Monday, February 7, 2011

The Muslim Brotherhood.

Tom's Journal.

Have some of you good people ever had nightmares about being on a nasty, up hill tread mill-- not able to get off --Ha! ?? Well, that's a good synopsis of the AMC/ Chrysler assembly line... lol. Just kidding... Except I know for a fact that there were times that men and women had to use the rest rooms really bad and the boss just jerked them around. But if the women were 'good looking' it seemed as though they got special treatment... Sorry, but that IS the truth, and I have seen it many times in many companies.

Some of us have legitimate fears/ phobias of having one thing after another pile down on us, like: bad things come in 3's-- but that may just be an 'old wives tale.' And the Bible even mentions that term/ phrase: "Old wives' tales." And then, there are days that even when you try hard to control your every step and action-- but you continue to run into "stone walls" and 'chase your own tail, and it seems like everything is against you!' I think that smart and skilled people have LESS misfortunes in life-- but that doesn't mean they never learned at the 'school of hard knocks.' So it's good not to brag too much, IMO [in my opinion], because adversity and death befall us all, eventually.

I took the dog, Deuce, the Rottweiler, to see/ visit Sharon today, as she requested, and most of the nursing home staff and patients love to see and touch out noble beast-- and he is good with people-- and a gentle, trained, 'Service Animal.' I want to get him registered as a "Therapy Animal" and take him to the VA hospitals, and nursing homes etc. to cheer people up-- and then share the Gospel and a small Bible tract with them about the salvation of Jesus Christ.
Well, today, after I brought some requested Granny Smith apples to my wife on the 2nd floor at Woodstock nursing home in Kenosha, WI., I steered my power scooter and the dog out to the North parking lot to find a young guy telling me that he was sorry for backing into my 2007 Ram truck and breaking the Right rear tail light and also damaging the metal on the Right side. He [Josh V] seemed very nervous and kept apologizing so that I told him not to worry several times -- that it was not a super bad thing, and I even thanked him for 'manning up' to take responsibility and staying at the scene. But he was reluctant to give me his name, number and driver's license! After he kept feeding me lame excuses and refused to give his proper name and info, I climbed into my truck and said, "OK", and called the police, because I have been jerked around before and got stung by some young people-- so that I ended up paying for damages that were NOT MY FAULT! Josh worked for a towing truck company and his boss did finally come and was very cordial -- but I had already called the cops, and we worked things out, and I finally left to go home. But the whole thing ate up my time, and now I have to get the truck repaired! Now I have to bother someone to drop off my truck for what ever length of days it will take to get fixed-- and be without my power scooter!

I thought I handled myself well, and even witnessed to the guy's boss and gave him a Bible tract-- and left him with a hand shake and a good feeling! They wanted me to go to their 'selected body shop' where they had some deal and did business... and said that THEY would pay the whole bill-- and I might have done just that had it not been for young Josh not co-operating with me on the pure basics of good manners in giving me the legal information! Oh well.... I told the boss that the kid needs more driving lessons by going to a vacant lot and practicing his back up skills and learning to use his two mirrors better. I was young once too.. lol.

When I was up with Sharon, a RN walked into our room and explained that Sharon had Bronchitis! With her system being so stressed out with constant coughing, and compromised with Sarcoidosis with only 30% of her lungs working--bad heart and COPD, etc., we were shocked that she didn't get that important info BEFORE! Sharon is in bad shape but doesn't want to go back to the KMH hospital-- but I said that she must to survive, and so the RN made arraignments to see the doctor much sooner. I am not crazy about the 'nonchalant' way the staff takes care of my loved one! And then she found out that her patient neighbor across the hall was taken to the hospital--just about to die-- and that made Sharon very depressed. As I have explained many times, it's so important to have a loved one with the patient as a 'PATIENT ADVOCATE' to deal with problems that the patient is too sick to handle!! I only WISH that I had someone like that in MY corner while in the mean spirited Milwaukee VAMC when I had my total knee replacement surgery 2 months ago! Things could have been less stressful for me. And I am not done with those 'people' yet...

I shared a new Bible thought that I just learned about on Sunday morning before church on the INTERNET from 1st Corinthians 2:7 + 14 about the term Mysterian-- Greek word, and Sharon and I studied for a short time, prayed together, and I tried to encourage her-- AND the RN who was there later-- during my visit today. If something should happen to me, like I get killed on the way home, did I take every opportunity to share the Word of God and the salvation of the Gospel?? Did I set a good example? Did I have guts enough to hand someone a Bible tract or an inexpensive Bible? Why has God put me on earth and allowed me to continue living after intense combat in Vietnam: 68-70, and multiple accidents and near death episodes? If the good Lord uses Tom Schuckman as a tool, a hammer or a chisel-- I rejoice for that special honor and privilege !! THANK YOU, LORD!

I honestly don't know if I will ever see people again after our short encounters/ Bible discussions/ conversations, etc., -- but I do know that God has used me to advance His work by 'planting a tiny seed' in peoples' hearts and minds... and they won't have any excuse if they are 'left behind' after the Rapture. Friends and Readers, what ever 'gifts', powers, and 'tools' we have-- let us use them for the Lord's work. You say that you are not learned or schooled in the Bible? PICK UP THE BIBLE-- THE BOOK, AND START READING IT !! Confess your sins to the heavenly Father, accept the Son, Jesus Christ, as your personal Savior and do His will. Check out this fine web site to get a pure, understandable Bible for low cost at:
'Happiness is a BI-PRODUCT of serving God.'

If you don't get started now/ today... then when?
Before you start reading and studying the Bible, ask for the Holy Spirit to help you understand the scriptures, but only in humility to serve the Lord -- not to boast or show off your knowledge to others.

Thank you for your continued prayers. I know that I will need a lot of extra strength if things with my beloved wife go 'South' ... and no one lives forever. And with our many aches and pains, I know of many Christian who would GLADLY love for God to "call them home to heaven.. NOW!" For the most part-- I know that I will have to 'go it alone' as I don't have many able friends here where I love... most are old and infirm. I still wonder if it was a smart thing to have surgery without a real support group...
Now that the football season is over, and the 'best team from Wisconsin won', we can get back to more important things that 'lay up more precious treasures in heaven, where moth and rust cannot consume.' I am still worried about any infection in my knee-- and the VA only got on that subject a whole 2 months AFTER my knee surgery. And if I need to have more work/ surgery done on my knees or what ever, it won't be the Milwaukee VA who does it ! PTL. Telling the absolute TRUTH, as I see it, is very important to me.

Warm Regards,
Tom Schuckman

The Muslim Big Brotherhood

Posted: 07 Feb 2011 07:38 AM PST

By Jim Fletcher Prophecy Matters Does anyone really believe that Barack Obama doesn’t understand exactly what the Muslim Brotherhood is?In his drive to push Hosni Mubarak’s political wheelchair down a flight of stairs, Obama is pushing a White House-led plan to remove Mubarak from office. Of course, Hillary Clinton as secretary of state is tasked with carrying this plan to Mubarak.No one is also