Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Prices going UP.

Tom's Journal.

A long time ago my personal attorney told me that Sharon had some special qualities and was therefore a 'rare commodity' [good pick]. Charles M, my lawyer, said that most women don't care to join in their husband's activities and sports, but Sharon did-- and liked it! He was referring to my sport of shooting pistols indoors at various shooting ranges, for practice and fun. Well, today I brought my chess board [and Deuce, the Rotty] to Woodstock nursing home and taught Sharon how to play-- and she really enjoyed it. I speculate that she is smart enough to master the game and beat ME in the near future... LOL! But you know what? A game like that can takes your bothers and cares away because you have to focus on that game-- for sure. It was a treat for me too this afternoon, and I spent more time with my wife.

Yesterday I told Sharon that I would try to 'MAKE TIME' to see her today, and she said that she would like just one cheeseburger from our fav. [THE SPOT] drive in hamburger joint that is open all year long -- hey this is Wisconsin! We're not ALL goofy Dims [Democrats] here. Actually, the State kicked most of the bums out and elected more conservative State Reps and Senate, plus the Governor, after the Dims drove us into deep debt. And even IF we can repair that terrible 'breach' --we will all feel the 'bite' of run away inflation, and suffer one way or another. No gain without the pain... sorry. If I personally spend too much-- I suffer too! But folks, this is all academic because well read/ studied CHRISTIANS KNOW that things WILL GET WORSE, according to the Bible-- which does not lie or mislead. The price of Silver shot up to $34.8/ ounce today, but copper went down. Why? for one thing copper is used a lot in new buildings [plumbing, etc] and houses, but not much construction is going on right now with out poor times and less spendable money/ cash.

I am already noticing some of my fav things no longer in stock in some stores! Special flash lights, etc. And I am trying to stock up on certain things right now, because I THINK that the USA will have a nasty tornado season in 2011, and I expect the loss of power/ electricity even in our better managed/ organized state in the great North-Central area. Eventually, I and many other knowledgeable friends/ experts believe that silver and gold will really shoot up this Spring and Summer-- like perhaps above $50 for silver, and maybe $5000/ ounce for gold. But if gas goes higher than $5/ gallon, that will cook our goose and the faltering economy BIG TIME, because that will drive up all commodities/ food, etc., but wages will not keep up with all the inflation. So what do we do? And here I go again--- seems like I will continue to 'beat this dead horse' forever... PRAY to get closer to the Lord God in Heaven! LEARN to eat cheaper yet nutritious foods, like rice and beans. LEARN to drink water instead of soda, quit smoking, can/ freeze your own fruits and veggies, grow a good garden, share with others, and be happy and content with what little you have. That's just my personal, humble opinion, folks. I bet we will see more motorcycles on the road this year because they are good on gas-- and I drove mine to work and back most of my life except the 3 months of Winter.

LEARN how to play chess instead of spending money on out side entertainment.

Having been a soldier in combat taught me how to save or at least manage my money-- only getting paid once a month and learning to eat 'what the natives eat.' It's a fact that most Americans are spoiled silly, too fat, and too prideful these last 60 years. also losing our good, hard "work ethic." I also thank and praise my parents for raising me right and teaching me manners and respect for my elders, etc.

I am so glad that I could entertain my wife today and spend some quality time with her. She still has a queasy stomach and is weak-- but was in good spirits today. We used to be so inseparable as she was my 'helper' in carpentry, welding, gardening, cooking, and we both had a great time in each others company, doing most everything together. We taught each other so many good things, but heaven is our home-- and that place will end all pain, suffering and weeping. I know that it seems illogical-- but as the times on earth MUST GET WORSE as Bible prophecy reveals-- we know that the Rapture is near too. Sooner or latter [and this is KEY] Israel will HAVE TO PROTECT herself from violent intrusions from her hateful surrounding Muslim neighbors, and the whole world will be shocked and surprised at Israel's total VICTORY over her enemies that only God can give her. THEN we expect the Rapture to follow shortly after when only true, Bible loving Believers will be 'caught up' into the heavens as Jesus 'collects' us !! You don't want to be 'Left Behind.'
Unfortunately, MOST of earth's people [just as in the days of Noah-- as Jesus foretold] will refuse to bow the knee to Lord Jesus Christ-- and suffer the dire consequences left behind on earth as the Trib starts. Personally, I have trained myself for many years how to witness to people about the Gospel, and Salvation through Christ, learning every possible way to present the Bible in a respectful, knowledgeable way-- but MOST PEOPLE just can't be bothered, are too complacent, smug, prideful, full of themselves, afraid of others' opinion of them, cowardly and/ or arrogant to accept Jesus as their personal Savior.

Have a dentist appointment in the morning at the Milwaukee VA and I better make it-- before they take that away from us too.

Warm Regards,

Tom Schuckman
Jesus is Lord, and Heaven is my Home.