to my own 50 mile radius from point 'A to B.' -- and "love the one I'm with" --in a sense.  If I was on a hunt, project, mission --which is what a real man needs, to feel some self worth, things might seem different.  But now that I am older, I guess my options are somewhat limited... LOL.  Kind of like that Vietnam movie, "Apocalypse Now" .. the captain was itchy/ ready for a new mission, as combat soldiers [or a deer hunt]  usually are.  I wouldn't really know-- because in an Aviation helicopter Company, we didn't have ANY choice but to fly every single day-- month after month! !!!   But I totally respect my brothers in arms who served as grunts, and salute them!

I just have the wild, itchy feeling to 'break loose' right.. or even JUMP INTO LAKE MICHIGAN, like I did with the Kenosha, WI., Polar Bears, for five years of freezing my anatomy off!!  Woo Woo!!  It was so cool... and stupid...LOL!   But right now, I don't have anyone close enough to go WITH me!!  This crap is getting very OLD!  I at least need SOMEONE TO HOLD THE CAMERA AND SHOT ME WHILE I AM IN THE ICY WATER!!  Oh well...  Am I saying that I need someone to have for dates or special occasions?  Maybe.

What really bugs me is that some women say that they want some [selfish] relationship, and have their cake and eat it too...  but are TOO DARN BUSY to have one!  What a stupid mentality!  Ha!  What a crock!!@#$%. Yes, friends, it's a mixed up, up side down Satanic world!  And my only satisfaction will be watching the totally ignorant people slip and fall on their butts, as things get worse in 2012, when they could have/ should have read the Book.

So, instead of waiting by my silly old PC or home, phone, I will just do my own thing, clean my own house and do what I please.   
    But, I want to keep my old friends and help them if I can.  Again:  HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Warm Regards,
Tommy Schuckman 


Posted: 27 Dec 2011 07:34 AM PST
By Dr. Charles Dyer The Land and the Book It seems that new archaeological discoveries from Jerusalem are being reported almost weekly. The latest find is rather fascinating. It was humorously identified by the Israeli Antiquities Authority as the original "store credit." And that's probably a good way to describe it! What they discovered was a clay seal containing two Hebrew words from

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Sunny Sunday- Christmas.

Tom's Journal.

Well, my Christmas wasn't so bad after all!  After a good church meeting this morning and many greetings and well wishes, I went to see mom and the family gathering there and my brother Albert made some great food for all-- as he is the main cook in the family after his wife's stroke and loss of sight-- but even before that happened.   I brought some cold root beer and some Malibu rum to share, and everything was nice and  So then back to let the dog out, but the Packers game don't start 'till 7:20PM, so I can just kick back and relax.

I just wonder about getting another, new Verizon cell phone because mine is about 6 years old and starting to fall apart from use, wear and tear.   My wife always took care of that aspect of life, even if I was happy and satisfied with my phone.. lol.  Half the time I didn't hardly have to use my brain-- with her overseeing so many things-- that she enjoyed and wanted to, bless her pea-pickin' heart.  Until she started getting progressively worse with her health and less mobile-- so then our roles were reversed... but I didn't mind waiting on her one bit!  I only wonder IF I will EVER find another girl like her.... DARN!  I suppose we ought to thank the good Lord for the rain and the dry heat in due season-- what I mean is the good- and the 'not so good' in life.  We certainly don't live in a sinless paradise.... yet.

And isn't it something to meet a person who is cheery all the time and never has a bad word???  I like to rub up against such precious people so some of that happiness and cheer get on ME!!  

I was walking in church today WITHOUT using my cane for a while-- just to prove a point!!  Wow!  This is such great incentive to me that I plan to kick my weight lifting at the Gym into high gear this week.  I've got my appetite back too, but not over doing it-- and I figure that enjoying some Christmas and New Years favorites won't kill me either.  

