Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sun shine and warm.

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I am glad I forced myself to sit on the picnic table today after noon to get some sun rays, and now at 7:13 PM, the air temp is still 93 degrees, and tomorrow will be 90!!  My truck is showing the engine light's on, again, but I am too close to the surgery time to have it looked at right now.  

I woke up this morning with the most painful right arm and shoulder, and I attribute it to a crook in my back, but there are no chiropractors in the area that I trust anymore...  I could very well instruct someone to massage my back the correct way to push back the 'subluxation' [vertebrae out of alignment] to relieve my pain, but I need to go in for more Pre-Op tests at KMH in the morning.  I also try to cut down and eliminate most problems before something BIG coming down the pike by "thinking ahead" with fore sight and plans--keeping a list and checking it twice.  But we always have Murphy's Law, just like last time I had the right knee done/ replaced, my power scooter went dead on the last leg to the VA hospital.  Everything in the world went wrong on that disaster, but then-- I learned so much about my 'fellow human beings...' in that traumatic episode... LOL.  Old Tom, age 62, doesn't allow the same 'mistakes' to happen a 2nd time.  If you are not hitting your target, you might have to adjust your aim!  No dead beats, goof offs or losers this time around,  and if I don't wake up from the surgeon's table-- that's fine too.  "No Worries, Mate!"  

I get a lot out of my long conversations with my Army buddies, like Robin Hood, from SC.  He fills in many gaps that I forgot in the past--Vietnam.  But he is also my brother in Christ, and that's a two-edged sword for me!  We were talking about Agent Orange which our benevolent Gov't dropped near us in Vietnam-- thank you very much, and then tried to deny it for many years...Ha!  Jimmy wondered how come I didn't have diabetes-- when I was right where our Gov't dumped most of the Agent Orange chemical defoliant- in the 'Iron Triangle.'  All the long years we 'put up', swallowed, fought with, contended with, survived, developed an immunity with, and just plum accepted-- those who are left from our number all these years.  For those of us who have accepted Jesus, we believe He had a special plan for us-- to help spread the Gospel, win souls, and magnify God's holy name, among other things, still sinners that we all are.   

Reading the Bible and sharing it now days, means more than it ever has to me-- being alone now, and having brushed with death too much lately.  I am thinking that God may be saving me from myself [and others] for keeping me single right now, lonely as I am, because the sands of time are fleeting ever so fast-- rushing toward the very End-- time on earth for the Saved ones-- the Church in general.  So the Lord may be guarding us from greedy, godless people who are hungry for a good Chrysler pension or sugar daddy... even if he is disabled... lol.  I guess that is just one more stress I can do without.

Well, I committed a major sin today-- I ate a sandwich to soothe the pain in my tum tum-- as I was Fasting.  Trouble is:  I need to stay on this 'diet' - actually a life style.   

Warm Regards,