Friday, December 9, 2011

The Senate has sold us out.

Tom's Journal.

Can you put the pieces of the 'puzzle' together NOW???

This has got to be so easy with only the minimum of IQ and basic ability to read your own national language!!  If we can't understand this yet, I will have to draw some 'stick men' with crayons for ya'll.... lol.  All kidding aside, honestly, I even learned some 'new stuff' and will start reading the Bible more these days, and am starting to think that God is trying to tell ME something important lately.  I suppose that I have been chasing after the wrong, selfish thing-- hampered by my loneliness and depression these past few months-- and of course the devil has been super active too, tempting me and everyone else.   I am beginning to think that there just are no honest, real Christian women out there to be had... and any kind of relationship one way or another would be very short lived--given what we know now with the near future "On Guard" and planning for War!    Time to hit the prayer rug now!   I am getting that strange, uneasy feeling, starting to think that no matter what I do-- things will not go my way, or God would have granted my wish by now-- and I have been trying so hard to improve myself in every way!!  We just cannot fight against God's will-- just like Jonah running away to Spain when the Lord directed him to Syria to warn the folks there to repent.  A big fish swallowed him and then spit him out on dry Jonah had to eventually comply with God's directive anyway... lol.  
   I may just have to change course again and turn my ship about or I may just be running in circles, wasting my time, effort, blood, sweat and tears.  I hope I have not burned too many bridges-- but it's my nature to do just that...oh boy.  
    'Do not put your trust in nobles or the son of earthling  man...'  After reading this report down below by someone I very much trust-- it seems like there is  nothing we [and I] can do to save ourselves from the big blow out/ storm that is coming our way!!  So it looks like my feelings of 'safe harbor,' well being, and planning, are not so great either, after all, and my total future rests in/ with  God Almighty.  I was going to give God the credit...  but I won't be that well off either.  Shame on my foolish pride, even for a heart beat.  I am nothing more than 'dust in the wind.'  And the vixens 'use' me all the more... so who really is the 'hunted??'

I feel that this post is very important.  A word to the wise should be sufficient.  The Senate has totally sold us out!!!  Read 'em and weep!

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Posted: 09 Dec 2011 09:12 AM PST
By Hal Lindsey The Hal Lindsey Report Do you remember how I've often told you that the march toward the rise of the Antichrist will mostly be slow, but inexorable? Remember, too, how I've said that each new development that paves the way in the end times scenario will seem imminently logical, rational, even necessary at the moment? In other words, conditions on the ground will make the

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