Friday, February 4, 2011

Bible Truth.

Tom's Journal.

Through all my years of witnessing to people of all sorts -- most of them would rather jump any other place then listen to what the Bible has to say about the world melt down of money/ currency and economics. They want their 'cake and eat it too !' They LOVE the world of Satan and all the corruption of sin the world can give. I spent some time there myself, but I was always hungry to know the real truth of the Bible, and unfortunately it took me so long to find it---BUT I DID FIND IT.

I was watching some of Glenn Beck today when a Christian Evangelist tried to tell what the Bible says about the political Muslim movement in the Middle East... but Glenn shut him down twice!

Christians who honestly STUDY the Bible seriously KNOW that this soon coming war with Israel will be won [unseemly] by ISRAEL !! When you look at a map of the Middle East-- it's truly a 'David and Goliath' scenario as Israel is out vastly numbered, out gunned 100 to 1. Actually, Israel will over run many parts of her foes and recapture their land for herself!! I think that even America will abandon and cut our support of Israel-- and God will curse America for that reason, among others. God the Father will/ is 'humiliating one of our national gods-- the god of wealth and riches.' We are about to collapse anyway from our economic bumbling, borrowing and stupid economics... lol. All Christians in the USA and other places will suffer too when these things happen, as we are poor humans too, BUT, we have God's assurance that the true Believers will be Rapture-d up to heaven soon enough-- hopefully BEFORE the Trib starts--- but if later, so be it, we are Christians and will do what the Lord tells us. So... this news ought to sooth some of the mental anguish and worry that many of us have today with all the bad, scary news we hear. God has never broken His promises or covenants. God cannot lie [Titus 1:2].

Reading and studying the Bible daily is how God 'speaks to US.' Praying to God is how WE speak to HIM. We also communicate by our actions, in my opinion. So how ought we on earth now use our time-- knowing all this information? You tell me....

I saw Sharon again today and brought her some grapefruits and a radio so she could get WVCY- Christian radio, 107.7 FM, and you can get that fine station on the Internet too. I donate to them every year because I feel that their programming is so good and Bible based. Sharon has a lot of trouble breathing even while she has her Oxygen hose hooked up to herself, and that worries me! She can't take a deep breath without choking and coughing, and just getting on her feet stresses her out and tires her so much. I pray for her constantly-- but she is really in the Lord's hands. I bought a $130 gold pocket watch and gave it to her the other day last week, so she put it on a silver chain around her neck, and she LOVES it, and gets many fine compliments!! I just want her to have some happiness in life-- she is my dear wife. Her new Lap top PC and even her cell phone don't always work well at Woodstock nursing home with 'thick walls' and poor quality maintenance people/ staff. It's hard finding a better place because most of them 'guard' their past records-- so you can't check them out before you check in.
As always, we ask your prayers, and emails/ comments.

tom schuckman

Calling the Economic Dictator

Posted: 03 Feb 2011 01:15 PM PST

By Wilfred J. Hahn Eternal Value Review Policymakers around the world continue to bemoan the state of world economic affairs, desperately grasping for solutions. The major challenge today is that nations are inclined to search out solutions that meet their own vested interests. After a long period of global convergence (driven primarily by globalization) globalism is going into reverse. Global