Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Thanks to my Friends.

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My friend in Christ, Mark Hoppe, sent this reply to me, trying to help me get a balanced mind set concerning irreverent, unbelieving offspring [kids who disrespect their parents, and GOD].  One daughter can't stop her mouth from condemning me of being the worst, most sinful Dad in the world, even as I never beat her hardly unless she really 'crossed the line' and she was a good girl until she hit that 'magic age of 13' LOL, but now as she talks-- I don't even think that she knows what a "Believer" is!  The other daughter wants and does live in an immoral lifestyle and even flaunts it in my face.  I have NEVER treated my parents in this way-- for good reason....and that's why I am alive today.  People, cultures and attitudes change-- BUT GOD NEVER CHANGES, and His rules  and Word- the Bible are the same today in 2011 as they were from the beginning-- in Genesis!  It's  a wonderful 'gift' to be able to understand the whole Bible and see the majesty of God in all 66 books of the Bible, His mercy and justice!  Real, true Christians know that these are the 'End Times' when all shall get a divine "pre-view" of the Great Tribulation [a preview of Hell]... and hey-- things are JUST starting to warm up, folks!  Hang on, and pray harder than ever, because we haven't seen nothin' yet!  

I don't even worry, or have time for the scoffers/ unbelievers, because my [and all Christians' mission] 'work' is to share the Gospel with as many people as we can find-- and the angels will direct us!  And are we not thankful that the Lord found US, even as we were big sinners in the past??  We are NOT cowards who shrink away from our soldierly CHRISTIAN duty of sharing the Word and Gospel!  I hand out Bible Tracts and bibles where ever I go and preach the Bible.  The Holy Spirit gives US that special strength and courage... and that "help" is FREE!   I bought a Pulsar watch today at Herbert's Jewelers for less than $100, and share some Tracts with the sales lady, who also was a Christian... and the VA appointed cleaning lady who came over to my house this morning.  Just think:  If they would have killed me, I would've had a one way ticket to HEAVEN!! WOW!

I hate to use the term 'magic' because that is the devil's domain... but I prayed hard to the Lord last night and this morning, to show me the right way to regard my disappointing offspring-- that I have left after my dearest son, Andy, was killed a few weeks ago in the prime of his life, age 37.  I cannot talk much about him because the DA told me that might jeopardize the trial case.   But that just shows us how fragile and temporal our lives are on earth, and how important it is to KNOW Jesus as Savior as early in life as possible, dear friends.  Yes, that is why I keep "bugging" people to learn the Bible and put ALL FAITH IN JESUS, now!   Flash!  If a person is really 'born-again' and a real, Bible loving Christian-- they can't keep they joyful mouth shut about Jesus and the Bible !!  It's like they just fond a gold mine and want to share some of it with the people that they love.  Is that a picture of YOU ???  If not, you might want to pray about it some more....  Even with all my personal pain and sorrow, I still have that true happiness from the Spirit that fills me!

When a person dies and everyone swears  that the deceased is with the Father in Heaven-- it makes me want to puke!  Only God and that  resurrected 'dead' person knows where he is going!!  What we see is the outside of a person-- while God sees the heart!  We can deceive other humans, but we cannot lie to God because he sees our hearts.  

I think that God appointed a few good, biblical Christians to help me see the proper perspective today.  thank you, Mark, and others.


(Col 3:2) Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth.