Saturday, December 3, 2011

Cold and Rainy Saturday.

Tom's Journal.

It's a rainy, cold day in Wisconsin, but I am going to make the most of it, and need to buy some herbs to keep me healthy.  Did you all know that cinnamon is one of the best things for diabetes??  But you will NEVER hear a 'medical doctor' talk about it-- because they, and 'Big Pharma' can't make any money on something so common and herbal!  That's just how corrupt our stupid laws in the USA have become, and have been for a long, greedy time.  

Let me say again... that ACTION IS POWER!  We all used to think that education and knowledge were power, but that's simply not true, because 97% of people just don't succeed in life because they are too afraid of their own shadow to DO something to get what they want!  So, it is my valued, studied opinion that we do our research and study first, and then JUST DO IT!! 

Call me impetuous and aggressive, but when I graduated from high school and wanted college so bad but didn't have the money-- I joined the Army to get an education and it opened the doors to many various fields and endeavors-- and I have many fond memories, skills and close friendships because of my brief tours 'working for the Gov't.'  Where could a young man get an education, travel and experience all paid for by Gov't... lol?  And how many young people can afford to visit Germany and S.E. Asia's tropical paradise, RVN, Thailand and Japan, and at the Gov't's  expense??   Sure, there is a dark side to everything, but you need to make lemonade if all you have is a few lemons.  I have suffered many injuries, heart aches and mishaps in my life, but we could never say it was boring or simple.  Actually, right now, I am enjoying the fruits of my labors and I didn't fare all that badly in the end, having all the basic needs and desires, PLUS... I know that I am going to be with the Lord when I die, and finally understand the real truth of the Bible!!

The truth is:  when we see and hear of all the tragedies  in daily life of violence, crime, untimely deaths and woe, it makes you think of what is coming after death... and eternity is a long time, folks.  Do you want to gamble with something like that??   I don't, and so that is just one more important piece of the puzzle that is already solved for this old soldier Tom.  Kind of like having all your final arrangements and business in good order so you don't have to worry about it.  

I suppose it's time to dress warm and take a nice ride to the 'big city' to do my business and see people-- get the blood circulating and be ACTIVE.  I will certainly watch the Packers game tomorrow and enjoy it.  We are on a roll!  Life is good!

Warm Regards,

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