Thursday, April 14, 2011

Dominion Theology.

Tom's Journal.

Some 'new' understandings have 'thrown themselves on my lap' from reading books and listening to Bible- smart folks like Brannon Howse on VCY Christian Radio, 107.7 FM- Milwaukee-- also on the InterNet.  Besides doing what 'Our Father' and Jesus Christ commands-- sharing the Gospel, we are also taught to be alert for false prophets, teachers and pastors who will be-- ARE, dragging many in the church after FALSE Gospels and false 'Christs.'  Don't worry-- this is all fore told too [Matthew 24; and Revelation], but has somehow 'slipped under our radar' and no wonder with all the nasty things going on in our little old world, plus Satan's many tricks,lusts, pressures, in these 'Last Days.'  BEWARE!  What real Christian wants to get tripped up or trapped at the very end??  In the book, AS AMERICA HAS DONE TO ISRAEL, the Christian Church is also some what guilty and culpable for just allowing the Gov't leaders- both sides- to force, intimidate, pressure Israel, the 'apple of God's eye,' His chosen people, according to Genesis 12:3, "to sell or trade their birth right --LAND for "Peace !"  Both countries will be cursed and suffer big time!!  And the documentation is a gas that will prove beyond a shadow of a doubt, IMHO, how this all comes together.  

Also Domination Theology runs rampant through the Church right now too, which is counter to what the Bible teaches, and actually eliminates the need for Jesus Christ.  New Age baloney, many false teachers/ church leaders, powerful, rich 'evangelists' and folks like Rick Warren and his 'Purpose Driven' baloney and Glenn Beck are doing their damage too.  Jesus said, in Matthew 24:4, "--Take heed that no man deceive you.  For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ;  and shall deceive many."  Some folks think that it will be hard to actually know which church is preaching the TRUTH in the end times!  And so much for all those 'fence sitters' who claim that they will jump on Jesus' side just in the nick of time and get Saved...Ha!  If they never found the time, energy or inclination  to pick up the Bible to find out what God is really like and get to know Him, how will they do it when the Rapture comes in the 'middle of the night'-- or when ever?  

The pastor's memorial talk at my dear wife's funeral at church last night hit a few hearts for sure and I hope and pray that those hearts belong to my 2 kids that were in attendance.  What a gentle mercy!  But I am sure that the message bounced off those who had no appreciation for the Lord... but that is their business, and I don't have time for them.  I am too busy now starting a new life.  One thing for certain... no one there can ever say that they didn't have a chance to hear about the salvation from Jesus Christ, and I feel good and fulfilled about that fact.  

We will talk more about Dominion Theology in the near future.  It's strange how I just seemed  to make a 'quantum leap' in Bible understanding again.  I guess [and I must be very delicate and respectful now..] that I have more room in my head to concentrate and focus on the Bible now-- even in my pain and sorrow--loss of a loved one.  Pray for my mother who has high blood pressure, and has been stressed out by Sharon's passing, please.  I don't want Mom to be too upset and rattled in her condition, in her mid-80's.  I had enough bruising for a while.
I invite all your serious comments on this humble blog site.  

Thank you for all your many prayers and well wishes.  It will be a whole different ball game with out my sweetie, dear Sharon.  We did everything together.

Warm Regards,
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Dominion Theology / Post Millennialism

The Morning After.

Tom's Journal.

So now, do I become a philosopher?  People say that life goes on, and there were many people and close friends at Sharon's viewing  and funeral last night followed by a nice light supper at the Union Grove Baptist church in S.E. Wisconsin on April 13th, 2011. My Mom, brother, Andy, Barbara and many more were there in attendance, old friends from Chrysler, etc.,-- thank you.   A lot of love, hugs and kisses, and kind, sincere words.  Any donations were given to the church's childrens' bibles fund.  

I kept my composure all that time last night at church as God answered my prayers all day long to help me with that-- although tears are standard and totally acceptable and are an  important part of 'grieving' when losing a spouse, mother or loved one.  If you don't grieve-- you will never heal and it will fester inside and cause big problems latter in life.  I know and understand that from studying  combat PTSD-- [post traumatic stress disorder].  The pastor's great memorial service sermon was very good, and a true witness to the life and good nature of my dear wife-- and I know that my children took it to heart, and even joined in singing the songs.  Sharon spoke of the Bible and the Gospel of salvation to all she came in contact with, and a man who came from the nursing home that was Sharon's home for the last 5 months said that she was a shinning light in the Woodstock nursing home to many patients and staff having her DEFINED KJV Bible out and studying it most of the time.... and sharing scripture and hope with many, even getting a  weekly Bible study there started!  I take much pride, with the help of the Holy Spirit, in plying my 'gifts' and talents in teaching my wife the Bible and the hope of heaven, as we discussed this subject many times.  She had to endure MUCH physical pain in her last days with a shattered, crumbling lower spine, with only 15% of her lungs working and 30% of her heart working, and many other ailments.  It's very hard for me to write about these things right now...

A big chunk of my heart is gone now-- although all the friends repeat the mantra:  'She is free from all pain and sorrow now, in Heaven!'  Sharon major struggle is over now as she sits in glory-- and don't the rest of us envy her!  The time is coming and soon, when the living WILL ENVY the dead --when the Lord comes back to judge those on earth who have refused to kiss the Son and accept Him as true Lord and Savior...  Then ALL people will KNOW that Jesus is Lord-- but it will be too late for them to repent.  What a truly horrible thought- to be on the wrong side of God, and that goes for a lot of church members too!

Sharon's body will be cremated today [not a pleasant thought for me- I want to be buried] and they will give me he ashes this afternoon.  I don't much feel like doing anything today anyway, and my stomach is very upset and I just have to work my way through this time of sorrow.  FaceBook friends flood me with well wishes and prayers-- thank you.
Warm Regards,