Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Decision Making.

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I am so proud and BLESSED to have a few good, close Christian friends who are BRAVE enough to stick to the Word-- the Bible, no matter who it may "offend"!!
The following comment/ statement of TRUTH really hit me between the eyes and in the heart-- and I just had to share it with all my readers. The fine preacher's name is: Staley, and I love and respect him as one of my main mentors and brothers in Christ.

It's going to take all of my 'word smith' skills to explain exactly how I feel about my 'brotherhood' of Arms/ Combat, and allegiance to the country of my birth. I LOVE AMERICA, and believe at one time, God did bless this magnificent land of plenty and wealth. I also love and study the U.S. Constitution and read it often. I spent 2 years in Vietnam, as many of you already know, and half a year in Germany prior to that, and served with some of the finest soldiers I've ever known, and still keep in contact with many of them. We have a special, firm brotherhood that will last until we die.... and that is just the POINT I will try to make--- to death do we part [and that goes for my spouse too, or course], and it may stop right there for many of my Veteran brethren! The Point is that brave, courageous men and women who have fought well, but eventually die-- either in combat or at home may NOT go to heaven. That is a different, complete subject that MUST be addressed, and NOW! The Bible, written on a 5th grade level, is very clear on the subject about going to heaven. You 'must be Saved by the Holy Spirit, and ACCEPT THE LORD JESUS CHRIST into your heart [forever] -- to get to heaven!' Period! A real Christian [no matter what age, what education level, etc] WILL have the biblical knowledge of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and try to change his/ her life around, for the better, when he gets SAVED!

The fact is that having served in the Armed Forces/ and Combat has NO bearing on the different subject of actually getting Saved, and going to Heaven! They are two different entities-- two different animals, if you will. You all must know the difference and think accordingly. I can throw all kinds of scripture at you, and will latter, but this is the Bible truth of the matter.

So... what is more important in life?? Being in some special "club" of honor and achievement --- or going to heaven forever with the Lord, who has never broke a promise?? Duh.... Do you really have to think about this long? BTW, Soldiers of Christ in heaven may be called on to fight the 'King's Wars' in the near future, as we consider the book of Revelation, and other scriptures. Just who do you love more, Jesus, or your failing, melting country [and I don't care which country you are in] that has forsaken God's Will and commands, winking at big time abortion, greed, corruption, the Gay agenda --EVEN NOW IN THE U.S. MILITARY, perversions, etc??

All real, biblical Christians must ask themselves this question and stand on one side or the other-- and soon! Prayer and Bible study are the most important things you can do now for strength and decision making... dear friends and brother/ sisters.

I had to drive myself to the Milwaukee VAMC earlier today to meet with my "new" male doctor... and he pretty much expected me to be 100% healed up and thinking about my OTHER knee replacement surgery...Ha! I need to buy some chest waders [for fishing] just to stay above all the Bull Jack of the goofy VA, seriously. I just can't wait until the Rapture, and I am ready right now. Thank you all for all your prayers and well wishes.

Warm Regards,

Tom Schuckman


How true! How true Bro. Tom,
Thank GOD for every person who has put their lives on the line or given their lives to preserve and protect our freedoms and NATION. However while preaching many funerals of fallen soldiers and veterans during my 53 years of ministry I have made many enemies because I always reminded those who gathered that giving their lives for their country could not get them into Heaven. The only way into Heaven was and is to heed The Holy Spirit's reproving of sin, righteousness and judgment to come and repent of your sin and ask JESUS to save you. It was and is so surprising to find how many people disagree with this truth. By saying this I do not and did not wish to demean how great a sacrifice one has made to all of us to have served in the armed forces.
My Father in Heaven I ask YOU to bless all of these who have served in this manor and please precious Holy Spirit continue to draw those who do not have YOU dwelling in their hearts. I also ask that YOU bless this noble servant of his NATION and YOU as well as his wife Sharron. Thank YOU my JESUS for being mindful of us as unworthy as some of us are. In YOUR name JESUS I pray. Amen