Thursday, April 7, 2011

Letter from Ragman.

Tom's Journal.

One of the crew members [gunner and crew chief] from my old Army Aviation Company-- the 240th AHC, at Camp BearCat, Vietnam, Joe Tarnovsky, asked me to post this timely message to make sure that others of the 240th AHC can help understand and share the word.  I have the greatest respect for these guys who are true Patriots and lovers/ fighters for Freedom!  Thanks, Joe!
Tom Schuckman
Thanks, Tom, for passing this on and thank ROBIN HOOD 7200 too! Sounds like Walt is doing better but still not completely out of the woods yet. Life style changes, huh, well I know I could do that and maybe I will now. Please pass on that the prayers from myself and Cecelia will still be coming and we wish Walt and Mary NOTHING BUT THE VERY BEST AND A COMPLETE RECOVERY.
I have finally found someone to carry on the legacy of my 240th websites that was done with so much care, respect and love that the late Ms. Linda Luther put into LZ, Flightline and Flight Operations. Barb Weber, one of Walt's three lovely daughters, talked with her middle sister, Mary, who is a professional web designer, and Mary volunteered to correct any problems with the three older sites and will help me construct the new site that I have wanted to start to carry on the 240th legacy. I have asked Barb to ask her father, Walt, if he would do the honor of naming this new website when he is feeling better. The colors of the new site will be white font on a background of green, the colors of the 240th AHC and the first page will have the picture of the 240th sign that I put Walt's name on the bottom. The second page will be of Walt's pics and memories. Tom, please put this on your blog, if you don't mind, and let others know a fourth 240th website is coming and if anyone has ideas, memories, pictures or other memorabilia to share, I would be honored to put them on the new site. I apologize to anybody that wanted to post on the 3 older websites but I know nothing about the workings of the website space and didn't want to spoil anything already put online by the 240th's wonderful friend, Ms. Linda Luther. I have been looking for someone that I could trust and would do great work and was reasonable and the Good Lord dropped Barb and Mary Weber into the 240th's LZ!!!! Although Mary has volunteered to do the new website and maintain the three existing sites for free, Cecelia and I would never allow her to do all that work for nothing. We can't afford to pay her what a professional website designer is entitled to for such intricate work but we will pay her something. Thanks to Barb and Mary Weber, two ladies that have the same love, honor and respect for the 240th AHC that their Dad and stepmom, Walt and Mary Weber have, so now we will be able to go forward and start the fourth 240th website.
Joe 'Ragman' and Cecelia Tarnovsky