Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Divine Warning -- for Obama.

Tom's Journal.

Ever since I read that great book, 'AS AMERICA HAS DONE TO ISRAEL,' I've been subconsciously 'adding up' unusual weather patterns in the USA, like tornadoes, fires in TX, earthquakes that I believe will surely come this year, flooding, so the farmers can't plant their Spring crops, etc.  It may even snow a little tonight in Wisconsin where I live.  Let's just call it a hobby of mine-- but it all will add up if we have another poor harvest in America, and Russia has had poor wheat harvests too a few years in a row... plus the price of gas and diesel are about to drive food up thru the ceiling, mark my word!   Silver today was $46.8 / troy oz!!  

Yet, I love God all the more and consider myself a very blessed man, in spite of my usual complaining of body pain, etc... LOL.  I have everything a man could want, except better health-- but we should praise the Lord for what we have:  Life, and our Savior, Jesus Christ, with rewards in heaven!  Losing a loved one recently has made me want to visit all the other fellow Christians at church who are hospitalized or sick and needy.  Come to think of it-- Mother's Day is coming up soon!

I am now thinking about getting the left knee "fixed" -- complete, radical knee replacement, but NOT AT THE MILWAUKEE VA!  I would like to have the best surgeons at Milwaukee St. Luke's hosp. do me, if the pain and damage get unbearable.  But there is probably a long waiting line to get in. Pray for my good judgment and making the right move, please.  Now, I love where I attend church, but many of my friends there are older than me and cannot assist me physically, so I would be all on my own again after coming home from surgery and  Rehab.. and that's kind of scary, fear of falling and breaking my head... lol.  

If it ever stops raining here I would love to have someone till my veggie garden and help me plant it.  I know that I will end up giving most of it away, but I love watching it grow!  

I drove all the way to Kenosha in the rain today to buy some extra wide, comfortable socks, belt and black sweat pants, at Casual Male, and then got some more Popeye's chicken, rice, cole slaw, and biscuits, etc.  I gave a little bit to my peaceful hound dog, Deuce, the Rotty.  He loves his master and provider... Old Soldier Tom.

Warm Regards,

Posted: 27 Apr 2011 11:51 AM PDT
By Douglas J. Hagmann Northeast Intelligence Network Undoubtedly, you’ve already heard and read about the snubbing of Christians by Obama at Easter. We suspect, however, that others who have reported on this have not looked at the larger picture that is represented by this particular administration.Last Sunday was Easter, the most sacred holiday on the Christian calendar. Yet, you would never

TOM'S JOURNAL.---"The Man in the Door“.: Kingdom Now/ Dominion Theology - False Religion.

TOM'S JOURNAL.---"The Man in the Door“.: Kingdom Now/ Dominion Theology - False Religion.

Tom's Journal.

Kingdom Now/ Dominion Theology - False Religion.

Tom's Journal.

Here I am showing off about 12 years ago-- power lifter for most of my adult life.   Tommy Schuckman.

Let us set the record straight and clear the air-- DON'T GET SUCKERED IN, especially now!!  Kingdom Now [Baloney], and Dominion 'Theology', are straight out false religion, and all studied Bible loving Christian should know this-- yet many are being deceived and hooked like a big tuna [fish]!  I was just as surprised and dumb founded when some of my very best friends' church had banners over the church doors with "Purpose Driven Church" manure!  This is what happens when a church or pastor strays from the Word, the Bible, even for a second.  You can't drive your auto down I-94 in Wisconsin at 65 MPH and close your eyes either...  

To make yourself appear/ look better-- would you let you best friend walk around with a bug in his/ her hair or their clothes undone?  If not, why don't you try to FIX the problem, or fallacy , but if you feel too dumb or inexperienced-- why not study and bone up so you can??  There are plenty of good Links in the article, and I personally support this fine Christian web site. When our time comes to stand before the Lord, what lame excuse will we give for NOT doing the right thing at the right time?  And I truly wonder about how many "right times" we have left in this old Satanic system of things...   The article below is one subject I want to master, so I can teach the Truth to all who hunger and thirst for the real truth from the Scriptures.

Tom Schuckman
Heaven is my Home.    

Mixing Paganism with the Passion
                                         By Jan Markell
                                         April 27, 2011

A very special week was hijacked by the environmental movement last week. What is known as Earth Day landed on the same day as Good Friday, so our crucified Lord had to share the spotlight that day. And if you think this was only the typical antics of the religious Left, think again. Evangelicals have now jumped into this arena. The cause of caring for God's creation is our responsibility, although we cannot "save the planet" as many herald. Should conservative Christians really be making the theological leap that it was significant that both observances were placed on the calendar on the same day?

