Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Blizzard shuts down S.E. WI.

Tom's Journal.

I will be age 62 on Feb. 20th, 2011... and I have never seen a snow storm quite like this except in 1973 but that wasn't as bad as today where I live-- between Milwaukee and Chicago. They say that the "twin cities" of Racine and Kenosha, WI., were the 'bulls-eyes' of the storm, and everything around here is paralyzed. Both of my front and rear doors are almost snowed in and the front side walk has a 5 foot high drift right now. I made sure that I let Deuce outside a few minutes ago to water the flowers. I am not crying about the storm, but feel sorry for any stranded motorists right before the arctic below zero temps set in tonight. But it's just like my brother- in- law, Gino, in Tucson, AZ., who said many new comers and tourists die down there because they don't take precautions either, like carrying extra water in the heat.

One of the good things the military/ Army teaches is how to survive in tropical climates-- and cold weather too, of course. We had some good jungle training BEFORE we got shipped out to RVN [Vietnam]. But Germany was very cold for us in early 1968, however Springtime there was just beautiful!

And wouldn't you just know that the Fed Ex'd medications that the VA PROMISED will NOT be delivered to my door today either.... but I have come to expect total failure and broken promises from them. Today is a legitimate reason for non- delivery-- but all the other times had some lame excuse of lie. I am so glad that I got my business down yesterday, and I lack nothing right now with all my stores of food, etc. I did some laundry last night, and will distill more water that I need to fill my Oxygen and CPAP machines to help me breath at night. If my knees were better I would be snow blowing with my big, powerful machine in the garage or using the big shovel, but that would really tear me up so that I would be bed ridden for a week. If it takes two canes to just walk-- how would I use the shovel?

There is no traffic at all, and even the big I-94 Freeways were impassible before with many people stranded. At least it's sunny outside now. When I let the Rottweiler out before, the snow drifts were up to his muzzle and greater, but he is a strong animal and 'bounds like a deer.' 'This is the day that the Lord has made' -- deal with it. I guess that plenty of folks are out of power right now, but Wisconsin usually get them back up in short time-- not like down South... lol. Still, I am sorry for their plight and pain.

Tom Schuckman

Wednesday, February 2, 2011