Sunday, June 5, 2011

America Muslims Buy Guns.

Tom's Journal.

DON'T EVER SAY THAT YOU WERE NOT WARNED!!  And our American Gov't has not only been watching these groups and people [a little bit] -- [Homeland Security is a joke!]  But the WH has probably winked at their progress...

It always pays to 'BE PREPARED', and have your Glock .45 next to your Scofield  KJV Study Bible, and a few extra clips of ammo near by.  Fill an old sauerkraut jar with quarters and dimes, and a fire proof safe with some silver and gold along with your important documents, etc., and a "Cold Steel" knife or two.  

And IF we get Raptured up before the 'Big Storm', sooner than later.... who cares???  I heard that the streets in heaven are paved with gold.

I got some sun on my back after church while reading the Book and munching on fresh Bing cherries today.  They have Manganese [the cherries] to help the arthritis flow away.  I went to my "old" church in Kenosha, Victory B.C., today, and decided that some of the old people I knew still have the 'fire' and Spirit.. but by in large, it seems kind of dead  [lack of Spirit and too few people] there...and someone don't know how to regulate the AC in that church...Ha! .. sorry, but if they are that 'cash strapped', they could shut it down after those 2 short hours or SS and Worship.  And it just so happened that the pastor was out on vacation when I visited there at VBC today.  Well, visiting thee today changed my mind in a heart beat of ever moving back there... sorry.  There are plenty of good churches in Kenosha, but that would NOT be my preference-- as I know I would not get any real support there as a disabled man.    Good thing I did a 'recon mission' there, however, and gave an old trusted Marine--Disabled Vietnam Vet., [who is dying from COPD, emphysema] who also worked with me on the line-- Chrysler, ---my old DEFINED KJV Bible, and a $50 bill to take his wife out for a good dinner.   I fear that he might die before me-- always in and out of the hospital.  Love, brother Marvin Ellis, POOR GUY-- he's just SKIN AND BONE!!  He was wounded in action over in RVN, and also has arthritis in his knees.  We are/ were both good welders and both play guitar-- used to 'jam together' -- having so much in common.

So, in that sense, the trip to VBC was worth it!  Hot and humid today in S.E. Wisconsin, but I am not complaining!  Lord, thank you for the warm sun and another day of life! 

Beware-- the American Muslims are buying more automatic guns lately!  Do you think for a moment that they care about the 'Law ?!?'

Warm Regards,
Tommy Schuckman
In a new video message released on the internet Friday, American-born al Qaeda spokesman Adam Gadahn calls on Muslims living in America to carry out deadly one-man terrorist acts using fully automatic weapons purchased at gun shows, and to target major institutions and public figures. "What are you

Milwaukee Priests Abuse Case.

Tom's Journal.

When I was a young boy I attended grade school at Sacred Heart of Jesus- Catholic school, on Kinnickinic, St. Francis [Milwaukee] Wisconsin... which was right across the street from St. John's school for the Deaf.  

Unfortunately,  the ONLY thing that gets the perpetrator's attention IS the loss of money/ stiff punishment/ fines in court-- even the Catholic church that turns it's head away and buries the truth, when it comes to sexual abuse by it's priests, must learn this way-- as they have only transferred their guilty priests to other parishes, so they could do more mischief...[kind of like our present Gov't/ Administration does to it's Czars and henchmen, when they get caught... lol].  Other Faiths/ Protestants, etc., also have their sexual abuse problems, but me thinks NOT AS WIDE SPREAD as the Catholic church-- always managing to get itself in the news papers.  Hey, we are all sinners but those in leadership positions are held more accountable, as the Bible alludes to.  If they would by repent, cease and desist from practicing child abuse-- I am sure that the Lord would forgive...  

Most of my extended family are Catholics, so I want to tread softly so as not to 'wound them.'  I was emotionally upset after coming home from Vietnam [combat -PTSD], in 1970, and looking for the real Truth when the JW-Cult grabbed me for 22 years and messed up my home life, etc., but now I KNOW the Truth from the Bible, and am SAVED by the blood of Jesus Christ, still a sinner, however, learned to take accountability for my actions, and repent,  but I know that my Lord and Savior promises are as good as gold.  One good way that I can witness to all the readers is my own humble Blog:  TOM'S JOURNAL, and also by my humble Bible Tract, Inc. work, ministry of sorts-- see: WVCY Radio, 107.7 FM- Milwaukee, Mark Smith, for free tracts!  

Also asking for your prayers to guild the surgeon's knife and saw, on June 14th, for the other knee replacement-- very bad arthritis.  I hate surgery-- but sometimes it must be done.  Thank you all.

Tommy Schuckman

WAUWATOSA - Minnesota attorney Jeff Anderson is taking on the Vatican with his client, Terry Kohut.
Kohut, who now lives in Illinois, is the alleged victim named as John Doe on the lawsuit filing. He claims Pope Benedict, in a former role as a cardinal, knew about abuse at St. John's School for the Deaf in Milwaukee and did not thing to intervene.
"I am speaking for most of the survivors, for all of the survivors all over the world," Kohut told TODAY'S TMJ4 reporter Tom Murray through a sign language interpreter. "I told my sins to Father Murphy and he told me that I had to go to his office. So, I did go to his office and Father Murphy told me to take off my pants."
Anderson held a clergy abuse forum at a Wauwatosa hotel on Saturday.
"The Archdiocese of Milwaukee and the problems and the cover up in it is the worst of, as bad as any place in the entire country," Anderson said.
Anderson says he is also representing more than 100 people with clergy abuse claims against the Archdiocese of Milwaukee. Because of bankruptcy protections, there will soon be a time when courts will allow no more abuse lawsuits against the archdiocese. Archbishop Jerome Listecki emphasized that looming deadline when he announced the bankruptcy filing in January.
"We're talking about bankruptcy through the aspect of closure," Listecki said in an interview at the time.
TODAY'S TMJ4 asked Anderson if he is in Wisconsin seeking more clients to sue the Archdiocese of Milwaukee before the court closes the door.
"It's our legal and moral obligation to reach them and let them know that something more can be done," Anderson responded.
A deadline has not been set for filing lawsuits, but a federal judge is expected to determine that date soon.
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