Saturday, March 26, 2011

Day of the Lord.

Tom's Journal.

Above:  Tommy Schuckman, about 10 years ago [2001] with his Ram 4 by 4 down by Lake Michigan, in Kenosha, Wisconsin.  Had a small welding shop/ hobby on the side while I still worked at Chrysler Motors in the same town. I broke my neck [C1 and C2] shortly before buying this Dodge truck brand new.... Ouch!

I should have looked up a few terms, like 'paranoia.'  I suppose we all have fears, of the unknown, snakes [in the WH, etc... lol.. sorry], poverty, death and sickness, etc.  And after you've been misled, lied to, tricked, fooled-- by some false church, religion, Gov't, power [like Satan or his agents], you become "twice shy" and super cautious, IMO.  Anyway, that's the way I feel.  When you [I] have a near death experience or made a big mistake, you say to yourself that you don't ever want to try that again!!  Many combat Veterans are 'hyper vigilant', cautious and watchful because they have been specially trained and have experienced what to do-- and what NOT to do-- so as to survive.  Please have some respect for them, even if they appear to be a little 'strange.'  They are still paying the price for having served their countrymen and nation!  

Many folks worry needlessly about their salvation- not really knowing  the TRUTH of the bible because of false, ignorant, teaching by power hungry/ controlling clergy, false teachers, rich mega churches, ecumenicalism, New Age encroachments, etc. in these last days.   God's requirements for getting to heaven are NOT complicated, foggy or hidden from mankind!  The Bible was written at  the 5th grade level and that grand BOOK of God is available most everywhere [except some Muslim and repressive nations].  I buy and give away many Bibles and bible tracts all the time because I feel it is so important to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ!   See:

Yet, it's so exciting to continue to learn more about God's will and His personality, IMO, that I just love to share these "new" things with my readers and friends, as I continue to learn "new things" too.  Just think:  If you have been a serious Bible student [and I mean an 'average' person with the desire to LEARN!] most of your life and love to dig deeper to find out answers to your questions-- you could become a near expert in that field and help others who have hidden fears, anxieties, worries, phobias,etc, that the devil wants to bedevil us with.   And I believe that is part of 'storing up your treasures in heaven.'

The humanist world might use the slogan:  'Don't sweat the small stuff-- because it's ALL small stuff.'   I would say, 'Cut your worries down to what is really necessary- and leave the rest on God's shoulders.'  But never forget the Christian's primary goal and objective... to magnify God, 'kiss the Son, Jesus Christ' and yield to His teachings and will.  Every person on earth will have had the chance to gain salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ [of course the Old Testament humans have different provisions, and promises/ covenants ..], as we are ALL free moral agents [according to the articles below]!  My eye is trained on the 'lynch pin'-- Middle East, especially Israel, the 'apple of God's eye.'  We ought to know and realize that things could change and happen overnight or in a heart beat, as Israels'  Muslim neighbors continue to launch ordinance into the land that God gave the Israeli people, and PLEASE remember Genesis 12:3, as it has a direct bearing on us today !  Our collective national 'goose' is already cooked, but we as individuals depend and expect God to rescue us, but even death may be a way out if we 'exit' before the Rapture-- and then 'no more worries mate' -- in HEAVEN!
I love your serious comments on this humble Blog/ Journal, and would just love to expand my circle of friendship.  And thank you, always for your prayers.  I will see Sharon in the morning after church... she seems to be doing a bit better lately.  PTL!

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Q. In Ephesians 1:5 Paul writes, “Having predestined us unto the adoption of children by Jesus Christ to himself, according to the good pleasure of his will.” Now I understand that every time we see predestined in the scriptures, it is talking about foreknowing. So, this means God knew us before we were born and [...]