Friday, May 6, 2011

Terrible accident in my home town.

Tom's Journal.

Friends and Readers,
This has got to be a huge tragedy, much more than my own probems that I cry and moan about too much....  it's even sadder, in my opinion, when a young person gets hurt or killed, cut off too soon.  I ask that your prayers be offered especially for the families involved, and even if the driver is completely innocent, he will probably suffer emotional distress big time.  Hey, we think disasters always strike the other guys, in other places.  Union Grove Baptist Church and Christian school have a good reputation for teaching the truth of the Bible and shaping young students to be  fine, moral, healthy, well educated citizens!   I have personally heard many students come in front of the congregation to sing praises or play their instruments flawlessly and with talent and feeling.  Parents from all around, many miles away elect to send their 'precious cargo'  to our Christian school, and for good reason!

On a better note, I finally got my Omega 8004/ 8006 Juicer assembled [with the help of my German cleaning lady- Sue], and I tried fresh apples and carrots... Wow!  I've got a good feeling inside me that it will work out just fine!  After drinking the raw juice right away along with all the vitamins, I felt very "full" with no desire to eat anything more, and that is exactly what I hoped for with my new juice diet!!  I am so happy today!   

Tom Schuckman    


:-(Chopper 4 Video: Child Struck By School Bus in Union Grove

By Jay Sorgi

Click on the video link to see raw video from Chopper 4 above the parking lot where the crash happened.
RACINE - A Racine County Sheriff's staff member says that a school bus has struck a child Friday morning.
The incident happened Friday morning at about 7:45 a.m. Friday in the parking lot of Union Grove Baptist Church, on the 400 block of 15th Avenue.
According to a Sheriff's department news release, a six-year-old child "walked under the bus," and the rear wheels of the bus hit the child.
The news release said the child suffered significant injuries.
Check back for more information on this breaking story as details come in to us.