Saturday, February 19, 2011

Hate Mail.

Tom's Journal.

Things are not going so bad for me, really. Being in the 'know' and up to date with high speed news and info makes me aware of so many people in the world who suffer 10 times worse than I do.

But today, I got a snail mail "birthday card" with evil calculated poison pen hate speech on it-- but I believe that it "comes with the territory" of real Christians who still share the Word, and the Gospel. And it doesn't take a 'Sherlock' to figure out: 1. snail mail, 2. Roanoake, VA, 3. no return address or signature-- and therefore a coward--- who sent it, most likely Walter, who still doesn't have a life or is bored to death. I feel sorry for him, that he has all that time to pursue hateful endeavors to hurt others in his retirement years of leisure in the sun. Can a person truly have the Holy Spirit if he harbors all these hateful feelings with overt actions?? Is such a person happy? I don't think so.... but I can only leave such things to the Lord. Let us pray for Walter in Virginia, please, that he reads the Bible and does more than just sit like a bump on a log WHERE EVER he claims to attend church. He used to be a valued friend of mine, but after he got so negative and boastful, I decided to break things off for a "cooling off time/ period" because I really don't need all that negativity in my life from someone who CLAIMS to be my personal friend and brother.... sorry.

Aside from a little congestion and throat, nose discomfort, I am doing well, and my wife is alert too. I suppose it would be 'safer' to leave out most of my personal life-- as that only gives jealous, hateful people ammunition to shoot me down like the fore mentioned person from Roanoake, VA., who shuns and makes fun of anyone who owns or uses a PC --Personal Computer, and he is 'low tech' -- and that's alright if he chooses to be! Someday, and soon, we may lose our PC/ Internet technology from enemies in China, North Korea who try to take over or destroy our Internet capabilities, etc., or a Solar Flare, or what ever, and I believe in being prepared for the unknown too! But most of us have limited resource$, so building an expensive underground, well stocked bunker is out of the question. Most CHRISTIANS I know mainly put their faith and trust in GOD, however, the Bible does speak positively about saving something for emergencies, etc. Still, we want to remain BALANCED, IMHO.

It's a nice sunny day, but the weather forecast says that heavy snow will be here again North of Milwaukee, WI., but we are used to having snow in our great, over taxed, overly Liberal, Northern State.

Bless all my friends and readers. I hang out on FACEBOOK now days where I find a few folks who have similar interests, like Pro-Life, serious Bible students, conservative politics and present and past military stuff, Rottweilers, etc.

Warm Regards,
Tom Schuckman