The Episcopal Church issued a statement last week saying that the two events on the same day had "profound significance." Additionally, the statement read, "On the day we mark the crucifixion of Christ, let us remember that when Earth is degraded and species go extinct, a part of God's body experiences a different type of crucifixion and another way of seeing and experiencing God is diminished."

Dr. Mark Tooley of the Institute for Religion and Democracy weighed in stating what many evangelical leaders should have been saying. He states, "Shouldn't churches instead focus on explaining the Good News made possible on Good Friday to a broken world in need of redemption? These church agencies seem only to echo secular environmentalists. Shouldn't churches have a more powerful message during Christianity's most momentous week of the year?"

I agree, and thus I am troubled that one evangelical organization has a blog entry stating that "Earth Day and Good Friday Go Together." The writer states, "It is especially fitting that Earth Day happens to coincide with Good Friday this year. As we contemplate both the crucifixion of Jesus and the current state of the creation He died to save, an appropriate call to action has come out of the Cape Town Commitments." The writer then lifts a quote from that recent event which says, "Love for God's creation demands that we repent for our part in the destruction, waste, and pollution of the earth's resources and our collusion in the toxic idolatry of consumerism."

Wait a minute! Repent for our part in the waste and pollution of earth's resources? What about repenting just from blatant sin?

I, however, do applaud the Evangelical Environmental Network for their statement, saying that, "Since sin is the root cause of our environmental and social crises, there is ultimately no answer to these problems apart from Christ and what He did on the cross."  I am not in agreement with their belief that Earth Day and Good Friday go together as Good Friday should cause us to only reflect on the suffering Savior who died that man might have eternal life. The nails in His hands had nothing to do with healing the planet, as more liberal outfits stated last week.

While true believers who are on the environmental bandwagon may not buy into the principles outlined in the environmental bible called The Environmental Handbook, you still need to know what this publication pushes. I suspect the religious Left has no problem with this prayer found in the book, "Mother, Father, God, Universal Power -- remind us daily of the sanctity of all life. Touch our hearts with the glorious oneness of all creation as we strive to respect all the living beings on this planet. Penetrate our souls with the beauty of the Earth as we attune ourselves to the rhythm and flow of the seasons. Awaken our minds with the knowledge to achieve a world in perfect harmony and grant us the wisdom to realize that we can have Heaven on Earth."

No, we cannot have Heaven on Earth unless you believe in Kingdom Now/Dominion Theology which teaches that. Dominionism is a false teaching. The world is too corrupted by the Fall in the Garden to have even a ounce of perfection.

A Lutheran Pastor in Abilene, Texas says, "Good Friday was Earth's greatest day, and try as we may to inspire awareness and appreciation for this earth, this promise about Earth's renewal is awesome."

The Bible says nothing about "Earth's renewal." It says a lot about Earth's ultimate judgment.

But the good folks at Blessed Earth: Serving God and Saving the Planet, had hoped we would wake up on Earth Day with a whole new spirit of serving God and saving the planet. They state, "I found God's Holy Spirit is convicting and calling Christians from all over the world to repent for the damage we have done, and to care for God's Earth."  

Again, we repent from sin, not from what we might have done to the planet. There is no more appropriate week during the year to get right with God than Easter week. Repenting from the damage we have done to the environment on Good Friday is misplaced passion. Statements like that above just further reveals how the world has entered the church.

Here is a liturgical service from an Earth Day/Good Friday service. While evangelicals would never go to this extreme, you need to know what is out there.

Make no mistake that Earth Day does represent a "religion." It is the religion of "Mother Earth." This is not the kind of a belief system that evangelicals have paid much attention to until the last 15 years. The Green Bible boasts that there are far more references to Earth than to Heaven. That fact, even if accurate, shouldn't bestow sacredness and providence that Earth Day and Good Friday were on the same day in 2011.  

As I write this, millions are perishing and headed to the wrong place for eternity. All the "signs of the times" tell us that the hour is very late. The passion of the cross is to remind us that our Lord's literal passion was souls. No Christian  finds recklessness with the creation acceptable. All of our hearts broke at the sight of pelicans saturated in oil in the Gulf last year. But there are some, heavily on the religious Left, who need to understand that we can only redeem the planet from the Fall with the Lord's return.

For balanced information on the environment, we highly recommend The Cornwall Alliance. Director Cal Beisner is my frequent radio guest.  

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Jan Markell

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