Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Israel mum about future attack plans.

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Well, so much has happened to me these last few days, following some long, deep, intense phone conversations with a sweetie named Karen, "Up North" Wisconsin, and she comes from the same great State of Ohio, just like my last, past dear wife,Sharon. Must be something in the water down there that makes the ladies so kind, truthful and full of joy... LOL!  We found out that we matched on many levels and have so much in common, but we will just wait and play things cool, and let nature take it's course.   I am not going to 'count my eggs' this time, just to get hurt and disillusioned again.  But we are both looking for a LTR with the right, Conservative, honest, loving person that enjoys foot and back rubs, and all the other amenities that sprout from a close, Christian relationship.  Please pray for us. Thanks, dear friends, and we will just take things slow.

And.... the mighty Green Bay Packers beat the snot out of their Sunday evening opponents with a big, fat, lopsided score at the end!!!  Woo Woo!   That was too cool, and I enjoyed the game and fame immensely!  And from now on, I intend to watch games like that snuggling up with my girl friend!  She  is tired of spending the holidays alone too!

And, moving on, are we really surprised that Israel doesn't trust obama and his administration...LOL??  After all that has gone down, treating Mr. Netanyahu so rudely on many occasions, as if Benjamin is some toothless little lap dog begging crumbs from obama's table...Ha!  Just remember, that smaller dogs have sharp teeth, and soldiers fight well when their very survival [and that of their families] is at stake.  I love America-- but so many times I am ashamed of our greedy, selfish, arrogant, disingenuous  leadership,  of all 3 branches of Gov't here!  They all stink on ice... sorry!   But, gentlemen and ladies, we can expect things to grow more intense in the 'Last Days'.. according to 2nd Timothy, chapter 3-- the entire chapter, written by the apostle Paul.   Hey, guys, I know well that I sound like a broken record from Happy Days... but I speak with the 'Sword of Truth' in my hand-- the Bible.

And you know, that I still have much to work on-- my pride, but I am praying more lately for the Lord God to 'correct me in His loving kindness [Grace], and NOT in His anger.'  I will be so happy JUST to get into heaven by either Rapture or death..PTL!  Pride is one of my worst enemies, and it also ruins relationships, unless a person knows me very well-- to understand that I am just 'talking baloney' -- if you know what I mean-- just goofing around.  And I just LOVE to teach someone who can give me his or her undivided attention.  It's nice to 'be used' as a 'tool', by the Lord, who has worked on a sinner like me SO LONG, to where I now have some value and worth!  The Bible can also give us the BEST, finest, deepest education, according to 2nd Timothy 3:16!  "All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness."   All of us ought to commit that simple, but powerful/ important scripture to memory, yesterday!  I learned it about 30 some years ago, but now I must re-learn it via the KJB.  So, our intensive learning never really stops-- and especially after we get to heaven.  And BTW...IF you don't honestly KNOW where you are going if you die suddenly, over night, or in some accident tomorrow--- then you are not Saved/  You are NOT fully learned/ the honest, most accurate Truth of the bible!!!  Hey, that disqualifies many "true" religions, IMHO. Jesus died for a specific reason-- for ALL of our sins-- Past, present and future sins.  Now, that doesn't give us license to rape, murder, rob and plunder, or cheat and lie like Congressmen...duh, but we ARE forgiven thru the exclusive merits of Jesus' blood sacrifice.  That is such a real, precious comfort to KNOW that important fact-- and so see the joy on others' faces after you/ we can prove all that using the Bible-- sure proof, is very rewarding.  Now just TRY to top that in the 'do-gooder's' book, or giving a gift to someone.  And the old adage of, "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day -- teach a man HOW TO FISH and you feed him for a life time!"  rings so true and fulfilling!!  When people brag of how much money and food they give to poor, hungry people-- that's fine, but we only live on earth for about 70-90 years old, and then we must face the rest of eternity-- in one place, or another, and why didn't so-called "Christians" have the guts to share the grand hope of the Gospel and Salvation with their fellow man/ their neighbor-- while we still have that Freedom in the USA????  And you better darn well know that our basic Freedoms are slipping away, as the 'man' in the WH gives much more consideration to the Muslim folks than the Christians who really built this country with blood,sweat and tears from the get-go!!   According to Rev. 21:8, God does not look with kindness upon COWARDS!  And if an old farmer and war horse like Tom Schuckman can do it and have great results-- so can anyone who reads this simple, humble Blog post-- and the Word, but not in that order!  
  Have a great day!  Be glad and joyful, my brothers!



Posted: 13 Dec 2011 08:52 AM PST
By Bob Maginnis BobMaginnis.com The Israelis will likely attack Iran’s nuclear weapons facilities, but they won’t alert the U.S. prior to launching that operation for six reasons. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu considers Iran’s acquisition of atomic weapons an “existential” threat to the Jewish nation. Recently, concern about that threat skyrocketed with the release of a

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My friend, Staley, who used to be a pastor and writer, said:

Praise THE LORD my friend. This is an answer to my prayer. Pray that THE LORD will send you the daughter of HIS HE wants you to have. Staley