Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Knee Surgery Again.

Tom's Journal.

Hi Guys and Gals,
I know I keep dropping back to my 'good ole days' at age 19 in Vietnam, and we did have a lot of good times and made long lasting friends there.  The point I want to make is:  Every morning in my particular Flight Platoon [White Flight] with the 240th AHC [Assault Hel. Co.-- BearCat], 1969-70, the Sargent woke us up and we had to look at a big 'Missions board' to see where everyone was going that day-- what mission, where, working with what Infantry outfit, etc.  And every day was a new different day with it's own surprises, mess ups, trials, victories and mission.  I was just thinking about those times today, and comparing it with my life right now, here in S.E. Wisconsin, etc., May 14th, 2011. 

Well, I did see the top rated Orthopedic surgeon, Dr. James Shapiro, and his nice staff, and they already fixed the DATE OF MY SURGERY, after they x-rayed my Left knee!!  Totally different from how the VA does business!  Several of my trusted friends said that they liked and trust him, so... here we go again...LOL.  "Hang on Sloopy, Sloopy hang on!" ~Tommy James and the Shondells--early 1960's.  

I have much to do in the next 3 short weeks besides pray my head off for strength and courage.  Got to get a new 'next of kin' and Power of Attorney, as my wife was that trusted person before she passed, and that person also ought to be a Patient Advocate to look over me after the good doctors carve me up, and make me the 'Bionic Man.'  They also took pix of my lower back that hurts now more than the knees!  It was just amazing to me how the doctor could cut through red tape so fast-- instead of the long, drawn out 'protocol' of the VA... and what an old, messed up, slow system the VA has while hundreds of older combat Vets linger in great suffering-- poor gentlemen in their 70's, 80's, etc., who get jerked around, from WW-2, etc.  And their lame excuse is that they are only allocated so much money from the Fed. Gov't, so they have to 'make due' with what they have, and cut benefits from deserving, honorable Veterans! All the Gov't has to do is re-coup the $24 BILLION from tax cheats and over payments to the wrong, greedy people--and thank the current WH for all the goof ups of their 'bail outs' and other 'white elephants.'  It's a pack of lies and politics, really, with 5th generation welfare programs, and wild, rich D.C. parties, in my opinion... Chicago politics.  OK, enough ranting for a while... lol.

And June 14th is FLAG DAY!  Total Knee Replacement.

I guess it's time that we pray for all the Mid-West tornado victims who have survived and still looking for loved ones.  And to think that some of them just didn't have house insurance or car insurance and lost everything!  I predict that America will have a lot more tornadoes this season, and even into Fall!  I am still beating my drum about the Genesis 12.3 deal, between God and His children-- Israel.  MOST people just don't get it... and that is sorry, but also a fulfillment of Scripture.  I was reading 1st Cor. Chapters 1 and 2 in the doctors waiting room about the "natural man" and the "spiritual man" -- how one of them had biblical discernment and the other did not.
     I need to thank my cousin, Wanda Jane, from Hays, KS, who helped me correct my mind set-- to be more positive and loving toward certain members of my family.  She knows her bible well! 
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Warm Regards, from water logged, Wisconsin.
Tom Schuckman
Jesus is my Lord and Savior.