Friday, June 10, 2011

Always Report the VA's mess ups.

Tom's Journal.

No Problem by all means do [Jerry is here by giving me permission to re-print his first message/ email to me about the VA messing him up...and almost killing him!]  because they lied about the shipping and filling the order but I have it all dated and made all my notes of phone calls, I was talking to some Vets at the Manchester's VA the other day and it is happen to them also....  I spoke to my Podiatry Doc who is full time VA but in no way a company Doc if you know what I mean and he said it is worse now than before they supposedly got all the money  Obama is not the Military or Vets friend.
I am changing VA sites so I hope the White Rive Junction VA will be better so far they are they were the first ones to catch my heart damage and they respect us when I go there so I will find out soon, I hope so because this stuff is expensive.....  Jerry
The main point I [Tom Schuckman] want to make today-- right now, is the fact that I am not the only one who complains about the slow, disorganized, lazy, nonchalant way the the VA hospitals, staff and pharmacies  deal with our honorable, disabled Veterans in America!!!  In my friend, Jerry's case, there are life threatening circumstances involved as he is a diabetic, etc !  Personally, I tried keeping track of how many times the VA has messed up my medications  and I even caught them in lies-- but I've lost track!  And when some of us older Veterans THINK we have a lapse of memory-- the VA plays this up, and is also guilty of cover- ups, so that I called on my State Rep./ Congressman, to look into these problems and concerns.  And if we DON'T document these failings and mess ups-- the VA will just bury them and pretend that they never happened, so when a new Vet to the system DOES complain, the VA might try to make him out to be a freak, or complainer.   

It's so very important for the Veteran's spouse or loved one to understand, support and help the Vet, and be his/ her "Patient Advocate" to go with him to his doctor visits and sit right in the examination room with him as a 2nd set of eyes and ears.  My wife and I did that service for each other all the time, and we got a lot more respect, and things accomplished, including getting an abusive Nurse Practitioner fired in WI!  It also helps to dress a little better when we make our appointments... not for the doctor's sake, but we Vets show proper respect for OURSELVES.  

The majority of dead headed Americans remain quite ignorant of all this VA stuff-- and that is why it's OUR RESPONSIBILITY TO TAKE CARE OF OURSELVES, GET THE WORD OUT AND EDUCATE THE PUBLIC!  Once the public gets  'obama-care' -- it will be tooooo late!  The public will get the same shabby care that WE do at the VA hospitals and clinics.  Not all of the VA places are bad-- but some of them are.

Next stop:  the Rapture...
Please pray for my Christian brother and combat Vet, Jerry, in VT.,  as he has a lot on his plate too with physical/ health concerns.  Thanks.

Warm Regards,

My folks  lived off the land, growing our own food canning, putting away food and and such but it was just a way of life the thing we did but my Mother had a green thumb and could make anything grow.  I learned somethings from my Grandpa but being a kid I never put it down and honesty my memories isn't what it once was.

I also had a friend, in fact my best friend who was a Mormon who's family always had tons of food put up buckets of cookies was my favorite....we would always sneak some....I think his mother put extra up for us.

Now that I'm older and living in NH which I love but I have such a hard time with gardening or getting stuff to grow, the green thumb wasn't passed on......

I learned allot in the Army even went threw a survival school and lived but mostly how to kill and wasn't till I went into the NG where I became a medic that I enjoyed it.  I also was a medic in the fire service so that I remember, the killing I won't ever forget and pray never have to use again.  Yes I see a doc and sometime it helps and the rest of the time is all up to the Lord.

Hey I think you are going to do great with the knee surgery, but Tom if you did happen to pass on its all gain so not to worry!  Also you have many praying for you!!

Hey are you a diabetic?  If so how do you stock up for that?  I'm on so many meds food wouldn't be the only thing I would need to store up on but no way will the VA give me a day over what they give me, in fact last order I had to wait a week in a half and with one med I went into withdraws with...boy did I give them a ear full but my wife was the one who got them working.

Well my Brother in Christ, Jerry