Monday, June 13, 2011

Goodbye Vietnam.

Tom's Journal.

Great song/ message sent to me from Bob Gibson, Australian Vietnam Veteran!  Don't miss it!  PTSD  [Post Traumatic Stress Disorder] IS a killer too, just like bullets, frags, rockets and mortars, bayonets, and 'entrenching tools.'  I personally present this memorial to our brothers in arms, who  survived that year, or years of combat in a hot, dirty, nasty place in S.E. Asia... 'and they told us it was a tropical paradise'... LOL !  We may be a bit cranky with a sharp tongue, because we choose NOT to be lied to, or BS'ed, by the corrupt Gov't, WH, and Media .  I'll bet that half of our [Combat Vet]  number have accepted the Lord, and that's a double treasure for me, as our bonds are that much stronger.  PTL.  I hope this reaches your ears too.

Tomorrow I am starting another 'Trek' into La La Land-- and under the knife again.  So these last precious minutes mean a lot to me [getting a few hours of sunshine on my back too], and just think how many more true Christian friends I have gained in the last 6 months!  I have also become closer to my Lord and Savior, Jesus, by praying, reading the Word, and trying to correct my faults and rough behavior, working on patience and self control. I lost 2 very special people in death, loved ones, these last 6 months too-- that broke my heart-- that I am still trying to deal with and heal.   My hope is that I may have more, better mobility, to serve the Lord, make the church meetings, worship services, etc.  Because right now I can barely walk-- even with 2 canes!!!  I love my Mom and 2 sisters and hope that my youngest daughter grabs hold of the Savior with a death grip and never lets go!!  Actually, we live in a Paradise right now in America-- compared to what the future will bring, perhaps  economic collapse, the next 6 months, IMHO [In My Humble Opinion]... but all MY faith, trust, worship, treasure, and allegience are with Father God in Heaven.  Amen.

Warm Regards,

 Bob "Bomber " Gibson
 Gold Coast "AUSTRALIA"
Vietnam vet "Firebase Coral" 12Th May 1968. (  Rifleman) D&E Platoon "Nui-Dat" 1967-Oct 1968.

Courtesy of Bill Taylor in MA and Truman Powell in TEXAS..

In War there is no substitute for victory.
              Goodbye Viet Nam

Posted: 13 Jun 2011 07:33 AM PDT
By Jim Fletcher Prophecy Matters Being in Israel for a week was a blessing in so many ways. Seeing friends, showing my son the sites for the first time, observing the political situation…For the first time, I spent some time looking at the physical dimensions of Jerusalem, that great city that is a focus of end-times prophecy.One morning, we drove to the Dead Sea, to see Masada. On the way,