Friday, January 14, 2011

30 Crashes in Milwaukee.

Tom's Journal.

I can't believe all those accidents were in WISCONSIN, of all places!! Our people ought to know better about Winter road conditions. Pity.

I actually drove to Milwaukee VAMC- Dental today about 12 noon, and the roads were good, but I drove the speed limit [my New Year's commitment/ promise]. When I got to the 8th flood ahead of time and waited-- finally I went back to the front desk/ nurse's island and reminded them about my appointment. They soon took a bunch of x-rays of my teeth. Then the "doctor/ dentist" lady was too consumed with others to help my nurse who had a question-- so after being abandoned I made another appointment a few months from now--- because the staff there didn't have all their ducks in a row... lol. Point: After knee replacement surgery it is S.O.P. [standard operating procedure] to give anti-biotics to that patient one hour BEFORE they work on him-- even if it's 'just a cleaning.' I told the staff that I 'should have called them up prior, to hold their hands and remind them of my medicine protocol before dental work.....Ha! They didn't take offense... because I said it in a nice way. But the world knows that they couldn't find their 'glutious maximus' if they used both hands!! Oh well, it's just hard to get good hired help these days... Perish the thought that the Ortho / Joint clinic couldn't even communicate to the dental clinic after more than a MONTH about my surgery status! So I just left and collected my $18.90 travel pay and went home and take care of my dog--- who seems to have more intelligence that many folks I know at the VA.... sorry. At least I gassed up my truck, but it was a wasted trip, IMHO.

Friends, I have to tell you that this sort of non-sense happens more often than NOT at the VA! But they expect the Veterans to have everything in order and be on time, of course, and I have seen Veterans turned away when they were ONE MINUTE LATE, in the old days! And when they always tell me that they are running behind--- it's like a sick joke-- because that is ALWAYS the case! It seems like they have developed a sick, complicated system with lots of paper work to confuse the Vet, but we learn their process.

Before I went to Milwaukee, my PT guy, Erwin Lim, came over to run me around and exercise and stretch my leg. Next week will be his last week--- and I was reading the Bible to him again today to prove a few points... as he likes to take scriptures out of context. I like and enjoy his visits-- but I honestly think that he doesn't have the Holy Spirit, or he would "see the light of the Bible." When some one misapplies the scriptures, it's best to read the surrounding text to get the complete flavor of what the
Bible writer is saying.... and then knowing the Greek would be nice too. I keep telling him that IF he can prove and show me something in the Bible-- I will buy it! But I think he mixes up "traditions of the Catholic church" with the scriptures, and that's no good. But these little meetings with Erwin 'sharpen me up' like a file does a good knife. And who knows that Erwin might "click" down the road. He has taught me a lot about medicine and where/ how he grew up in the Philippines, and we both love history. He is always on me for eating the "wrong foods," as he found some hamburger wrappers on the floor of my truck-- when I asked him to bring some left groceries inside this morning. He is very observant and nothing slips by his eyes. Relationships like this sure do enrich my life... and praise the Lord.

Drive Safe!


Friday, January 14, 2011

At Least 30 Crashes on Freeways During Morning Commute

Drivers taking I-43, I-94 and 894 in Milwaukee and Waukesha Counties have encountered at least 30 crashes over a two-hour period early Friday morning. More