Well then...some folks are just talking about a possible EMP- [electrical magnetic pulse] device- thingy used by terrorists to mess up our communications and transportation systems/ grid  in the country, and that would kind of kick us back into the 'stone age' for a while... lol.  I know what you are thinking...Ha!  Tom is on one of his far-fetched wild ass dreams again, or "Chicken Little" scenarios.  But I am just  saying, why not store some distilled water, just in case, and a few canned goods.  Just some food for thought.  Because a person can have lots of CASH, but he cannot eat cash, and when the stores are empty--transportation is stopped, what will happen then?  Just some food for thought.

I hope you all don't get the wrong idea or think I am a sour puss, but I am really glad that the holidays are almost over now!  Half of the US is considered  'not so Christian' if you want to count those who supported obama boy....because he ran on pro-abortion, pro- gay, stick the rich guys who provide all the jobs, anti- Constitution, anti-gun, anti-States rights,etc., pro-amnesty....duh, and I am NOT trying to start something today.  The point being-- the half that is NOT religious is just going along with the rest of all the materialism, Liberal news, commercialism geared to make the masses feel that they NEED to get in debt so deeply, just like the Gov't... lol... and less about the Savior's birth to a Jewish virgin, and it's all so ignorant and  fake, even just for one day in the year.  Well, I felt that this was a 'clumsy exercise' in my writing technique, an didn't quite know how to put it without sounding like a Grinch...sorry.  I am just fed up with all the "put on" fake 'good' touchy- feel-ly, phony, pretend so-called "Christmas spirit" thing, and one day latter, the world will be back at each other's throats worse than ever... and all of us ought to admit the obvious, please.  Come on, folks, do we for one minute think that there will never be another rocket or mortar attack on Israel after today ??

But for today, it was a Merry Christmas for many of the fortunate, as me and my dog, Deuce, and all my friends.
There are some good things in store for me tomorrow too, I hope!!  I have learned one thing for sure in life-- it's MURPHY'S LAW, and peoples' lack of honestly and accountability!  "Let your Yes mean Yes-- and your no mean no."

I am so full of good, quality food today, and so is my dog, Deuce!  It was a great sunny day, and God loves me!
I am hoping to get some newer pix of me to post to show a little weight loss... lol.


Friday, December 23, 2011

Today is a better day.

Tom's Journal.

Ohhh, My!  After re-reading that last post I wrote yesterday, I wouldn't be surprised if every reader left me..LOL!   It doesn't matter IF it's the Gospel truth... people just don't care for bad news on a dreary day!  I don't know if my blog is for entertainment so much, as I think and wanted it for many other therapeutic  reasons:  for personal therapy, self improvement, to help spread Combat Veteran concerns about PTSD and Agent Orange...  good, sound, truthful info about the corrupt, weird  VA system, and encouragement from the Scriptures.  Well, the last one is SURE to drive away many prospective dates...LOL.   Few women now days are Conservative and 'Old School' and Bible readers/ lovers -- but they sure don't like anything that lays guilt, sin or accountability on them.  Perhaps the Bible doesn't slow down my sinful nature so much-- but it shows me a way back to reconciliation with the Lord, and getting back to the good regimen/ program, and peace of mind that God loves me!!  So... in that sense, I guess it does limit my sinful nature and prepares me.  I guess my selfish motive has always been... "How to gain salvation/ get to heaven/  evade hell, and still have my cake and eat it too-- if that makes any sense..."   And maybe that sounds kind of lame.  My good buddies would just slap me up side of the face and tell me just " Straighten up and fly right !!!"         My Primary Objective in this life is to get to heaven, as the Bible tells me [and millions of others] that something BIG is about to happen!!  I was going to pull/ erase yesterday's post until I thought about the added Bible article regarding hell, and pure logic that piqued my interest and I so wanted to share that piece with others-- although it was kind of heavy, deep and 'dry.' -- 'not for public consumption at Christmas time'  Stuff like that will surely separate the men from the boys--and Believers from NON-believers, as I speculate that 95% of the public has their mind in other places... like how to buy gifts and pay the heating bill at the same time, plus keep gas in the car....duh.  I have been hearing so many horror stories of homelessness, poverty, betrayal, and mean spirited people -- in contrast to the "Merry Super HAPPY" plastic, fake Christmas spirit time.   Sorry folks,  I just don't get a good feeling right now-- with all the hypocrisy and hatred, bombarded by constant merry music and spend a lot Christmas time!!   It's just getting too old and stale.  I AM happy and joyful that Christ was born and come to take away the sins of the world IF we confess Him as our personal Lord and Savior!  But aside from that, all the other hoop la is nauseating for me,  sorry.   And right after the holidays are over-- Congress can get back to their gridlock, BS, while we all get deeper in debt, etc.  So, I am tacking a different direction to help a few friends, meet others, and work on my new 'pumping iron' program to gain more strength and grow stronger in the mind/ healthier!  Pumping iron and walking stimulate the circulatory system and the BRAIN, AND PUTS MORE OXYGEN IN TO THE BLOOD!!   Yes!

