Sunday, December 4, 2011

Some Churches Mislead.

Tom's Journal.

The book called, "CRISIS OF CONSCIENCE" was written by one of the Governing body elders of the Jehovah's Witnesses organization...  who broke away from that cult--'church of the poisoned mind' years ago.  Like the Mormons they twist and truncate the scriptures to suit their own misguided agendas, write their own version of the Bible--corrupted big time,  ruling over their people from cradle to grave.  There are a higher percentage of suicides in the JW-cult ranks, and especially around Christmas time.  They ARE right and correct about SOME things, but dead wrong on the most important things, especially the deity of Christ, the Trinity, the 144,000 people that THEY say are the only humans going to heaven-- ruling over the 2nd class folks who will live on  a paradise earth after the great Trib.  I ought to know because I got sucked into that killer cult after I got home from Vietnam when I was emotionally upset, suffering from PTSD, and most vulnerable!  I was a respected deacon in their cult and many claimed I could have qualified to be elder.  To make a long story short-- I didn't see some things/ teachings their way and asked too many questions, and I exited that club and worked/ prayed/ studied the Bible with a fury, so that I know now the real truth as only the Holy Spirit can teach/ help a person understand the true version of the Bible.  I highly recommend the:  Old Scofield Study Bible, and the DEFINED King James Bible.  And if people have enough money to smoke, drink and go out to eat-- they surely can afford a inexpensive copy of God's Word !!!   And friends,  it's like everything else in the world of mankind... you get out of something what you put into something.  If you only want to glean the mere child-like basics of the Bible, fine!  But if you really want to learn the real truth the way God wants you too-- just get with the program and set aside a personal, private hour of quiet study EVERY DAY!  Duh....This is not rocket science-- and anyone who went to school and college knows how to study--I hope.

The reason I mention this stuff tonight is because some of my friends have been approached by the roaming JW's and hand out appealing books that will certain trick and misguided, and "New Christians" into questioning what they should be knowing regarding the Bible.  And part of the big tragedy and fault can be blamed on the churches for watering down the Gospel!  Shame!  They can bear some major culpability for sending many people to hell.

My opinion is that: because so many churches dropping the ball and not teaching about real sin and what the Bible says about it -- and even preaching a FALSE  Gospel, it might be better to just read and study the Bible privately-- but having a smart, Spirit-filled friend helping you study, may be better than sitting in a wayward church that tells a bunch of fairy tales and lies!  Pray to God for direction and He will lead you to the proper place for worship and gathering/ fellowship. Or email me:  - and I will try to help and direct you. 

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Back to the Packer game.

 Try hard as I may, if I can ever getting a good diet going that works for me... I still doubt that I will ever look like this again.  But then, I am not that shallow or deluded as to think that good looks and a great body will get me into heaven.....duh.. lol.   And I know many pretty people who are poor and unhappy.  Heaven should be our real home.

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