Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Tongue.

Tom's Journal.

Here is a quick post before bed... and I must say that the Book of James has much to say about the "tongue" and how destructive in can be... James 3:6 says,  "And the tongue is a fire, a world of iniquity:  so is the tongue  among our members, that it defileth the whole body, and setteth on fire the course of nature;  and it is set on fire of hell." ~KJV.   --But there is so much more in that 3rd chapter about the tongue!  I am sharing this because I know that I am  gifted in tongue, words, verbal aptitude, and consider myself a sort of 'word-smith' and always loved  looking up new and old words I didn't/  don't understand yet-- and used to read the dictionary for fun!  BUT, I have also hurt and beat myself so many times for using the wrong word at the wrong time!!  And as my words can surely heal many-- they can also tear down and murder.... and how sad.   In fact, knowledge of how and when to use the RIGHT word at the RIGHT time is so important.  And perhaps there are times when we need to hold our tongues even when telling the truth-- if we don't NEED to hurt some one's feelings, at times.  This is my personal opinion in the last sentence here.    Because there are times when we MUST tell the truth even though it will hurt some body, like in a court of law-- but that is really a topic for another day.   It takes wisdom to know the difference.  

I found that lately I put my foot in my mouth at the WRONG time, and now I am trying hard to make amends... and I PROMISED myself and prayed that I gain more wisdom in this area-- but sure as shoot-- I am not there yet-- so please forgive me dear brothers and sisters, and already wounded and prob spoiled a new relationship, but will not name anyone-- except that they don't live in WI, and it's prob not the one YOU think-- lol, because I will not email this post to her.  I feel bad enough about my many sins and transgressions and they have cost me some important, valuable relationships in the past, and I guess either the parties, men and women just could not forgive me-- or they used it as a means to dump me.  But...[hint] most combat Vet's don't take me wrong because we speak a shared fool proof brand of military English that can only be taken one way... lol, and there are few mistakes because mistakes cost lives in the field of honor-- war and combat.

But now, if we don't know when to speak at the proper time, because of fear of men, or whatever, we also sin and fall short, and the Lord doesn't like cowards either, if  you look at Rev. 21:8.  And I know that the devil is using this time of my loss and misery running me around like a silly, wild ass [duh-- that's an animal, folks]  and acting like a jerk [duh... that IS a man.. lol], but scripture tells me that He will NOT forsake me, and you will read below in the posted fine articles I borrowed for today.  And if you read that other article about 'Is the Catholic church a Cult.'  -- just my having enough courage to publish/ post this will make me a very hated man by those who don't want to learn what the Scriptures actually say!!  I had a short talk with a woman from OH this evening who showed me her complete ignorance by saying that she didn't even own a Bible --didn't ever read it to any extent, but needed the money "so bad" that she sold the last and only one she had in a yard sale! [Folks-- you NEVER sell your last and only SWORD, or your best, sharpest knife!!]   But what really tripped my trigger was that her ex-hubby,  a Vietnam Vet, was a jerk, abuser, and a drug user-- so she automatically assumed that we ALL  were, me included!!  Wow!  She didn't sound very bright and I had to slow down my speech to 'baby talk'... so I cut that female loose.. sorry, I wouldn't take her to a dog show, because the Judges might not know the difference...  I just don't have the will or patience to teach 2nd grade English to those types... sorry again.  I also learned, again, that it's also stupid to judge a woman by her looks!!  Many times the most sexy, and attractive women are the worst ,most selfish, greedy, egocentric,  destructive dogs who will make the rest of your life miserable!  And I think there is something to that song... about 'marrying an ugly woman'... and being happy the rest of your life... lol.  

I just might write a banner to be taped onto my Bible,saying:  "Read the Directions First!"   And that just might aid and save me from some future goof ups.  

Bless my new friends, Terry Lynn, in KY, and Lisa, the good Italian cook, in IL, and many others who read my humble Blog and FC page.  Please continue to pray for me, friends.

Warm Regards,
Tommy  -- and here is me at age 19, at my first duty station, Cu Chi, Vietnam, in early 1968!!


Enticed Into A Cult

Q.  What would become of people who were brought up in a Bible believing church but were enticed to join some cultist organizations who only pick few chapters and back up their beliefs by brainwashing methods? Can the poor people be blamed for being led wrongly?

A.  If the people were saved in the Bible believing Church, the Lord will go after them and bring them back as a shepherd goes after his sheep when they wander off (Luke 15:3-7).  Sometime before they die or before the rapture all believers who have gone astray will come back because the Lord promised His father He would lose none of those He’s been given (John 6:39-40).
If they rejected the way to salvation in the Bible believing Church and left without being saved, then they’re not part of the Lord’s flock and are fair game for the cults. This doesn’t mean they’re automatically condemned to hell.  It only means they’re not under the Lord’s protection.  They can still can ask for and receive salvation at any time in their life. All they have to do is believe they’re a sinner and that Jesus died for their sins.  Then as soon as they ask Him to save them, He will (Matt. 7:7-8). Once they do that they’ll be His forever, just like the rest of us.

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