Tuesday, March 22, 2011


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The following article has REALLY helped me to understand Salvation so that I can now explain it logically to others!  I can't tell you how many times I had to re-read stuff like this and still be somewhat foggy.  In other words some things come easy for me and other things come hard for me.  That's a good reason for me to have patience with others.  At work, welding, carpentry, auto worker, etc., I learned the short cuts and devised a "system" for myself-- reason and rhyme, which I gladly passed on to others when I broke them in... and many will not do that.  Salvation is a BIG thing, and all important!

I saw Sharon again today, and prepared her with the news that I MIGHT end up going back to the hospital again because of my poor knee healing... and I would not be surprised if the VA messed me up, as they are both feeling worse than ever!  Trouble is, they have lied to me too many times so that I actually had to go to a 'civilian' hospital in Milwaukee-- St. Luke's [ better and better] to get the real truth...Ha!  I then brought that true info back to the VA where they said 'yes' to an operation, but the staff treated me like used toilet tissue, and then tried to make ME look like the bad guy!  Most of the Vets I talked to had a similar story.... sorry.  I sure hope that I am wrong about myself, and many tell me that the rainy season makes me worse-- humidity, etc.   But I can barely walk right now...  Sorry to complain, but if I help a few other Vets-- good!
    I have NO support group to help me if I have to have any surgery in the future, and that worries me.  I would love your prayers to help me make the right decision.


Posted: 22 Mar 2011 01:30 PM PDT
By Dr. Andy Woods Sugar Land Bible Church As believers, we use the word “salvation” so frequently, yet what does this word actually mean? Most think that salvation simply relates to how someone becomes a Christian. We probably think this way since we are living in the wake of the Protestant Reformation. The reformers spent most of their energy defending and explaining what one must do in order to