Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Rude, 'No-Show' Date from Church.

Tom's Journal.

I hope that I can faithfully deliver this post the correct way so as not to have people think I am just a crazy, hot head, or coming apart at the seams... LOL.  I have been dating a few ladies here and there, and that's just what it takes to form an opinion and see if the 'chemistry' is there for further options, closer ties to know someone that is a prospective soul mate, etc.  Now days, with computers and the Internet, that can be a daunting task, and you never quite know what you are going to get in a 'box of chocolates!'  And if you post on your bio/ profile, that you are a Conservative and a Christian, that may well cut your options/ opportunities, chances in HALF, if not more, because I will bet that more than half of the females out there are just the opposite-- Liberal and agnostic, because the vast majority of them cannot defend what they believe in, and have LITTLE knowledge of the Bible, or really don't care!  Hey-- it's the truth!  How do you think obama got into office in our once great America???  He was in the very beginning/ get-go:  anti- Life, Pro-abortion, anti-Gun, anti- marriage between one man and one woman, pro-Illegal Alien, anti-Constitution, anti-small business, Pro- Welfare/ nanny State, Pro-Socialist, and on and on, long before he was elected to the WH- Prez!  How did this happen???  Just remember that the female vote now days is very powerful and strong--and don't the women just love to elect a young, viral, handsome, smooth talking man, with all sorts of wild promises???  Duh... Ha!  And the women and the minorities just ate it all up!  Did Harold Washington get elected to Mayor of Chicago or what, and how did that happen?  Did his administration clean up, repair and fix all the corruption and mess in the Windy City?? NO!  the only thing that changed was that the color of the corruption during his reign was a bit darker, that's all.  In other words,  corruption doesn't have any particular shade of hue, all are sinners on this earth... lol!  Nothing new under the sun, as wise old King Solomon said, in Eccl.

Well, anyway, I was emailing and talking to what seemed like a nice Christian lady who was always super busy, and had so much to do with her relatives getting involved with all the season's good cheer, Thanksgiving, but she PROMISED that she would get back to me-- however she is the kind of female that just seems to 'lose' tract of people, vanish, and then expect you to be waiting there for her when she finally decides to 're-appear' weeks later...Ha!  She recently invited me to visit her church this Sunday, Kenosha, WI., Parkside Baptist church, at 11AM,and so I dressed well; and was early, and when she finally got there, she slapped the top of my head with the church bulletin, and then sat down beside me before it all started and had  a nice, pleasant conversation.  During the service I wrote her a short note asking if she wanted to go out for lunch at a high scale dining place known for the good food, and she said, "YES!"  So, right after the service was over she told me that she needed to take a relative home and would MEET ME there at the Fireside Restaurant shortly there after-- and I said, OK.  I waited for 15 minutes, and entire city is not that big, about 90,000 pop. right on Lake Michigan, nice town, but she didn't show, so I started ordering my food,which was so well prepared and delicious and started eating, then, a half hour later from the conclusion of the church service, but no show-- no phone call-- no nothing!!  I told the hostess what had happened to me, paid for the great meal, and left a healthy tip for the good waitress who took care of me, and left for home.  I was sorely disappointed at a number of things, and decided that from now on, with a history, and keeping a loose record of dates/ things, events and good memory NOT to look for any more "dates" or prospective mates from any church again, because they fail me so often, or are snotty, arrogant, so full of themselves, and sour, with bad manners, that I don't need anymore of that 'dogie pile' stuff in my life!!!

I am having much better success looking in other places, in finding nicer, Conservative, REAL Christian women OUTSIDE of the churches!!  And I THINK I have a few very good leads!  I have met some very nice women who do know their bibles well, and are well mannered, courteous, kind, gentle, TRUTHFUL, who keep their promises and look pretty suitable for soul mate and LTR mates!  Yep!  That is just what I intend to do from now on.  The "lady" named, Beverly, about 63 years old, just loved to brag about how holy and civic minded all her relatives are, in missions, etc., but sorry, I just don't have an micrometer to measure any qualities they might have, and certainly not the 'manners' or lack of them-- that their mommy has.  My dear parents raised me a lot better than that, and all my friends know that I am a well mannered gentleman, well respected and a man of my word!  I have made a lot of sins and mistakes in my past life, but always had good manners.  And I just thought folks in Bev's circles ought to know about their fellow church member and the shameless way that she treats other people.  I feel sorry for the poor man she sets her selfish meat hooks into down the road, and let this, please, be a warning to them.

Once burned, shame on her--- twice burned, shame on ME!  I try hard not to make the same mistake twice... lol, and BTW, her church has a few NIV's in the pews.... and I didn't see many folks carrying Bibles into the auditorium.

Have a great day!

Warm Regards,
Tom Schuckman-- Disabled Vietnam Veteran: 68-70, and retired from Chrysler after 30.5 years. Life is Good!.. and will be even  better for the soul mate that I hope to find soon.   At least, my last marriage to a fine lady from Ohio, Sharon L. Schuckman, turned out to be the best relationship ever, and we loved each other dearly, and lived life to the fullest, with much joy and happiness.


Heli gunner Tom said...

From a new, cute, friend, Karen:

Good morning.

I read your blog, I didn’t think it was bad to scare anyone off. I also looked at the profile of the woman that stood you up. She needs spelling lessons.

I am looking forward to seeing you this afternoon. I have been praying also that things work out. We just have so much in common it seems like good Karma that we have met. I believe that God works in mysterious ways and maybe this is his plan for us. I feel comfortable talking to you and already feel I can tell you anything. I am very anxious about this afternoon.

I don’t have access to email at work so I won’t be able to answer until I get home. Have a great day. Be safe driving up here. See you this afternoon.

Hugs, Karen

Diane J Standiford said...

Well, I am so sorry to hear you were stood up. Dating is always stressful. I know if you don't give up you will find just the right mate! She awaits you. (I will ignore all your lambasting of my many female friends who voted for Obama, and NOT because of the reasons you belive---we will always have to agree to disagree on many things---but not on finding true, lasting love.)