Friday, December 9, 2011

Big UN changes coming in 2012.

Tom's Journal.

This was sent to me by a close friend named Jimmy H., a combat aviation Army Vietnam Veteran, who actually served at Camp BearCat, RVN the same time as me with the 240th AHC-Helicopter outfit... and fellow Christian.  Nothing surprises me now days with the weak jelly-fish type voters out there and all the corrupt, Dems, Liberals types who would love to make our once great country pure Socialist and worse-- but this is foretold in the Bible too!    And several so-called 'lady' friends of mine got upset and trashed me lately because of my out outspokenness/ boldness in exercising my 1st Amendment rights of simply posting what I see is pure truth!!  Oh well, such fair weather friends were kind of unstable in the past-- and they would have left me when things got hard, anyway... lol.  Better they showed their true colors now.  BTW, Socialism is anti-God !  I don't want to mix religion into the mix right now-- but those who support the Gay agenda, abortion, perversion, lying and stealing are sinning big time, and the good Lord will Judge soon.  As long as I have the freedom to speak my piece, I will do just that!  My parents didn't raise any cowards, and I earned my right to enjoy the freedoms outlined in the U.S. Constitution when I did two tours in Vietnam.  Read 'em and weep.

Tom Schuckman 

This is getting RIDICULOUS!!!  We've got to get the US out of the UN and the UN out of the US!!!  I know many of you may not have a whole lot of extra time, but if you have just a couple of minutes, PLEASE call Rosa Ilaena-Lehtinen or Ron Paul at the number(s) listed within the link for the US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations below:
  Ilaena-Lehtinen @ (202) 225-3931
  Paul @ ................ (202) 225-2831

Kind Regards,

This is really important.  Rosa Ilaena-Lehtinen (R-FL) is the Chair for the Foreign Affairs Commission.  Ron Paul is on that Commission too.

In November 2012 –

-       Foreign bureaucrats will appear at your polling station to ensure you adhere to their vision of a ‘fair’ election.

-       Local polling officials who dare to enforce state clean election laws will be subject to lawsuits and arrest.

-       Conservative political speech will be deemed hateful and be suppressed.

-       Just enough voter fraud will be allowed to ensure a second term for Barack Hussein Obama.

This is not a fantasy – next week it will start to become reality.

That’s when a delegation of leftist Obama supporters will meet with the United Nations High Commissioner on Human Rights in Geneva, Switzerland.

And there they will lay the groundwork to ensure the United Nations takes action in time to save Barack Obama.

You see, the Democratic Left is terrified of the new clean election laws being passed across America.

These laws have cleared our voter lists of the dead and the ineligible, require voter identification for everyone and insist that our military be allowed to vote.

And clean elections are the single greatest weapon we have to ensure an honest vote in 2012 and a single term for Barack Obama.

And the Left can’t allow that to happen.

So they will make their case for action to the UN Human Rights Council - an international government origination so biased that even Hillary Clinton has denounced it.

Council members like Saudi Arabia, Cuba, Mexico and China will review your election laws and judge if you measure up to their idea of democracy.

How can we accomplish any of our goals, like repealing health care rationing, securing the borders and balancing our budget if we can’t even control our own elections?

That’s why we need to send a clear message to the UN - stay out of America’s elections and abandon Barack Obama to the judgment of the American people.

I need you to tell the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to send that very message to the United Nations – by any means necessary.

Then I need each of you to forward this e-mail to three other people who agree that American’s elections should not be run by the United Nations.

Please take the next 60 seconds to help keep America’s elections in the hands of Americans. –

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