Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sharon was in the ER last night.

Tom's Journal.

What a slippery Sunday in Wisconsin after church-- and still snowing again with about 4 inches more on the ground! I had to break my promise to Sharon about coming to visit her today-- as I started to proceed East for a mile, and slip-sliding away EVEN WITH MY 4 WD on! Who would it serve to have me land in a ditch or a auto crash and have to call for help-- even with my bad hurtful knees today? And i will have to fix my own dinner, but I'll manage. Sorry Sharon...

Man! Did I ever learn something new in my reading this morning and I had to share this tid bit with a brother named Joe Belinger at church after Sunday school-- [1 Cor. 2:7, and 14.] that he did. The Greek term, Mysterion, struck me as a silver bullet right between the eyes, and I got hooked on the below article but had to leave it half read or I'd be late for church this morning. Of course, the article is easy to understand [IMHO] but the implications were fantastic for me! It explained why I was 'smart' in some things about the Bible while others-- even pastors, with more formal 'education' seemed far behind! The same thing applies to a father and his individual children-- as they are all "different" in intelligence/ skills, and personality, and that's why we should NEVER compare one to another, nor anyone else!! We should NEVER say: "Why can't you be like your brother?" And how many people have we hurt and wounded with our savage tongues in our lives. My own mouth has gotten me in to many tall heaps of troubles and tiger pits. Father in heaven, please forgive ME for all the times my mouth nearly got me killed or caused a relationship to fail. Mea Copa..., in Jesus' name.

Well, Sharon had to be shipped to the ER at KMH [Kenosha Memorial Hospital] last night at 9|:30PM, but now she is back in her nursing home this morning as she informed me. They docs gave her some medicine to help her gain control of her breathing, etc. I was worried all night about her, and trapped in my own house in this snowy Winter, when even my 4 by 4 won't help me! Half the time I call or email her-- my message doesn't get to her, or she may be so weak that she can't get to the communicators. One of these times her heart and lungs will just give out-- and she will be gone. But she is Saved and going to heaven, PTL. Her battle will be over where there are no more tears nor pain-- in HEAVEN with the Lord. I find myself longing for just that same relief, yet God is keeping this busted down, pained old Soldier alive for SOME reason, and I must 'stand to' and accept my duty until that time when something big happens or I die.


Quite the Mysterion

Posted: 05 Feb 2011 10:11 AM PST

By Jack Kinsella The Omega Letter Of all the things that are certain about life, the most certain thing of all is that none of us will get out of it alive. But what about the Rapture, you ask?Those alive at the Rapture do not experience physical death, but by every standard of measure we have for physical life, they don’t arrive in heaven any more alive than do saints who died in the fifth