Today is a special day for me, but I'm not going to let the 'cat out of the bag' and run my mouth... lol.  I think I may need a 2nd small blog to my elite confidants-- kind of like an "inner circle" of counselors and wise people, to bounce personal ideas off their beautiful minds...Ha!  "There is wisdom in a multitude of counselors."  And church for me is good and healthy, because I get to check up on all the friends and families, brothers and sisters of like Faith, and get the local news of who is sick or going in for surgery, etc.  It's a Brotherhood for me,  and I have several Brotherhoods that act as 'Safety Nets' and "Net working" for me, and good associations and comradeship.   

So, today is one that I am looking forward to.
That cold weather outside really cuts through me and I  will have to dress better, with more thought and insight, in case of a vehicle break down.  I also need to re-charge my truck battery because I use the 'jig crane' winch to lower and lift my power scooter, that helps me so much when I do some serious shopping in big stores instead of standing in line forever while some woman takes her time in writing out a check for $5...and fishes thru her disorganized purse to find her mind....Ha!  I often   joke with the cashier by asking them if they take CASH!  But for many women [with all due respect] carrying cash means:  'Tis the season to get robbed, mugged, or murdered...' But I train women in self -defense!!  If they act too prideful-- I won't teach them anything...
I feel a lot better today!  Smile!   Have a great day!

Warm Regards,
Tommy Schuckman 

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Keep your mind clear.

Tom's Journal.

 YouTube - Sister Myotis on Thongs

  I hope you enjoyed 'Sister Myotis' as much as I did.  I need all the humor I can get.

For me, Christmas has always been a real  struggle, because although we kids never asked for anything, we knew there was a lot of tension in the air, big time stress, worry of our parents, and everyone trying to 'force ourselves to be cosmetically, plastic, merry and nice.'  We were raised Catholic, but I had a 'Crisis of Conscience' after I got home from Vietnam and no one could answer my simple questions about right and wrong, when I found out that the Gov't and organized religion were both lying to the people in a large way.  So I started studying the Bible in a serious way, only to be sucked in by the JW-cult that poisoned my mind for the next 22 years and two years after that a greedy wife abandoned me when I was laid off of a good paying job at Chrysler because I wasn't making enough money.. lol.  Sorry to rehash that, folks, but it was the Winter of 94-95 in Milwaukee when I believe I found the Lord, Jesus Christ, and accepted him as my personal Lord and Savior.  Although I've have serious life threatening accidents after that and too many relationships, I feel that the Lord 'protected' me ever since [but also all my entire life] then, as I have been growing in many ways, and now I just feel kind of burned out at this juncture in my life, at age 62, with 2 loved ones gone out of my life, and a few good friends pounding  me on the head [trying to honestly help me] so I don't completely self destruct.  I WILL make it by the Grace of God, and no one else.  

I [and millions of other REAL Christians] believe that right now is the 'calm before the storm', and we are in the camp waiting for the final shoe to drop before the Rapture, and  life would be so much happier or easier [maybe] having the right Christian woman beside me-- but that just may not happen. God, IMHO, could even be holding that part back so as not to pollute me, or draw me away from Him, and me thinks that there are PRECIOUS FEW real Christians left who are available-- all the good ones may be taken... LOL!  So, getting hooked up should NOT be my main priority, although many people at church are praying for me in that capacity.  I say this because I know that many others in the world are also suffering worse than I am, homeless, deprived, hungry, sick, dying, and cold and their poor kids too.  Shame, and in the land of plenty.  Trust an unjust, fat, greedy, shameless Gov't to allow that to happen.  

