Monday, March 7, 2011

Prepare now.

Tom's Journal.

Friends, lately I've been LEARNING some great things that helped me put the right pegs in the correct places-- not earth shattering, but still good stuff. Anything that stimulates the mind for positive effect, I believe is good, but especially the BIBLE.. as we read at 2nd Timothy 3:16. Some things are a bit scary, yet also need to be shared, like the fact that many of us may have to choose between staying in a wayward, New Age leaning, apostate church-- or just turning our own houses into 'mini-churches' -- sort of like the 1st Century Christians. And I repeat-repeat-repeat... how will we know what the real TRUTH of the BIBLE is unless we take it upon ourselves to LEARN it by daily reading and study?? Many times I would rather watch TV too and put my brain on the shelf or in a bucket of water... lol.

The good thing is that I built an Oak easel that sits next to my PC- computer with a large print DEFINED KJV BIBLE on it, so I can read and check things out at my convenience, and I carry bibles and tracts where ever I go. Tell me, would a combat soldier walk around without his rifle and bayonet?? Well then, the Bible is our modern day weapon, or 'sword' ! 'DON'T LEAVE HOME WITHOUT IT!!'

I also believe in being prepared all the time in case of emergencies and try to "think ahead' what do I need, ought to buy, prepare for, in case transportation should halt or be hard to do-- as in the near prospect of running out of gasoline-- or money to buy it. Here again, as in playing the game of chess-- we want to think and contemplate 3-4 steps/ or moves in advance. When the 'system broke down' during Katrina in N.O., some nursing homes went down the wrong path and mistreated, abused and abandoned their patients. I have prepared my wife, Sharon, for almost anything, and taught her many survival skills, in case I can't be there, 20 miles away, right away. And we have taken a few staff members to task and disciplined when they were disrespectful, abusive or negligent to her-- so maybe the word got out and they will think twice before they are rude or mean to Tom Schuckman's wife.

Yes, Apostasy is certainly part of the composite 'Sign' that we are living in the eleventh hour of the 'End Times' before the RAPTURE, and Tribulation. And to settle that goofy fight that some would push who think the Rapture will come in "Mid- Tribulation" or what ever-- let me say that I am Christ's soldier forever-- with out any "Time Limit" attached. So... WHEN EVER the Rapture comes, I want to be ready. I sure wouldn't want to sit in some church and be fed a pack of lies or half truths that are offensive to the great God we worship! And so much for those smarty pants people who claim that they will 'jump over the Lord's side' right at the end... lol. It prob. won't happen, friends, and God is no shallow Hal, but He knows all our minds, hearts and motives. My older friend, Joe V., tells me to read and memorize more special scriptures, and so I shall. I will also buy more products for my wife when the nursing home serves her pig slop, although I do wish she would eat more of her veggies... Did I tell you all that she almost beat me in chess last time we played? I am too good of a teacher, I guess.


Justice and Mercy

Posted: 07 Mar 2011 08:31 AM PST

By Jim Fletcher Prophecy Matters I wanted to give a brief report this week about my trip to the NRB convention in Nashville (National Religious Broadcasters).Traditionally, NRB has been strongly pro Israel. In particular, the late Brandt Gustavson served as NRB president and advocated for Israel during critical times. Janet Parshall currently serves as treasurer, and Kay Arthur serves on the


Tom's Journal

My dog usually gets me up in the morning because he needs to go outside after an 8 hour wait. His fav. method to wake me up is to put his cold, wet nose on my bare arm that hangs out the side of the bed-- and it works! There is a lot of care, hard work and expense in keeping a large dog like Deuce- the Rottweiler, but the rewards are great and valuable. Sharon claims that the dog saved my life a few times when I quit breathing from 'Sleep Apnea' in the past, and Deuce has even heard Sharon call from the nursing home on the answering machine and then proceeded to wake me up-- and that worked too. He sees and hears better than his old master Tom, and cleans the carpet when old Soldier Tom drops a few food crumbs or a bone. We know how to make our own dog food from rice and ground beef-- when there has been a 're-call' of tainted 'Chinese dog food'-- what a shame that we are 'hooked' on Chinese products that are honestly inferior and sometimes poisonous --compared to the USA's goods.

But talk about food, we can produce more than enough except that we foolishly convert our good grain into gasoline, and we are ALREADY seeing rising food costs in the grocery stores right now! And it's ALL POLITICAL!! Both political parties are responsible, and the beat goes on with many other nations starving. And then we feed other nations who actually hate us and wish us dead! As I have said many times on this humble blog-- the Bible plainly prophetically says that all these things WILL happen but the 'Wisdom of THIS world is foolishness with God.'

The preacher at church yesterday did a good job in explaining the RAPTURE -- just read the whole 2nd chapter of 2nd Thessalonians. I like the verse, 11: "And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie." In other words, God has already judged them to be wicked and allows them to be blinded in their own stupidity! There will be utter chaos, panic, fear and disorganization on earth as things like starvation and famine grip the earth. And BTW--by the way-- more folks will lose their houses now because the price of gas will force their already tired fingers holding on the last rung in the ladder of home ownership. I can't wait to see the high stepping, proud, finicky, people who normally turn up their noses at food they don't care for-- now grubbing for the skins of potatoes they once threw away as garbage! IMHO, that is where and when the combat Veterans will have a slight edge. But even many 'Christians' will be reminded that they have been lulled into a fairy tale world of wealth and plenty --of wasting food all the time! I was taught that wasting food was a serious sin when I was a young boy. And I strongly suggest that all my friends invest in a veggie garden if they possibly can this year!! You can even use 5 gallon buckets to grow tomatoes, etc. Do the research over the Internet and make a plan now!

Folks, I have been blessed to receive a fine packet of Bible Tracts, from Bible Tracts, Inc.,--Bloomington, IL., called "We're Grateful." It's about how honored and special combat Vets are for serving their country, and rightfully so-- BUT they are still NOT guaranteed a place in heaven just for their brave, fine, heroic 'works' and sacrifices on earth! They need to be Saved too! I can't wait to give/ pass these timely Tracts to many Veterans that I see every day, and at the Milwaukee VAMC! I love and respect my brother Veterans a lot, and have made them my prime 'targets' for sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ, so that they can enjoy eternity in heaven with the Lord! [They have already been thru hell...] This is MY GIFT TO THEM. I will try to scan one for you guys. Tract #6600.

Warm Regards,
Tom Schuckman

The Third Beast

Posted: 06 Mar 2011 12:53 PM PST

By Jack Kinsella The Omega Letter At least thirteen of the twenty-two states that make up the Arab League have been affected by the unrest in the Middle East: Algeria, Bahrain, Djibouti, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia and Yemen.And while every factor driving the populations to revolution in countries like Bahrain, Tunisia and Egypt is in play in the rest of