Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thursday and slippery.

Tom's Journal.

I was going to cut and paste something about Rick Warren's spreading the 'Great Apostasy' on this post but failed... We can only measure things with the light of the Scriptures and the Holy Spirit aiding us, IMO. That is the final test when we read from the book of Hebrews 4:12 'for the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any two edged sword....'. I have heard that Rick Warren's organization touches half a million churches in one way or another-- with deadly 'New Age' influence, but short of scripture and Gospel. Pity-- but that seems to be foretold in Timothy, 'Last Days' prophecy, etc.

I had a long day at the Dodge repair shop/ dealership in Antioch, IL today, waiting for 4 hours and they still didn't get it all fixed for lack of parts that they must now order. The 'engine light' would not go off and so I thought I ought to have it checked out by the 'experts' who sold it to me in late '07. A sensor was out which made the truck run rough and not burning the gas efficiently, but after they changed that-- the light still wouldn't go off, so they determined that the "brain box" was bad-- that is the computer that runs the whole truck system. They charged me $173. after that 4 hour stint, but I got to talk to many nice, intelligent guys in the waiting area and many shook my hand as they left when their auto was done/ serviced/ repaired. I even got to share the Gospel a bit with one guy who was seeking employment there! The brain box would normally cost me $1000, but it's still under warranty, and they will call me in a few days when it arrives.

The roads were snowy and very slick in the morning, and the 'flat landers' in IL love to drive super slow, afaid of the snow-- but I put the Ram in 4 by 4 drive and did better time, passing a few slower people. After that I was so hungry and figured I needed something hot to eat, so I bought more Popeye's chicken and biscuits, with some red beans and rice, etc. i didn't eat all day until about 2:30 PM, and my morning meds were setting on an empy stomach. I shared some of the bones that still had some meat on with my hound dog-- even though he had plenty of his own dog food and water at home. One smart man I knew long ago told me that the ONLY bone/ tendon I need to remove so my animal won't choke is that small one attached to the leg/ drumstick, and so I always do, and I have never had any problem. I love my hound and would never give him anything that would hurt him!

The antibiotics the docs at the VA just prescribed last week are making the red lines on my knee incision and my face heal up-- so they must have had more than a suspicion/ hunch about possible infection-- and that's the very last thing I need-- and even my PT guy thought so too.

I just can't figure out why I am so tired every day of the week unless I'm not eating right-- balanced meals. My son, Andy, was over the other day -- steamed some fresh carrots and broccoli, and I ate it without any seasoning-- just as it came hot from the cooking pot-- good, and I love all veggies. I have to meter/ take only the right amount of my daily meds-- or else I run out before the VA can Fed Ex me more each month, and you can NEVER argue with their infinite wisdom.... lol. Even when I catch them in a lie-- they are STILL right!
Well, at least I didn't gain any more pounds when I scaled up at the KMH pulmonary specialist 2 days ago... and if I can whip myself away from my fav. Welches' Grape soda pop and start drinking fresh lemon flavored water again-- I know that I could lose more weight. I don't mind drinking cold water any way, but jumping up and down to refill my glass makes me sore, as I have a long way to heal yet. I may join the local health club in a month or so when the snow stops falling.

I fear that Sharon is spending most of the extra money I give her on junk foods like Twinkies, chips, etc and soda [Coke isn't all that good for diabetics either] from the machines at the nursing home, and I notice that her mid section is growing large again. Part of me feels sorry for her-- but the other part of me knows that I am enabling her to mess up her diabetes, etc. And then she gets dizzy and falls down to break more bones and bleed all over. I don't mind buying her fresh fruits, etc., but she always was a very picky eater, and hates most veggies. Like when ever I give her a $50 bill, it seems to evaporate over night. She orders out for pizza, etc., during a big football game in the mess hall with her friends, and that's OK, but the junk foods are hurting her. This month is a bit tight for me with all the extra repairs and expenses, bills, so I am holding my breath until payday-- the 1st. When Andy comes over to help and visit me, I always give him at least $20 for gasoline, but now days that doesn't go far in filling his tank @ $3.08/ gallon. It hurts me to think that all I am is a 'sugar daddy' but I am certainly not rich.

I met an Army Captain who was also a Huey helicopter pilot in Vietnam today at the repair shop, and he told me that I could get some specially cut/ tailored shoes that would help take the pain out of my feet and back! I will check that out too-- soon. I had back problems shortly after I hurt it at AMC --American Motors Corps in Kenosha, WI, hyper-extending my back leaning over a stock box, etc. A neuro-surgeon told me ack then in the early 1970's to get into a life style of exercise so I choose weight lifting and that pretty much cured it until that last few years before I retired from Chrysler in 2002, at the tender age of 54. At that time after over 30 years of hard labor there-- wasn't much left of my once strong body... lol. We work hard all our lives and dream the dreams of a restful, productive, fun retirement-- only to sit in a comfortable chair with a destroyed body...Ha! I used to hunt, fish, power lift, drive my motorcycle, do carpentry and welding-- but I made the transition to writing, blogging, and more intensive Bible study and reading. Yet we all know that many in the world have it much worse than us.
But Thank You, Lord, for giving us the means to live a productive life, pay our bills, and raise our families not in poverty. Give us neither poverty nor riches, Lord. Heaven is our home-- and this earth is a temporary abode --so let us make the best of it-- and share the Gospel with all we can, for time is short.

Warm Regards,
Tom Schuckman