Thursday, December 8, 2011

Cold Winter-- but Joy is Come.

Tom's Journal.

Great Job, Mr. President Obama!!!  Thanks a lot for making another DUMB decision concerning foreign policy in Egypt ... NOT!!!  You threw our ally, Israel, under the bus, again....  Read the article below:

Posted: 08 Dec 2011 09:12 AM PST
By Bob Maginnis It is almost certain America’s ally Egypt will become an Islamist state if last week’s vote is any indication. President Barack Obama, who supported Egypt’s revolution, had better prepare for a radically different Middle East. An Islamist Egypt, the largest Arab country and a longtime American ally, could turn the Middle East on its head. It will likely
Well, friends and readers,
We can expect the accelerated rush, stress, and pushy, greedy, selfish, "Christmas" cranks to come out of the woodwork from now until that special day...Dec. 25th.  I am in a good, gentle, merry and thankful mood this year, albeit still alone with just my faithful, loyal, companion, Deuce, the Rottweiler dog.  I have everything a guy could want or need, with a stable, realistic, self sustaining mindset and good humor, and dates here and there.  Hope to have a steady girl friend, or more down the road, with SOME LADY, perhaps, still don't know who... lol,   while most of the world goes down that  busy, crowded highway  to hell... lol, as the economy melts down ever more.    I am just so very thankful for everything I have, including enough money/ income to pay down/ pay off my bills, mortgage in an old, but cozy warm house in a one horse town-- trying to think positive.  I will have my dear, passed wife's funeral paid off in two more months.  Boy did the funeral people rip me off, big time, and I could help others avoid that trap and pitfall... just ask me.   All I had to eat today, so far, was two oranges, but I fear that I will probably put on a few more pounds during the holiday season-- and then hit the ground running right afterward, with severe diet and pumping iron, exercise at the Gym.   Man!  I have made some good progress since my June 14th knee surgery, and the Right knee that the Milwaukee VA really carved and messed up last December 6th of last year.  What a hellish nightmare, with even some church members turning against me!!!    Some days I just wake up stiff and sore and don't FEEL like driving to the YMCA Gym for a good work out-- so I must beat myself with a whip to get SOMETHING accomplished, even a light work out.        I cannot forget my personal Bible study and need some kind of routine or regimen again so as to be more organized.  

And then the North Chicago VA will prob want me to go thru a colonoscopy again in Jan., or whatever... and I said that I would comply this time for sure... and get that stuff OVER WITH!!   I just hate more 'invasive procedures' with the distinct possibility of catching/ getting something I didn't bargain for!!  The long, extended line of Vets for 'Travel Pay' at the VA was so long that I just decided to walk, or roll out and home.  I believe that the VA does that crap on purpose-- just so the Veterans become agitated enough to walk off, and then the VA saved a lot of money!  It's an old, sorry, trick-- about cheating the Veterans, and nothing new under the sun.  Ha!  We are fair game and it's always open season on Veterans-- and that is a side issue purpose of my humble blog-- warning and helping other Vets navigate the corrupt, dirty, crooked VA, and informing Vets how to get what is theirs, and survive!  This is a temporary thing on earth, but the BIG PICTURE is:  Salvation and Heaven!!  So I am doing a 2 pronged attack and information web site thingy-- and have a few hundred readers... thank you very much, and it's good therapy for me.  
 When will Mr. President get his just due, for supporting abortion, Anti-2nd Amendment, promoting the Gay agenda, tripling our national debt, etc??  When God judges him and the nation who elected him, and since he and most of the Congress threw  Israel under the bus in 2011 and before-- God will surely recompense.... and that day might be closer than we want to believe.  I feel that we Christians MUST keep that important tether rope tied tight to the Lord in heaven, and read/ study the Word daily [for myself, at least] to stay in touch with the reality of Bible Prophecy.  Personally, I don't have any rave reviews of this upcoming New Year, but for now, I just want to soak in some more good feelings and joy, love, thankfulness of what ever I have to stay afloat and a few toys, means of good transportation in the Winter, etc.   Thank you, Lord God, for sending your only begotten Son, Jesus, to live and die for our sins and salvation!!

And....  a 'lady' named "S", who once claimed that she loved me dearly, got tired of my criticism of the Lefty-Loopy, Liberals, especially her dear Messiah in the WH- obama, and told me today never to contact her again-- largely because of my big mouth and Conservative opinions about the way Liberals are-- destroying our country... and so I will not bother her or send her any more Blog posts, etc.  I guess I ought to just shut up and never talk politics ever again-- but I thought we still had the 1st Amendment in America ... yet.  I grew weary of her finger shaking, 'school marm-ish' scoldings, and she said she met and worked for Obama personally-- and that he was  a rock solid, pure Christian man....  duh.   Yep, and there is a sucker morn every day,  sweetie pie.  I votes for the wrong man two times and lived to regret that too-- so I ought to know how slick the lying Dems and Republicans can be.  Yes, sooner rather than later,  we will all have to show our hand and identify what camp we stand in-- and reap the consequences-- good or bad.  I feel that the so-called "Litmus Test" of politicians must past muster, if they want MY humble vote.  It's Simple:  Where do they stand on a few core issues??  1st and 2nd Amendments and the entire Constitution, Pro-gun, Pro-Life, Pro- Marriage [one man and one woman], Conservative, Pro-real Democracy, No Socialist, Communist, etc.  But Mr. Obama already said clearly what he stood for before he ran for Prez, so people/ voters KNEW what to expect-- no excuses.  Scratch one more Liberal woman-- and what in the heck was I thinking anyway when I met her???   Looks like another dude from IL is going to jail too,  Gov. Blodgoiavich [and I know I am spelling his name wrong... sorry].   And she "S" claims to be a Believer, too, and maybe so.  but it's still hard for me to link a socialist / Liberal with the American Dream of hard work and success-- via half of the population on the welfare roll, while the other half have to support them !!!   If you vote for someone who sanctions and support Gays and perverts-- what do you expect when the perverts and law breakers,  'call in their markers?'   Do we need another lesson in "Chicago politics???"  I live about 30 miles North of Chicago, and I ought to know.

Let the world run around, busy as beavers, pouring out their plastic, fake, counterfeit words and 'Seasons greetings'-- while real Christians share their love and kindness.    I am not so special either, a big old sinner man, but I am well grounded in the Truth of the Bible, and know how to get back to business, sharing what I have and spreading a little good cheer.  More about this latter. 
     For those of us who live in the great North Central USA-- the cold arctic air is moving in... and --
   My beard is starting to grow out now and looking better, IMHO.  Smile!  I think it will be a very cold Winter.


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