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Jewish People.

Tom's Journal.

I have found out long ago, and other pastors have also said: Read and Study the Bible earnestly, zealously on a regular basis-- even if it doesn't always make sense to you at the time. Latter on, EVERYTHING will "come together" and make sense! Two important points I want to make are: It's just like anything and everything else-- you will retain and understand a subject or book, as much as you PUT IN to reading it. I can only relate to my very active life of getting 'into' so many things all my life, from young until right now, that somethings were hard for me to grasp and completely foreign to me, like Blue Print Reading for Welders that I HAD TO TAKE in college-- strange welding symbols, etc. It was all 'GREEK' to me! I had a great Blue Print instructor at Gateway Tech college [and also one at MATC] who told me that his own son had to read/ study and re-study material up to eight times before it finally sunk into his head!! And then a few years latter, when I took a job/ change of study/ course... I flunked that long, hard Federal Exam for Investments and Securities [6 and 66], the first time that -- and it cost me $75 at the time, back in 1995, so I said to myself: 'self'.... You WILL pass that exam the 2nd time because it's just that important to moving up the ladder with PFS, as I was already a District Leader with about a dozen 'down line' people under me! So I figured that I would MEMORIZE all the study material if I had to... lol, and I did pass it the 2nd time. Yes, I had to change my course in life a few times just to survive and pay my bills, and that was hard too. Many unemployed people now days refuse to do that-- but I say that there will someday be an end to their "free lunch" and Gov't entitlements. I was in the same boat, so I can and will tell the truth about it.

For the most part, we are lazy people-- not wanting to leave our 'COMFORT ZONE.'
For that same reason, many will perish AFTER the Rapture because they just didn't MAKE TIME or move out of their 'Comfort Zone' long enough to seek the Lord Jesus Christ, and learn God's Word-- the Bible.
But what does it matter if it's easy or hard?? Getting to heaven has got to be the most important thing in a person's life-- at least in MY life! And it's not about 'being good' so much as it is about accepting Christ as our personal Savior! But after a person REALLY, TRULY takes that first all important step-- he / she will WANT to know God better and learn all about Him. I hope that makes sense. Most of my readers already know this-- but perhaps a new person needs to know this info.

I just may have to drive to the Milwaukee VA [Veterans Administration Medical Center--- VAMC] tomorrow and plead my case to the Patient Advocate and the Administrator, etc., unfortunately, because they have not got my medication right yet, but I don't have the good Bibles that I like to carry with me on my power scooter and person, to give away to interested people right now-- I am out. ... so I will take some bible tracts if I can remember. The 'fruit-age of my lips'
[my ability to just share the Gospel] because I know it that well, and the HOLY SPIRIT will help me say what needs to get said, of course. I often use the analogy... 'You can't with draw money from your bank UNLESS YOU PUT MONEY INTO THE BANK PRIOR!' Same with Bible knowledge. You have to know what you are talking about and put it in an understandable format and be serious, respectful. I feel that a "new Christian" can be just about be polished and steady enough to share the Gospel in about 6 months, but others may want to share the Good News right after they first learn it ! If a person found a cure for diabetes or cancer, would he/ she not want to share it with others?? Well then, how about eternal life in heaven-- versus pain in Hell forever ??

Time to let the dog out, and then go to bed.

Warm Regards,
Tom Schuckman

What’s Ahead For The Jewish People


Q. Revelation talks about the 144,000 remnant of Jews left at the end. Do you know the current population of Jews in Israel? My understanding was that God miraculously saves them in these next few years. However, it recently dawned on me, & I started crying when I realized that it appears more and more [...]

More Truth comes out.

Tom's Journal.

Well, Folks and Friends,
I have been deliberately holding back most of the truth about my one week stay at the Milwaukee VA after having total right knee replacement surgery on Dec. 6th, and while there --I have heard many positive encounters of other Vet's getting the same thing and have seen a few amputees as well. But then there is a darker side too. It's a long story, and let me tell you that many Vets are afraid to tell their REAL stories for fear that they might lose some of their benefits/ and service-connected disability ratings..., etc., sorry to say. I kept a short general diary while there after my surgery on Dec. 6th, 2010, but remember that I was heavily medicated for extreme pain, and now kind of wish I never went through with the surgery to start with-- except my old PCP 'Nurse Practitioner' kept prodding me to do it... For the most part, most of the VA staff treated me OK, including most of the PT people and I know how important their jobs were to get me moving and exercising, so I wouldn't lose mobility. But the PT woman I had kicked, knocked and whacked me 6 times in ONE DAY, and I brought that to her attention before she was more observant, and yes, I do have her full name [CO].