I just might go to bed early again-- feeling tired with no important thing to do or go to.  And the nation is in gridlock again at this "Merry Time" rushing around spending money they don't have.  I will survive-- even through my many blunders, and sins, screw ups.  Winners win-- and Losers   lose.   I have a soft heart-- and my brains seem to leak out threw them...  But my evil brother has been a selfish miser all this life saving every penny, and now he is poor.  If we are ever asked what we did to help others-- what will we say??  And it's not just money-- it's time, effort, smiles, hugs, selfless chores, work and errands !  Did we make the most of our talents and skills?

On the other hand, some folks know how to increase, multiply, invest money and make it work for them, and others are afraid to spend only on cat food to feed themselves .. or until the wrong man gets into office to strip the rich and give to the lazy--but history tells us that won't work very long.  Pity those kind of people  in ancient Israel- who would not work... lol.  The Law code was perfect-- given to an imperfect people--even, albeit, God's own Chosen.  That is why I always loved the book of Ecclesiastes, by Solomon, the last chapter.  

Well, my stuffed pork chops turned out perfect and delicious and now I feel so full.  I am looking forward to tomorrow and next week, and then some rest. 

Now... how do I remember, and keep in mind, a prime lesson that happened shortly after I retired in 2002, without appearing to be bitter or holding a grudge?  I need to write in on paper and read it ever other time that the same circumstance comes up in the future.  Or maybe I have finally learned now.  Hmmmm.  And if we hold  a grudge on the inside-- it will come out sooner or later. "Cryptic" --hidden meaning ??... Yes, but those close to me already know the answer to the riddle.  Satan sure is busy these days... and he knows that his time is short.

Warm Regards,

THIS picture is fairly current:
Posted: 22 Dec 2011 11:15 AM PST
By Dr. Tony Garland Q. I was listening to your interpretation of the woman riding the beast in the book of Revelation. And I must admit that you have me lost. First you say that she is a distinct city that is called Babylon. Then you say that she sits on a beast that has 7 heads and ten horns. Then you say that the beast that carries her that was and is not and yet is,

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Can't Wait Until Christmas

Tom's Journal.

I got a lot done again today, but it seems like all I do is fill the gas tank in my truck! At least I have money to do that, while others have to work everyday and spend more.  People will survive, and if they don't -- that's OK too, because it's not my job to support everyone with a hard luck story!!  And I intend to be much more careful, watchful and alert from now on!  I may be 'slow' but I am not a mental midget... lol.  The trouble is that most folks don't know what they can eat that is more nutritious then all the junk and poisons they eat now!  I will never fault of run down my parents, but my kids lived a lot better with more variety than what I ate in the 60's, but I will never complain or hurt my Mom's feelings, and loved her great cooking on the farm in Racine County, WI.  We had our own orchard so we ate a lot of apple, and sometimes with some protein in them.. lol.  
   Time to move on again and look forward to the future, and I see some good things on the horizon, but I intend to simmer down, smell the roses, be content with who I am,  and what I have, make new friends and sail on.  I keep remembering that Country song about, 'you got to go through hell before you get to heaven.' And now, with my enthusiasm, I feel 'I'm knocking on heaven's door.' 

I didn't realize how I could love my old hound dog so much in the past few days as I did, from a very short one day 'vacation.'  I suspect that Deuce is grieving a bit after leaving the other dogs at my brother's house, and man, he was in a grouchy mood.. but then, he has his troubles and tribulations too.
Things will run a bit different from now I think, as I put a new spin on life and let some hot air out of the balloon called my head...LOL.  Thank you, Bro. Bill Tippett, for being my good friend and all your advice that was meant to clear my head and not my pocket book-- hidden meaning/ and joke...  No problem, I can eat baloney for the next few months...Ha!   I am going to pick up some Riesling German table wine to go with my good munchies latter, although I don't intend to pig out too much this holiday season... Christmas and New Year's.  

