Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Funeral Today for Sharon L. Schuckman.

Tom's Journal.

Today is the day of that will probably be the hardest for me, up close and personal.  I don't much care what others think of me-- I am an emotional man, but not a cry baby. I am just hurt, full of regret, always 2nd guessing myself that I could have done better, sorry for all the arguments and misunderstandings with my dear soul mate, Sharon L. Schuckman-- legally wedded wife, and know that I am far from perfect.  I know that there will be many mature, educated Christians there this afternoon at church to help get me through this time of stress, pain, and sorrow-- as this is new to me and never happened to me before [with a wife].  And as my close friends know and love me so well, they hurt for me also-- but that is a true friend's commitment thru thick and thin, and something of a 'rare commodity' now days. In my humble opinion, Vietnam Vets are 'special', and those wives and women who put up with them are certainly special too!  PTL for those fine women!

It hit home recently, after Sharon's death, that all the 'things' we  accumulate in life that seem so needful and desired, really boil down to a 'dung heap' when you enter into eternity to 'one place or another...'  The apostle Paul said in Philippians 3:8:  "Yea doubtless, and I count all things but loss for the excellency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord: for whom I have suffered the loss of all things, and do count them but dung, that I may win Christ."  Kind of graphic, huh?  But then, wise old King Solomon said that 'someone else will step in and inherit/ take over your things when you die, and do what ever he/ she wants with them!'  Life goes on, and what WE considered good and holy may not be what the next of kin thinks or does.  Most folks only see 'what can I get with this new source of riches and treasure' and then toss the bibles, etc in the trash barrel.  Oh well... and we won't care, because the Bible says that we will be happy in heaven!  Or in torment in hell--where those 'things', money, etc., cannot benefit us anymore. 

Bottom line:  "Life is a Vapor."  Life can be snatched away in a heart beat, and then poof! -- all you have is your relationship [or lack of it] with the most important person in the universe, the God of the Bible!  So... did we spent the majority of our life chasing riches, treasure, lust, sex, pleasure, every sort of material thing that the world dangles in front of our eyes??  How much time did we spend actually reading and studying about GOD and His personality, wants, desires, laws and judgments, and great Book that He authored??  It doesn't matter if that Book was dry, interesting, juicy or what.  Just like our jobs-- we have to do them to survive.  

And friends, to repeat myself yet again-- it's NOT about us being "bad or good."  It's about gaining a personal RELATIONSHIP with JESUS CHRIST, as our PERSONAL LORD AND SAVIOR, and taking full advantage of His salvation and forgiveness of sin!  How do we learn about Him and His desires for us and the world?  READ THE BOOK!  Pray for understanding, strength, help, wisdom, and it will be given to you for FREE.  But, the vast majority of the world WILL reject Jesus, and suffer in the end.  We are living in the "End Times" right before Israel and Jerusalem will begin starting to re-build the sacred Temple again.  Israel is the lynch pin that will suddenly trigger the Tribulation, and the Rapture of 'Believers' - true servants of Jesus Christ, is near!  And at that time it will be too late to enter the proverbial 'Ark' of God.  Don't be 'Left Behind!'  Trust me, you don't want to be here on earth when the "Storm" comes.  Politics, nations, and 'kings' won't save you.

Too bad it takes the death of a loved one to bring all these emotions close to mind and heart.  Heart disease and stroke run in my family, and I know that I am in danger and at risk.  But then, I constantly think about heaven, and try to prepare MYSELF every day of my life-- while still sharing the great news of salvation and the Gospel, where ever and when ever I can-- even now in my Blog post.  Many of my Vietnam combat Veteran Veteran brothers and friends are dying in their 60's long before THEIR time, and I believe much of that is stress from PTSD, Agent Orange, and combat related stuff... so we hang together and take care of each other as a 'band of brothers' because we sure can't depend on the Gov't, VA, or others to care for us. Some people are amazed at this, but they shouldn't be.  I only hope and pray that my Veteran buddies and friends THINK and ponder over my words today if they are still 'unbelievers' and take a stand TODAY!  Life IS a vapor.

Warm Regards,
Tom Schuckman
Union Grove, WI.