Saturday, December 10, 2011

A Cup of Trembling.

Tom's Journal.

Yes,  I should have already been in  bed hours ago... but this stuff caught my eye, and needed to be posted and published immediately.  And I could not just breeze through it either, but it had to be chewed well.  Sorry, but this actually has changed much of my thinking and plans, dear friends!!  I MAY BE WRONG... BUT, too many intelligent sources point to a new time frame [but please, I am NOT trying to fix the 'hour or the day' and we all ought to be ready and serving the Lord all the time, and LIVE OUR FAITH every day that we breathe, right?]: 'The middle of December to the middle of January.'  That COULD be the window of time where a big, hasty war may break out between Israel and Iran, to take Iran's nukes out.  It could also be the time when most or all of Israel's hateful neighbors might make their move against the Holy Land- Israel, with bullets and multiple rockets flying, big time, into Israeli cities.   This, of course will affect the entire world, weather we choose to believe it or not! 

This tells me that:  Instead of romance, I probably ought to be down on my knees praying way past bed time and reading and memorizing the Word... daily.   Well, I hope I don't sound too much like a hypocrite or a  sanctimonious bum/ scum bag, rusty-dusty,  Kook,  willy-nilly,  goof ball, dirt bag, trash eating insect, although I kind of feel like one-- because I don't think I have my 'heart right.'  Sorry to disappoint you all. --- 
      ---"Looking for Love in all the wrong places" an old Country song.....  but the Holy Spirit can fix just about anything, IMHO.    To me, this all boils down to: the up and coming RAPTURE, following right behind that Middle Eastern war Psalms, Isaiah and Ezekiel are talking about-- the one that I was just trying to explain.   Good grief!  I've been banging my drum for so long that when the 'stuff hits the fan'-- it's a surprise to ME !!  Maybe something that's been nagging at me all these past few months is really seeing/ finding it's 'self-fulfillment' in that PERHAPS the reason that I have not found the right woman is because the Lord doesn't WANT me to get involved right now-- as it would 'pull me down' or out of the more serious mindset and preparedness of "Standing Gun Watch"  --in the Army-- 'guard duty' where you must be very sober and have your wits about you!!
   Do you all think that I am reading too much into this article??  If so, please tell me.  Thanks.  On the other hand, holding some one's hand while reading/ studying this stuff might be more exciting and stimulating -- and take the loneliness away in the cold Wisconsin Winter.

I have a great inner fear of 'missing something of great importance'.. "missing a movement" because of something embarrassing happening to me in Vietnam that I simply will not share or mention, ever, but I did not get into trouble for...Ha!  But I have been on time or early ever since then, the rest of my life.  'Once burned-- twice shy.'  Don't be 'Left Behind!'

BTW, I have a copy of Murphy's Law that I printed out available now,next to me, and think I will share  a few of the sayings when I post.  Number 46: "A man can be happy with any woman as long as he doesn't love her."  And, Number 39:  "Never lie down with a woman who's got more troubles than you."

OK, off to bed now.  Please remember to comment-- if you are smart enough, at the end of this post.  Good... fire in the Winter-- Good...

TOM  SCHUCKMAN .... and yes, I am the dog... and Deuce is the master... lol.

Q.  What do you think of the news reports that FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) has recently put out requests for bids on building temporary detention camps in all 50 states.  I heard these camps have to be capable of  housing and feeding from 300-2000 detainees for up to 30 days. A.  I’ve read some [...]
"I am going to make Jerusalem a cup that sends all the surrounding peoples reeling."

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