And you know -- some dinky dau who is STILL got an ax to grind.. or he has already lost too many brain cells from over drinking for too many years tried to send me some hate mail and newspaper clippings [after I though he's learned his lesson of being hospitalized' FORGOT that even though he printed a factitious, drunk false return address...duh... but he forgot that his main always goes thru Roanoake, VA   !!  I had a good laugh out of his bumbling, but I just wish he's get himself a life instead of worrying about me!! It didn't work, "WW" !!   Why don't you just worry about your own life before it escapes you, please.  He doesn't believe in the wicked, corrupt computers, so he only writes 'snail mail'.. oh well.

I wonder what it will take to get my back straighten out.  Opps, I forgot to plug in my scooter charger tonight, and it's low... and I am not going to break my ankles doing it in the dark of the back yard.  I need to help getting last minute chores done before the snow falls.

Warm Regards,


Monday, December 19, 2011

Spring Day in December?

Tom's Journal.

I thought I would take the liberty [and sometimes I pay dearly and reap the whirl wind for taking TOO MANY 'LIBERTIES'... LOL], But I think that good news like this NEEDS to be shared to prove that God is great, kind and merciful.  I realize that many of us just wonder WHY God helps the wicked [in this system] while 'allowing' the good ones to suffer, but "His ways are not our ways: and it will take thousands of years to learn all of that stuff, in heaven, me thinks.

Let me get in that I had a very busy and successful morning of pumping iron at the YMCA, but had to beat myself into moving my dead behind to drive there, got some healing herbs while in Kenosha, and then a prime rib sandwich [and the horse radish made my nose itch and tingle, but really opened up my sinuses]  the West quadrant of highway 50 and I-94, and  a cold drink to wash it down, felt better, then got my dear hound dog back from brother Albert  at Bohner's Lake, near Burlington, and gave them some diet cherry 7-UP soda pop... trying to say, "Thanks."  I don't drink that swill... lol.  
     Again... WHY are people in general so bitchy, crabby, and mean spirited right now-- this time of year??  Some are down right  real mean and nasty!!  I am in a good mood, although bone tired and aching from lifting weights, and using Nautilus machines at the Gym, whirl pool, sauna, and visiting some good old friends, etc.  I get into some great, deep, friendly discussions with guys I've have know for many years, and now we all get together at the Spa and work out/ sweat!  Good for us!!  Woo Woo....LOL!!  But the driving and GRIDLOCK on the road!  Whoosh!   Give me a break, please.

I found out last night that I missed my hound dog so much and thought I heard him moving about at night, and so used to checking where he is and letting him out side to make sure he has the opportunity to 'mark the back yard, and do his thing.'  Now I understand how people get so used to and love their pets!!  I thought that I was different, but come to realize that I am an old 'softie' too.  

So... well, the post below from Krissy Knox shows that for what ever reason, and I don't know the percentages of success-- but her dear hubby is 'cured' or in remission, and I am glad and happy for them-- because they went through hell a few times.  We can all comment and be glad for them too... and it's not that hard or complicated to post a comment on some one's blog, you know, or I hope you know.  Just deal with it!
    Why is it that trained soldiers, especially those who were and are in combat, can figure out ways to IMPROVISE, ADAPT, AND OVERCOME all obstacles---but candy ass, ignorant, sissy civilians are afraid to break a sweat, raise a blister, or push their small, pathetic, rotted out, degenerate pea brain minds more than an inch????  Duh?  What a sorry world of cowards, wimps, lazy, bums, and poor excuses for men, we have here.....shame.  But when combat Veterans come home from war and battle, they get shafted by their own Gov't, VA and dumped on by the public in general.  Why don't they get a LITTLE bit of help retraining or some points to land decent paying jobs and skills, fighting for OUR freedom???  OK, Tommy boy, time to stop beating the 'dead horse.'  Don't make wave, Old Soldier Tom...

