Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thursday and Sunny.

Tom's Journal.

I am trying to catch my breath and rest up before putting the groceries away and making lunch.   Happy to have a fine, brave Rottweiler here to entertain me, Deuce.

I went to the Credit Union this morn to close Sharon's account-- had her death certificate on hand, but the bimbo seemed to be too lazy to help me, and I was irritated.  She then messed up by NOT putting some transferred funds in my checking account  as I asked, but gave me cash instead.  What part of King's English didn't she understand while I was sitting in a very uncomfortable chair made for 'skinny people' - LOL?  I was in such pain that I just went in my truck and drove around the drive-thru to take care of the rest of my business.  I have had plenty of ill mannered, goofy people there in the past, but been banking there for some 30 years.  Oh well... just venting for a minute, and writing is a stress reliever and therapeutic for me.

I heard that the holidays are the worst time for people who are alone.  I can't and won't expect much from the local church because I am old and smart enough to understand human nature and the unlikelihood of folks "leaving their comfort zone."  That's just the way it is on earth-- and we all know from the Bible reading that things WILL/ MUST GET WORSE.  All the Christian radio folks tell this profound truth every day!  "The love of the greater number will wax [grow] cold."  I am very, very casually looking for older Christian ladies to talk and visit, perhaps, but certainly don't plan to jump into another relationship-- and our time on earth is short--think: RAPTURE.   I would probably be lost with out my PC, but I have been a good letter writer/ snail mailer in the past before I discovered PC's.  If I have trouble walking-- I am limited in how much I can get out-- besides church and shopping.  I will see the VA Ortho clinic in a week about my feet and legs.  The knee replacement surgery in Dec. didn't seem to help too much..Ha!  And they promised that I would be skipping thru the park with out any pain... what a sad joke... what a bungled plan... what a lie! 

I been praying a lot lately and plan to settle down in my EZ chair and devour my new Scofield Study Bible that my close friend, 'RobinHood', from  SC, sent me in the mail a few weeks ago-- fellow soldier and door gunner in 'Nam.  If I had the money and health I would climb in the truck and visit him and a few other Vet buddies. Most of us have those old nick names from when we were in Vietnam, and they just stick with you as an ID/ respected badge of honor.  I don't want to live in the past but those WERE the 'good old days.'  But now, where would we be without Jesus, our Lord and Savior, now that our eyes and hearts are opened?!  ... On the 'highway to hell' like most of the earth's inhabitants, sorry to say.  And to think that the 'Great Tribulation' will be a million times worse than it is right now in April 2011 !  Hello!  I am not just blowing my own horn or opinion-- every born again, Saved, Bible loving Christian that I see or hear is telling the same TRUTH!  I am not the only "Chicken Little" anymore.   I am so thankful that I 'made it' and now have to watch my walk.

I made lots of friends on FaceBook from all over the world, PTL.  Sharon had a long time friend from the Netherlands, named Fred, who was into fancy show cats too, which Sharon bred, raised and showed, and he just heard the sad news about her a few days ago.  So sorry, dear Fred and mom.  Sharon was into so many Orgs and activities, like the ADA- American Disabilities Act, Rottweilers Rescue Sites on-line, etc, etc., and I let her have her way in this regard.  I also gave her the entire upstairs of my house as her own sewing room where she made most of her clothes.   She was a great cook and had a good sense of humor, and found me very entertaining with my jokes and capers.  I scratched her back and she scratched mine.  I certainly miss that.

Time to get crackin'!  Time to relax now.  I wish all my sincere hopes that we all cherish the real meaning of:  'HAPPY RESURRECTION  DAY!'   Easter is really a pagan term [the Teutonic goddess of Spring or fertility?], and what do rabbits and eggs have to do with Christ's torture and death on a cross?  
Have a great day.

Warm Regards,