Fact is: the VA staff never once assisted me in bathing, and I just could not take a shower for fear of falling down- and pain-- NO ONE EVER HELPED ME CLEAN MYSELF ONCE! There may have been relatively "clean beds" but the fat man in it [me] was dirty and sweaty! I especially had a hard time with the 3rd shift where 3 black RN's gave me a hard time, and YES, they were actually RACIST and mean to me, refusing to touch or help me in any way. They even called the VA cops on me who barged in on me at 0600 hours, I believe on Thursday morning, who took the RN's side because I had a camera on a "Gov't facility." Those same RN's refused to give me even their FIRST names, and called the VA police because they didn't have any real ammunition/ dirt on me, except that throw away camera that they said I tried to snap shots of the staff! I was FASTING from all food, but drank lots of water for personal and health reasons. One reason was: If I had to defaecate, just who in the heck would clean me??? After I transferred to KMH [Kenosha Memorial Hospital] they treated me like a prince and washed/ cleaned me often! Friends... lol, get ready for obama-care, because many of us fear that it will be like the VA care, and most of Americans will be very shocked when they get it.

The doctors and staff PROMISED ME that I would have ample pain medication to begin the future weeks of Rehab, and at home-- where ever I went, but that was all messed up and never happened, for a multitude of reasons. The orders between KMH and the VA got all goofed up [and I want to "protect" some folks at the VA-- for a while] but the bottom line was that I only got a small amount of my pain meds-- and those were PRE- SURGERY LEVELS, when I was still having MAJOR PAIN issues! Flash! Some folks just don't heal as fast as other folks... hello! I lost 45 pounds in the 2 weeks following my surgery, as that KMH nurses scaled me up there. I must also thank the 1st shift at that fine facility, on the 7th floor, in Kenosha, WI., but especially, CNA Joan Lang, and RN Patti Presterl, for their uncommon kindness and professionalism. The head lady of Rehab too, and others. The doctor in charge of me was good too, but the foul up from the VA concerning my meds amounted to less than half of the normal PRE-SURGERY level, with much suffering ever since, up until right now as I am O.U.T., and home! NEVER HAVE ANY SURGERY DONE AROUND ANY HOLIDAY!! Because the VA folks vanish half a day early until it's time to come back to work-- and the Pharmacy locks up tight during that time too! So, for instance, the Friday before New Years Eve to Jan. 3rd, the poor Veterans are SOL.

Right now
I am just sick and out of my head with pain, but maybe the VA figures that the Vets can just 'take the pain' -- lol. I have called and written my Congressman a few times but the VA Pharmacy is so skilled into manipulating things and sweeping the real truth under the rug.... sorry. I intend to step on many toes in the morning, and even though I am not well enough to drive yet-- I just may have to drive the 30 miles to the Milwaukee VA and take that chance if things can't be worked out over the phone. Upon the time of the surgery, my power scooter and PC were in-op'/ broke, and had a hard time depending on some "friends" around my small town. I am not going to cry too much, because after I retired from Chrysler I wanted to buy a small house closer to my legally blind mom-- but my own health went down hill these past 7 years. As I can barely walk/ hobble to the bath room now, even after 4 weeks of Rehab and 'healing' I can't possibly think about moving some where else-- and my wife is in the Woodstock Nursing home in Kenosha, WI., where she continues to be harassed by a toady small supervisor name, David Maxwell, but we shall surely take care of that situation in the morning too!

Because I am Christian, I bear no malice, hatred, or ill will against the Milwaukee VA hosp., and I know that they do many wonderful things for the Veterans... but I can't just sit still while they continue to give me substandard care, or lack of it. Some folks tell me that my recovery may last many months-- and if so, how will I manage with insufficient pain management and meds, and their 'sink or swim policy??'
Well, now my PC printer is in-op, but I will be sending a few copies of this post to various other agencies, for sure. I am not trying to demonize the VA, but I just want to make sure that all my Vet friends and their spouses know the truth and what to expect. I wish the Rapture would come tonight. The Lord will take care of EVERYTHING.

The Temporal Delusion - Part 3

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By T. A. McMahon The Berean Call Therefore we ought to give the more earnest heed to the things which we have heard, lest at any time we should let them slip [away]. - Hebrews 2:1The importance of knowing what the Bible teaches and making sure that our thoughts and actions conform to God's Word is underscored by warnings given throughout the New Testament. Consider 2 Timothy 4:3-5: For the time

Warm Regards,
Tom Schuckman
Disabled Vietnam Veteran: 68-70
Jesus is my Lord and Savior.