Warm Regards,
Tom Schuckman
Disabled Vietnam Veteran: 68-70, and retired Chrysler man:  30.5 years of hard, dangerous work!
Praise the Lord.
Attended Gateway Tech, and MATC [Milwaukee Area Technical College], etc, etc.  
Welder-- turned Writer.

If I could roll back time and still look like this [below], I could probably find more, better quality women, huh?   Just joking, dear friends and readers.  Have a nice, Spring Day!!

hi, you all
writing to let you all i wrote a new blog post. while i don't like to always send out alerts like this, i am doing so bc this is a very, very special post. appointment before last, john's hematologist/ oncologist (blood cancer doctor) told him he was in remission (actually he said "cured" -- although i don't know how he could say that!) from three blood cancers! Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma, MDS (bone marrow cancer), and AML (leukemia). wow. to say john and i are thrilled is an understatement. i wanted to share the great news with my friends, and family and this is the first chance i have had to do so, so please forgive me that it took me a little while. but please come to my blog and read my story. and oh, it will be in a few installments, LOL, as you know how verbose i am! thanks for stopping by if you can!
post: John is in remission from three cancers!
Merry Christmastime  and God bless you,
*If you would like to be removed from any alert lists from me, please email me at Thank you in advance.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Have a little Faith.

Tom's Journal.

Q.   As a somewhat baby Christian there is something I do not understand.  I have read many examples of persons who have spent years in Bible study over a particular topic, and believe they have been led by the Holy Spirit to discern the meaning of the passage.  Yet, another person studies the same passage [...]

At one time I thought I knew a lot about 'The Law' and I still keep the U.S. Constitution on my PC tower of power for quick reference.  But every day it seems like more Bible prophecies are coming to light/ seeing fulfillment, exposed by the light of day for all understanding Believers to see, share, write about, and Blog about!  There are a few great Bible study groups on FaceBook that really dive into, discuss, and share with other interested souls, and make things abundantly clear all the stuff I am talking about today-- and I can and will direct you all to these sites, if you like.  I also just found a great health solutions, herbs place that could really help some of my aches and pains this cold Winter, in Wisconsin!!    My email:
   When I share things like this and uncover the truth, it makes me feel good inside, and I feel certain that I am helping to do the Lord's work.  I cut and pasted an article from the Milwaukee area about a surge in crime and violence-- but is 'season- connected', and it sure seems like there is A LOT of mean spirited, sour, hostility around Christmas time!!  And watch out for people breaking into your cars, robberies and hold ups at this 'CHEERY TIME OF THE YEAR... HO HO HO!  

  I know that I get 'side-tracked' from time to time, but the Holy Spirit gets me back on track to pump out more biblical ideas and reasons to by JOYFUL, THANKFUL, HAPPY, full of Peace, etc., in a time that normally makes people  sour, depressed, mean spirited and nasty.   I even sent an email to one of my many Vietnam Vet friends, Jimmy Hood,  A GREAT HELICOPTER CREW CHIEF/ GUNNER over in 'Nam, expressing this viewpoint today, who lives in the great State of South Carolina, who also sent me a classic KJV study Bible that I left up North with a close friend named, Karen L.  But I fear that her stingy  company is working her to death for mere peanuts, and if she falls down and dies from total exhaustion, they will probably fire her, after she is so sick and cannot be of service to them anymore....  And that is the newest wave in corporate America now days... 'work 'em 'till they drop, and then cart them out on a forklift truck on a wooden pallet, and dump them somewhere, when they need their health insurance the most! Hey--I've seen it all, putting over 30 years in at Chrysler, and then other places too.   And the worthless "welfare mama's" reap all the benefits-- when they COULD/ SHOULD be working, but they found a loop hole that permits them to suck on the public breast where the other 50% still work and provide, because she is probable the 4th generation of welfare recipients-- and please don't get me started on what the Illegal Aliens do too... lol.  We can't continue doing this folks!!!   There is about 6000 years of human history to support this idea, and it's no an opinion, it's fact!  And I just happen to be a history buff, and well studied Bible student, and more!  Of course, friends, I MUST give  all the glory and credit to the Holy Spirit-- for my knowledge and understanding.

