Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sunday, Resting Well in U.G.

Tom's Journal.

Good Morning, Vietnam!!
Good Morning, Dear Friends and Readers!

PTL!  I praise the Lord for giving me a truly wonderful night of sweet repose, quality 3rd stage REM [Rapid Eye Movement] sleep, and no getting up, not even once all night!  Wow!  Having read scads of enlightening books when younger on health, herbs, nutrition, fasting, and been a power lifter most of my adult life,  I always knew 'WHAT TO DO'... but when we have a choice in life and sufficient money, we mostly CHOOSE the "path of least resistance"  --LOL!  Bombarded by a constant rush of TV-Media, Hollywood, the rich and famous-- we CHOOSE the red T-bones and Prime Ribs over the better veggies and fruits!!  So what's new?

It's that super fine cleansing, cleaning, repairing [and even the 'growing process'-- as a child] that goes on mostly in quality  'REM --SLEEP!!'  That's why you will find people 'aging over night,' so to speak, in concentration camps, and in many 3rd world countries.  And in my personal life, I aged far too quickly because I had sleep apnea, and my dark  brown hair [captured in many photos] turned grey pre-maturely, etc, some of that inherent too--tragically the loss of quality SLEEP, that robs us of good looks and health.  My COPD/ Lung  specialist explained some of this to me about  The 'flower of youth' vanished so quickly during my 'working years' at  12 years ago, the good Dr. Alfred Habel, also out of KMH- Kenosha, WI.  AMC/ Chrysler from the hard rigors of the auto assembly line, welding for over 17.3 years, before that BIG lay-off in 1989 [when over 6000 workers hit the streets of Kenosha, WI.],  but I am not crying-- just illustrating/ explaining.  BTW, the smart, loving parents send their school age kids to bed at 8PM, instead of allowing them to stay up late with their video games, and social media baloney, IMHO [in my humble opinion]! 
Here is my picture in CuChi, RVN, at age 19., with USARV, the 20th Trans Co., early 1968.

Well, I promised the good Dr. James Shapiro, head orthopedic surgeon at KMH- Kenosha,WI., that I would  NOT  publish any names of the docs and staff, during my brief 4 days stay from complete [Left] knee replacement surgery on June 14th, about noon --  that was a super success!!  But all the doctors, staff, nurses, rehab department, etc., did a excellent job in making me feel special, comfortable, respected, well cared for, etc... everything positive, and I would highly recommend that place-- and those fine people to anyone!  Thank You, for the quality care-KMH- [Rm: 589, Palmer Wing] Kenosha Memorial Hospital!  

This was not the main battle plan, but a 'startling change' of events, going to that 'Rehab place' [Sheridan Medical Complex] in Kenosha, but that is an entire different story for another time and date, please... another major mess up--Ha!  Anyway,  I am back at home in Union Grove, WI, safe, sound and doing very well, taking one day at a time, and praising the Lord.    And why stain  a perfectly wonderful Sunday morning with any negativity, right?

In closing, friends, it is my belief that good Dr. James Shapiro, the Ortho surgeon, had exceedingly powerful skill in his hands and mind, but it was God in Heaven that put those skills and talents there.  BTW [by the way], I chose NOT to have ANY BLOOD or blood derivatives used in any way during or after my surgery-- for personal and medical reasons, and that may be another reason why the Lord has blessed me with a truly rapid recovery and healing.  I am NOT a mixed up JW-cult person, but a simple, lowly, [but educated and well read] servant and soldier of my Lord, Jesus Christ  Thank you all for the many prayers and well wishes!  

Have a great Sunday!