Thursday, June 30, 2011

Back Again, from the Hospital.

Tom's Journal.

Happy to be back home again for the 2nd time after knee surgery infection complications!!  The range of intense anti-biotics to drive away the common knee infection was murder on my gut, but I will survive.  And again, for the record, most of the doctors and staff were very nice and professional-- but there will ALWAYS be a few jerks who don't have a life and love to push their limited so-called "power" around in their tiny 'kingdoms.'  I am not going to comment about those circumstances because they are only small fish in the creek, and the Lord will take care of them in the long run.   I also found out that reporting any incidences to the hospital social worker wonk just goes through the 'good old boys' routine and goes no where.  If I wanted to make trouble-- I certainly could, but I have bigger 'fish to fry' and am moving too fast to let Satan slow me down now.

I would still say that with all the baloney-- picking this hospital and top surgeon was the smartest thing I ever did-- and far reveals the huge gaps of consideration and professionalism of a GOOD civilian hospital like KMH-- and the messed up Milwaukee VA who botched up my Right knee on Dec. 6th!!  But right now with the fast deteriorating US and world economies and oncoming war between Israel and her waring Islamic neighbors-- one has to weigh these more important matters before consideration of a 'redress' of the botched Milwaukee VA surgery on my Right knee.   The better done Left knee done at KMH- Kenosha Hospital is so fast healing to where there is already LESS PAIN than the other messed up Right knee!!  I feel better for 'listening to the Holy Spirit' and just moving on.  I am also still somewhat happy with my modest weight loss so far, and will continue the strict diet that my daughter, Sarah, has given me.  Many thanks to my mom who was there for me in spirit-- and on the phone for encouragement.  Other than Mom, and Bill Tippett as my POA and Patient Advocate, I just had my small KJV Bible [sword] and constant prayers to the Father to sustain me.  

Now I have a dirty messed up house to contend with, but deep sleep is the best medicine for me now, along with my special healing herbs and Colloidal Silver.  

Please pray for my special friends:  Robby Bohnen,carrying a heavy load right now,  Marvin Ellis, who is near death with COPD, IMO,  my Mom, Colleen Schuckman, my sister in law who is losing her sight after her stroke and diabetes, etc. Bill Tippett, who has done a good job even with his own infirmaries and difficulties, etc.  Infection is nothing you mess with and could potentially take the limb or joint that the docs worked so hard to give me quality of motion and less pain in replacement.  Radical conditions call for radical procedures, and I honestly tried my best to comply with every command and wish of Dr. James Shapiro this past week back in the 'joint'-- KMH.  I can see great improvement every single day, just getting good rest and exercise... but they want me to eat more protein and vitamin C to heal my wounds.   I will have some pix to down load soon.  At least I had a private, comfortable room with A/C, and the institutional food was almost as good as our food in Vietnam...  I got home to more great DEFINED KJV Bibles that I ordered, with some more 'hardware' -investments.   Busy tomorrow with much business and phone calls.  Thanks for all the prayers and well wishes.  This has been the "Year of Tests."  And yes, Christ will get us though it too.

However I did notice some hostility and resentment/ prejudice against the simple sight of my small Bible in the room, if not overt-- but co-vert, subtle under current of animosity and aggression!  Just a pre-cursor of 'things to come' here in Socialist Amerika. And just for my OWN peace of mind-- I WAS RIGHT AND CORRECT for sticking to my guns again, this time around, in the hospital-- and the doctors and staff are NOT so almighty and correct all the time, as they would love everyone to think!  Ha!  I feel empowered-- and you can never go wrong with the absolute TRUTH of the Bible!  Remember that one thing, please.  It's not about ME being right-- it's about God who cannot lie!  ~Titus 1:2.
Warm Regards,
Tom Schuckman