Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Wh Enters.

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First rain-- then sun and wind today, but we'll take it!  'This is the day that the Lord has made, and we shall be glad in it !' I wish I could reflect that joy and happiness/ good spirit EVERY day like some of my fellow Christian bloggers and FB friends.  Hey-- I'm working on it... lol.

I usually make a list of things 'to-do' and what I need to buy to keep up with normal life, but have been getting outside less and traveling less too-- as I have changed.  I guess a lot changes when a guy is in mourning  for a loved one.  And now I have to worry about my dear old Mom in her mid-80's who suffers from things common to humans, like arthritis, BP, etc. It would be very hard for me to tolerate another loss right now, and I call her every single day.  She is not a Believer, but real Christians are charged with taking care of their parents, no matter what -- it is our DUTY!  Mom is afraid of death -- I am NOT [and we all know why, don't we].  

It took too long for me to really look in the mirror and understand that my best efforts and accomplishments are but filthy rags to the Lord-- sinner that I am.  The only thing that we can brag about IS how holy and merciful God is by sending us His Son, Jesus, so that we are now redeemed  by His ransom blood.  Jesus said, 'what good is it to gain the world but then lose  eternal life in heaven..?'  

The 'sharp point'-- article below got my attention when the man explained that so many people still have many questions about the Millennium, because few pulpits teach the truth of the Bible about that subject!  I figure that either the preachers/ teachers lack courage, knowledge, or the Holy Spirit-- take your pick.  Sad...because they bare much responsibility for the welfare of their flocks.  I pretty much know these things, but it's good for me to review and catch the little pearls that lie within.   

As for begging the VA to check out the trouble in my back, again, it's a toss up whether I want to undergo more surgery, or hope that the Rapture comes soon... Ha!  I know that my 'quality of life' is gone, and I am just a broken down war horse-- and so much for our "golden retirement years".. lol.  Old folks used to die in their 50's and 60's, but now days we run the risk of out living our money and retirement $$.  That is also  partially why our Social Security is in trouble now, besides pure theft by Congress-- so called "lock box."  Better living through chemistry and drugs--- not really.  I really wouldn't call nursing homes, quality of life, after having seen what poor Sharon had to put up with, fear and abuse from staff, etc., and lousy food.  That is why it's so important for a 'patient advocate' to check in on your loved ones as often as possible.  At least we got one bum [male supervisor of a  nursing wing] fired!  He won't be hurting, abusing, intimidating any other poor, old, defenseless patients. I guess it takes a combat Veteran to fight for the defenseless patients, and I took enough abuse myself from people even from my own church concerning that battle.   The Holy Spirit helped me.


Posted: 26 Apr 2011 07:28 AM PDT
By Dr. Tony Garland SpiritandTruth.org Q. I am listening to your audio teaching on Revelation. There are a few things I do not understand with respect to your views.According to Revelation, at the second coming, all unbelievers will be killed (Rev. 19:17-21). This will be a massive slaughter. The blood will flow all over the world (Rev. 14:20).At the same time all sleeping saints will be raised