I just like helping out hard working folks... IF I can, but I don't mind supporting special loved ones.  Of course, I feel, it's my sacred DUTY, which is also found in the Scriptures, to support our spouses and families and parents.  Some day, and I hope soon, I will have another person to support, care for, love, admire, and pledge my love, heart and service...and that will make Old Soldier Tom very happy, until the Rapture comes.  And why not help to teach someone you care for, more about the Word, The Book, the Bible, when we can plainly see and hear the Master coming??  And that person can teach and share the Gospel with others, and others, all to the glory of God.   I pray that I am NOT counting my chickens befoe they hatch-- too soon, but I also believe that I am doing the right thing by helping a fellow Christian.

I well know that Satan, the devil can and will try hard to throw fear, anxiety, mistrust and panic into the mix, but giving a person new faith, trust, and positive proof of what the Father wants for us, can shield all that negative stuff out, because nothing beats the Holy Spirit.  Remember, Samson, didn't need to work out at the local YMCA to get strong-- it was the Holy Spirit who gave him all that raw power!!  Woo-Woo!  Who can beat us if God is with us??  And it's not a tall, wide leap of faith, brothers and sisters.  Actually, lack of faith is a real sin!  Paul said, [Hebrews 11:1]  "Now, faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen."  I think that we all need to memorize this, so we may share it to others.  And the rest of that 11th chapter of Hebrews is talking about major characters of the Bible doing extraordinary things with/ through Faith.  And Jesus told His followers that they could 'move mountains if only they had Faith-- the size of a mustard seed!'  I feel that IF we are doing the right thing, for the right cause, God will see us through it.  And if it doesn't work out the way we would like it-- probably God didn't want it to happen anyway.  

I AM  man of my word, if it's at all physically,  possible and within reason, because of my [number one:] Faith, but there are also SOME inherent genes involved, the way I was raised, the way I was trained in the Army, combat, and other things.  With 62 years of experience, hard work, schooling, special friends who have taught and mentored me, etc., I pretty much can figure things out and plan what, where, when and how I will do things and accomplish them.  Winners win-- and Losers lose. Unbelievers are losers, IMHO.

Does a spouse or partner really get away with some sin or evil, stealing, cheating, tricking, working ill, hurt or damage unto another person, wife or spouse.  I have been on the receiving end of evil, lying, deceit, abandonment, divorce, etc., and lost just about everything a few times, and managed to rebuild my self, with/ by the Grace of God.   And I have been a great sinner, jerk, and still feel regret, shame, remorse, for many sins that I have committed.  But with genuine repentance, a sinner can turn around, correct, heal, be redeemed, and even get SAVED through the merits of Jesus' ransom blood sacrifice... and just look what King David did to another man's wife, and then he had the husband murdered to boot!!  Yet, he was forgiven, although he paid a huge price for his 'misadventures.'    If we can learn from our mistakes and make the necessary 'adjustments' by learning to serve and please the Lord, we will be happy, joyful and succeed in the long run... and making it to heaven has got to be the BIGGEST Victory a man or woman can achieve!  

I try hard to live by what I say, in this simple, humble Blog, and I am just not "smart" enough to sin, do crime, and get away with it... lol.  So, it makes good sense to me to just 'fall in line' with the Lord's demands,and wise counsel,  and it's not all that bad serving in the Lord's Army.  And we will certainly HAVE more money if we don't drink [get drunk], smoke, gamble and squander on stupid, immoral things of the world. Paul also said, 'having food and shelter, we shall be content.'

I request that all my readers find it in their hearts to pray for me to have wisdom, love, patience, and compassion... and also for a special, dear friend of mine, who is having a lot of physical, emotional, and traumatic challenges right now.  Thank you very much.

Warm Regards,

Posted: 16 Dec 2011 01:55 PM PST
By Joseph Farah WorldNetDaily When the rule of law no longer applies, the rule of men takes over. That certainly seems like what is happening in Washington today as the U.S. Senate puts the finishing touches on a defense reauthorization bill that would allow the military to detain and incarcerate indefinitely without trial or charge American citizens as terrorism suspects, even when