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Have a little Faith.

Tom's Journal.

Q.   As a somewhat baby Christian there is something I do not understand.  I have read many examples of persons who have spent years in Bible study over a particular topic, and believe they have been led by the Holy Spirit to discern the meaning of the passage.  Yet, another person studies the same passage [...]

At one time I thought I knew a lot about 'The Law' and I still keep the U.S. Constitution on my PC tower of power for quick reference.  But every day it seems like more Bible prophecies are coming to light/ seeing fulfillment, exposed by the light of day for all understanding Believers to see, share, write about, and Blog about!  There are a few great Bible study groups on FaceBook that really dive into, discuss, and share with other interested souls, and make things abundantly clear all the stuff I am talking about today-- and I can and will direct you all to these sites, if you like.  I also just found a great health solutions, herbs place that could really help some of my aches and pains this cold Winter, in Wisconsin!!    My email:
   When I share things like this and uncover the truth, it makes me feel good inside, and I feel certain that I am helping to do the Lord's work.  I cut and pasted an article from the Milwaukee area about a surge in crime and violence-- but is 'season- connected', and it sure seems like there is A LOT of mean spirited, sour, hostility around Christmas time!!  And watch out for people breaking into your cars, robberies and hold ups at this 'CHEERY TIME OF THE YEAR... HO HO HO!  

  I know that I get 'side-tracked' from time to time, but the Holy Spirit gets me back on track to pump out more biblical ideas and reasons to by JOYFUL, THANKFUL, HAPPY, full of Peace, etc., in a time that normally makes people  sour, depressed, mean spirited and nasty.   I even sent an email to one of my many Vietnam Vet friends, Jimmy Hood,  A GREAT HELICOPTER CREW CHIEF/ GUNNER over in 'Nam, expressing this viewpoint today, who lives in the great State of South Carolina, who also sent me a classic KJV study Bible that I left up North with a close friend named, Karen L.  But I fear that her stingy  company is working her to death for mere peanuts, and if she falls down and dies from total exhaustion, they will probably fire her, after she is so sick and cannot be of service to them anymore....  And that is the newest wave in corporate America now days... 'work 'em 'till they drop, and then cart them out on a forklift truck on a wooden pallet, and dump them somewhere, when they need their health insurance the most! Hey--I've seen it all, putting over 30 years in at Chrysler, and then other places too.   And the worthless "welfare mama's" reap all the benefits-- when they COULD/ SHOULD be working, but they found a loop hole that permits them to suck on the public breast where the other 50% still work and provide, because she is probable the 4th generation of welfare recipients-- and please don't get me started on what the Illegal Aliens do too... lol.  We can't continue doing this folks!!!   There is about 6000 years of human history to support this idea, and it's no an opinion, it's fact!  And I just happen to be a history buff, and well studied Bible student, and more!  Of course, friends, I MUST give  all the glory and credit to the Holy Spirit-- for my knowledge and understanding.

I just like helping out hard working folks... IF I can, but I don't mind supporting special loved ones.  Of course, I feel, it's my sacred DUTY, which is also found in the Scriptures, to support our spouses and families and parents.  Some day, and I hope soon, I will have another person to support, care for, love, admire, and pledge my love, heart and service...and that will make Old Soldier Tom very happy, until the Rapture comes.  And why not help to teach someone you care for, more about the Word, The Book, the Bible, when we can plainly see and hear the Master coming??  And that person can teach and share the Gospel with others, and others, all to the glory of God.   I pray that I am NOT counting my chickens befoe they hatch-- too soon, but I also believe that I am doing the right thing by helping a fellow Christian.

I well know that Satan, the devil can and will try hard to throw fear, anxiety, mistrust and panic into the mix, but giving a person new faith, trust, and positive proof of what the Father wants for us, can shield all that negative stuff out, because nothing beats the Holy Spirit.  Remember, Samson, didn't need to work out at the local YMCA to get strong-- it was the Holy Spirit who gave him all that raw power!!  Woo-Woo!  Who can beat us if God is with us??  And it's not a tall, wide leap of faith, brothers and sisters.  Actually, lack of faith is a real sin!  Paul said, [Hebrews 11:1]  "Now, faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen."  I think that we all need to memorize this, so we may share it to others.  And the rest of that 11th chapter of Hebrews is talking about major characters of the Bible doing extraordinary things with/ through Faith.  And Jesus told His followers that they could 'move mountains if only they had Faith-- the size of a mustard seed!'  I feel that IF we are doing the right thing, for the right cause, God will see us through it.  And if it doesn't work out the way we would like it-- probably God didn't want it to happen anyway.  

I AM  man of my word, if it's at all physically,  possible and within reason, because of my [number one:] Faith, but there are also SOME inherent genes involved, the way I was raised, the way I was trained in the Army, combat, and other things.  With 62 years of experience, hard work, schooling, special friends who have taught and mentored me, etc., I pretty much can figure things out and plan what, where, when and how I will do things and accomplish them.  Winners win-- and Losers lose. Unbelievers are losers, IMHO.

Does a spouse or partner really get away with some sin or evil, stealing, cheating, tricking, working ill, hurt or damage unto another person, wife or spouse.  I have been on the receiving end of evil, lying, deceit, abandonment, divorce, etc., and lost just about everything a few times, and managed to rebuild my self, with/ by the Grace of God.   And I have been a great sinner, jerk, and still feel regret, shame, remorse, for many sins that I have committed.  But with genuine repentance, a sinner can turn around, correct, heal, be redeemed, and even get SAVED through the merits of Jesus' ransom blood sacrifice... and just look what King David did to another man's wife, and then he had the husband murdered to boot!!  Yet, he was forgiven, although he paid a huge price for his 'misadventures.'    If we can learn from our mistakes and make the necessary 'adjustments' by learning to serve and please the Lord, we will be happy, joyful and succeed in the long run... and making it to heaven has got to be the BIGGEST Victory a man or woman can achieve!  

I try hard to live by what I say, in this simple, humble Blog, and I am just not "smart" enough to sin, do crime, and get away with it... lol.  So, it makes good sense to me to just 'fall in line' with the Lord's demands,and wise counsel,  and it's not all that bad serving in the Lord's Army.  And we will certainly HAVE more money if we don't drink [get drunk], smoke, gamble and squander on stupid, immoral things of the world. Paul also said, 'having food and shelter, we shall be content.'

I request that all my readers find it in their hearts to pray for me to have wisdom, love, patience, and compassion... and also for a special, dear friend of mine, who is having a lot of physical, emotional, and traumatic challenges right now.  Thank you very much.

Warm Regards,

Posted: 16 Dec 2011 01:55 PM PST
By Joseph Farah WorldNetDaily When the rule of law no longer applies, the rule of men takes over. That certainly seems like what is happening in Washington today as the U.S. Senate puts the finishing touches on a defense reauthorization bill that would allow the military to detain and incarcerate indefinitely without trial or charge American citizens as terrorism suspects, even when

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