Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday and Free so Speak.

Tom's Journal.

Hello Friends,
I am so happy to report that everything seems to be going better for me today.  I woke up as I normally do and took my 'morning meds' and then laid down for a bit listening to my fav. Bible/ Christian information and music radio station, WVCY 107.7 FM- Milwaukee,  but fell back asleep and was late for church... lol.  I am getting around with only ONE cane right now, but taking it easy so as not to re-injure myself.  I am trying to eat more a more  balanced fresh fruit and veggies type of diet but also some meat for protein to help heal tissue from surgery about one month ago-- 6-14-11, and all is well, PTL [Praise the Lord!].  

I will be getting my noble hound dog, Deuce, back soon from my brother, Albert, and that will help provide some quality companionship for me too, plus force me to move around more and play with him and brush his coat outside.  I miss my guardian dog boy and what a friend!

I can't complain about too much, and who wants to hear that baloney anyway.  PT [Physical Therapy]  and a new RN from a different company-- farmed out by my surgeon, will be here at my house tomorrow to supervise my progress for a while, and I will try hard to co-operate with them.  I know that it's for my own good, and that is how they make their money...$$$ as a follow up 're-hab' treatment for patients who have knee surgery, like me.  

Many folks from church told me that they thought I lost a lot of weight, and I did, about 50 pounds, but I will work even harder to lose more... about another 100 pounds this Summer, so I can be more mobile and do more for myself... if possible.  But I still have a serious back problem that needs to be addressed, and the Right knee surgery that was messed up by the 'friendly' Milwaukee VA is still a draw back, and maybe I will just have to live with it.  One step at a time-- and I will take any better progress report that I can get now and down the road-- as other folks have it much worse than I do-- and I am still alive.

The time that we  [Believers] all have now before what the Bible describes as the 'Great Tribulation' is short, IMHO, and I feel that this time should be well spent on preparation of the mind, heart and relationship with the Lord who is our only salvation-- 'cramped and narrow is the road leading to everlasting life' with the Lord.  Sorry folks,  I refuse to put my trust in mankind and their lying, puny presumptions, theories, plans, that man can somehow figure a way out of our worldly and national mess-- and economic disasters.  You may ask then, "Why is Tom such a happy, joyful guy with all this economic bad news blaring at us on TV constantly??"  It's because I [and all other REAL, Spirit anointed, well read, literate in Bible Christians] KNOW what is to happen!!  It's no big secret, but the majority of people on earth refuse to bend knee and submit to  the Lord Jesus Christ, but instead  prefer to continue putting THEIR trust and faith in their GOVERNMENTS!  Christians are not making war or threatening any one or country.  All we want to do is to reach the small part of society that loves and respects the God of the Bible-- who put faith in the Truth of the Bible!  We pay out taxes, work hard, serve in the military and are responsible, productive members of society.  Other than that, I don't think we are too different than other people.  And we figure that if others have a conscience, belief system, depend on the U.S. Constitution as a good law code to live by in this day and age, and able to voice our opinions-- so can we!   I respect our Constitution and wish others would too, instead of trying to circumvent the Law of the land and promote their own personal agenda of a 'One World Gov't.' 

I am just much more happy today with a little less pain and anxiety, and so my out look on life in general is more colorful and joyful!  Now I can visit others in the hospital and bring them gifts of fruit,etc, and try to make THEM feel better.  Time to 'give back' and spread some cheer, if it's OK to you good people.  Time to make new friends and visit old ones and broaden my horizons.  Pay my bills, save some money if possible and live on less as we all weather the storm of unemployment and rising costs of food, energy, taxes, and gasoline.  Thank all of my friends for all they have done for me these past 4 weeks as I was in and out of that hospital -- 'place of mercy' -- also the place of many needle pricks/ sticks, procedures, tests, and sub- standard "food", death and dying older people, suffering and despair, misery, pain, etc...   And I honestly think that personally, I would much rather die in my own bed surrounded by loved ones, less stressful, and in an environment that is actually more sanitary with less death dealing infections, germs and hurtful things !   Amen.  That's just my personal view point as a free man in a relatively free country, while I still have the freedom to say things like that. 
Have a great, safe day!

Warm Regards,
Tom Schuckman