Friday, January 28, 2011

Restful Friday.

Tom's Journal.

I am sorry that I misjudged my wife in her failure to respond to my many phone calls and email messages. She claims that her phone is not working right and the Internet service at the nursing home is out of order-- and they are slow to correct the problems....$$. That sounds about right for that caliber of nursing home-- and Woodstock always did have a bad reputation...

I picked up Sharon early this morning and took her out for a good breakfast at Mullberries on Main Street, of Union Grove, and the "country skillet" did me a lot of good too to start my day of right for a change. I left the older lady waitress a good tip because she takes care of us so much better than the 'younger girls' and the food is great. So then my wife and I went home to relax and just talk and visit, and she got more of her Winter clothes. I call it her R and R, away from the 'institutional life style.' They moved her up to Room 256B, 2nd floor at Woodstock nuring home in Kenosha, WI. She claims that the staff takes better care of her up there-- all around. So that makes my mind at ease too and I don't have to worry so much.

OK, Guys! Spring time can come any time after the Super Bowl !! It kills me when people say that we've got another 2 months of Winter! March can be milder, you Of course I realize that friends in my age group at starting to 'break down', need surgery, get sick more often, but this year seems to max out with my friends going to the hospital for some reason. I know we all been praying more often too and the Holy Spirit will support us and see us though things. Remember that DEATH is nothing more than the Gateway to everlasting life with God in Heaven, how ever we pass on-- it's all the end result-- eternity in one place or the other. Why are so many people just too proud to accept the Lord, or just so complacent and lazy?? Real Christians can have a super good time too-- and still love the Lord! When we quit drinking to excess, smoking, drugging, stealing and cheating-- we ought to be more happy in the Lord, and He truly blesses us! I have know too many folks get so hooked on gambling that they are 3 months behind on their mortgage payments because of it! Sometimes I have to whip myself to stay clear of my own 'demons' as Satan would love to score a 'target of value' if he succeeds in bringing a Christian down with one of his arrows.

If you think about Egypt shutting down all the news and communications like email, etc., many true Christian Believers could be out of the loop as they depend on being stabilize by other Christian bloggers of encouragement. Don't think that this could NEVER happen in America, please! The time to establish a net work of Believers is now! Our enemies of the Bible certainly are using all available means to attack us, and also over throw the USA-- but that just might be the way God has planned things. If we consider that China has more underground biblical, born again Christians than Europe and America COMBINED!! God has allowed some nations to grow in power and riches when they obey His laws, while other nations suffer. We will probably learn more about this when we get to heaven.

Thank you all for your many prayers and well wishes for my wife and I. We surly needed them this year.

Warm Regards,
Tom Schuckman