Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Super Sign-- Israel.

Tom's Journal.

As I have said so many times before... I love how some Bible scholars/ serious Bible students are so articulate! I humbly try to follow in their foot steps in my own rustic way, and we all continue to learn new things and new words. Just like today when I looked up the term: EPIPHANY -- that moment of surprise and understanding/ Aha!/ when someone finally sees the light and understands something he has been looking for! Such moments are often life changing-- for the better-- just like when I finally found the Lord and was determined to do HIS will [instead of mine]. God is still working on me. PTL.

As I watch some news channels on TV and Radio/ Internet, I get the feeling that the 'powers that be'/ Left Wing Socialist type Gov't controlled media wants to stir things up and make folks scared and frightful. And we all ought to know that gas, oil, cotton and food WILL go up. As if we don't have enough stress in our lives already... lol. Sure, bad things in our lives WILL GET WORSE, and we will just have to deal with them-- but biblical Christians have a secret 'weapon' -- a certain solid gold belief and understanding that God Almighty and HIS Son, Jesus Christ, are controlling the entire game! People continue to pray the 'Lord's Prayer' in Matt. 6:9, yet totally DO NOT UNDERSTAND IT!

My print reading for welders instructor at MATC [Milwaukee Area Technical College] told the class-- but me especially, that the answers and understanding were already in my brain-- that he will help me to understand eventually-- and that made me feel good inside. He was showing us how to turn an object around/ rotate it, in our minds-- to see what was on the opposite side. He got off track sometimes and would teach us many things though unrelated [but so interesting] to the print reading class subject matter, but I loved it. He may have been just a tad racist-- but from his years of experience-- if some folks were not mature enough to shut up and listen-- he didn't have time for them or their child-like foolishness.... sorry. It was one time when we had a short quiz that the teacher told us to pass our papers to the right of us-- to be corrected by another person, that I had a small 'Epiphany moment' when I could not read the other guy's 'writing', and the instructor made a fast cryptic joke to me that made me laugh hard -- and I could read his mind, and we became good friends, even when I had to quit school near the end-- because I needed to find employment in my chosen field of welding-- quick $$$. {This all happened when I was very near homeless in the Winter of 1994-95-- but then I got called back to work with Chrysler-- big bucks and bennies, in May of '95!} I had already graduated from another college a few years prior and had plenty of OJT from past jobs/ experience, but I was seeking to improve my skills and get certified in Heli-Arc / stainless and aluminum welding... As I walked though those halls at MATC and over heard many things-- I figured out that many of the ghetto kids didn't have a clue as to why they were there.... sorry. The rich kids all went to Marquette University in Milwaukee, to become Dentists and Doctors, etc.

We Christians have a most important job right now to share the Gospel with people and tell them exactly what the below article has to say-- that no matter what lies and baloney the so-called 'News Media' spins --and worries people, concerning the big trouble in the Middle East-- God's Plan is rolling just fine, and is right on target! The tiny country of Israel is out gunned, out numbered, out manned, with many times over powered with mighty rockets and weapons of destruction---abandoned by the cowardly leader and Dem controlled Congress, of the USA and all other nations at this time! BUT... God will allow [and help] Israel to be victorious and win this next war with her blood thirty, hateful Muslim neighbors!! And many people will HAVE TO KNOW AND UNDERSTAND THAT GOD WON THIS FIGHT! But only if we tell unbelievers right now, during and shortly after that war! It's all in black and white-- IN THE BIBLE! Go figure: After the smoke and dust from that battle/ war have cleared and Israel will but her temple again with much more land added as spoils of war-- the Church won't be needed anymore on earth-- and the RAPTURE will take place.
Glenn Beck doesn't have the answer [or doesn't want to share it] and he is NOT a Christian! But he does explain what is happening now, politically. I feel strongly about this coming war and just witnessed to my own mother today about it over the phone.

Please share this blog post, if you think it has merit. Then you will be witnessing too.

Tom Schuckman
Thank you for all your prayers.

Israel: The Super Sign of the End-Times (Part 2)

Posted: 03 Feb 2011 08:50 AM PST

By Todd Baker B'rit Hadashah Ministries Part of the reason for the return of Israel’s Messiah will be to enforce the everlasting decree of God’s land grant to the Jewish people and to overthrow the nations of the world in league with the anti-Christ who will violently attempt to take the land away from them (Zech. 12-14; Ezekiel 47:13-48:35). In fact, the boundaries God gave for the Promised Land