Monday, May 2, 2011

Monday, Monday.

Tom's Journal.

Monday, and so much has happened this past week!  UBL--Osama bin Ladin was 'taken out' by our super troops in Pakistan, and I bet the Paki's knew he was there all the time.  It reminds me of the old cartoon 'Spy vs Spy' in Mad magazine, in my high school years.  When you think about it, the Bible is full of conspiracies, back room deals, double crosses and back stabbings on all sides.  'Nothing new under the sun.'  And the beat goes on.  I hate to admit that Mr. Obama may have been right from the beginning about Pakistan being the 'real' enemy... and what a snake in the grass-- and now we still have to worry about her nukes.  But the God of the Bible is OUR shield and protection!

I had a great time visiting a big church near me-- RBC- Racine Bible Church, and surprised that so many remembered me!  Beautiful Christians there who have matured spiritually since I was last there a few years ago.  I plan to just visit a few other churches in the near future to catch up and renew my old friendships and connections, as I am again  'single' from being widowed, unfortunately, bless Sharon-- in heaven.  She had her share of profound physical pain and suffering on earth, but was a good Christian trooper sharing the Word of God and the Gospel.  Congestive heart failure, lung problems, COPD, diabetes, and Sarcoidosis, where the soft tissue and organs are 'eaten up' from the inside out, and that  was a horrible way to go.  I did my level best to make her comfortable, to try to ease her suffering... PTL.  I believe that God brought us together for a reason, and she honestly did have a deep love for the Scriptures, as I taught her many things, many times in our bible studies at home.  We did EVERYTHING together.  I was very disappointed in the way and manner Woodstock Nursing Home, in Kenosha, WI., treated her, and I tried hard to be her 'patient advocate' as we did actually get one abuser fired there!  

I am taking my friends advice in finally getting out back into the world of the living to meet more people, visit, talk, email, check out other bible teaching churches-- although UGBC will still be my "home church."  It gets pretty lonely here in this 'one horse town' of 4400 pop.  We have a lower crime rate and our house insurance is lower because of that--sleepy little berg.  

So now that I got my special HD [heavy duty] Omega Juicer, still in the box, for $300, I have GOT TO GET INTO 'attack mode' to get into a SERIOUS battle plan to LOSE WEIGHT-- like 200 pounds !!  It will be a real war, and I must have the right mental attitude.  Got to 'Psych up' and get with the program... and I welcome any and all suggestions, friends!  Just so hard for me to walk with my bad legs and knees.  Will see the VA docs tomorrow in Orthopedics-- my feet hurt.  I would be dead in the water without my power scooter, and stranded/ beached.  Come Rapture-- come Lord Jesus!

Oldest daughter, Barbara Ann Schuckman, is over here right now helping me sift through Sharon's old stuff and mine, throwing much of it out after years of just collecting dust, etc.  She is my much loved, hard working, first born sweetie pie!  I am blessed to have a fine human being like her... PTL.   
 Take care, dear friends.

Warm Regards,